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  • The Hole from above.
  • Naruto and Sakura at the spring.

The Hole (ホール, Hōru) is a sacred area somewhere on the borders of the Land of Fire, resembling an ecological oasis in the middle of a barren wasteland. It has long been used for sacred purposes and also housed several sacred treasures and as such, was rigged with traps to protect against bandits. At its centre is Tonika Village, whose residents are tasked with safeguarding The Hole and its treasures.

The Hole is home to diverse and flourishing wildlife, seemingly due to the special properties of its spring waters, which Kabuto Yakushi states are "overflowing with life" and "accelerate cell division". The spring waters flow into a large lake, and are also being pumped out of The Hole via a pipeline which runs across the bordering wasteland, presumably to the nearby Hachō Village.

The Hole also has the secret why Kabuto was interested on this area,a secret that is as dangerous as Edo Tensei and Infinite Tsukuyomi combined,the key is in the 2 iron bars Leo and Miina's grandfather gave to Dokku.

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