edit"The Infiltrator"
(潜入者, Sennyūsha)
Episode data
Previous "High-Level Shinobi"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #217 (Watch Online)
Next "The Five Great Nations Mobilise"
Arc Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown
Manga Naruto Chapter #487, Naruto Chapter #488
Japanese June 23, 2011
English November 23, 2013
"The Infiltrator" (潜入者, Sennyūsha) is episode 217 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


After Sakura administers the antidote to Naruto, the team returns to the Land of Iron to retrieve Lee, Kiba, and Sai. The latter reveals that he's awake unlike the others and feels unease; sticking out his tongue, he and Sakura realise that his Cursed Tongue Eradication Seal is gone. Sai wonders whether it means that Danzō is dead, and Karin notifies them that Sasuke killed him. As they begin their walk back home, Naruto argues with Kiba, Sai, and Lee, and Karin perceives Naruto as the complete opposite of Sasuke, noting that his chakra makes her feel warm and comfortable. However, she senses the presence of another chakra, a more ominous one, that lies deep within him, terrifying her.

Back in Konoha, Homura and Koharu receive word from Shikaku that the Root members are agitated. Three of them decide to seek out Sai, running into him as the others make their way back from the Land of Iron. Sai confirms that Danzō has been killed, and asks to discuss the future of Root with the new HokageKakashi Hatake, much to the surprise of Lee, Sakura, and Kiba.

The Fourth Raikage, Killer B, C, and Darui return to Kumogakure. Karui and Omoi shed tears of joy to see their master Killer B alive and notice the blade he is carrying. Killer B tells them that the Samehada is a trophy of war he claimed from a battle, unaware that Kisame is stored within the blade. It is revealed that after Kisame had knocked B out, White Zetsu used a parasite clone to swap places with Kisame; while the real Kisame hid inside the Samehada blade, the clone was the one decapitated by A and B. The entire plan was conceived by Tobi in order to have Kisame infiltrate Kumo and gain intelligence on their responsive actions to the Fourth Shinobi World War.

The Raikage holds an audience with the Lightning Daimyō, gaining the approval for Kumo to officially join and lead the Allied Shinobi Forces. As he leaves the meeting, he notices Killer B holding a concert on a rooftop, and drop kicks him to the ground as a result.


  • In this episode, there are two errors:
    • Karui and Omoi are briefly shown with a Konohagakure forehead protectors.
    • The outline of Kakashi's mouth can also be seen clearly beneath the mask.