The Great War Breaks Out!

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This is the article on chapter 515 of the manga. For volume 55, head to The Great War Breaks Out!.
"The Great War Breaks Out!"
Chapter 515 Cover
(大戦、開戦!, Taisen, Kaisen!, Viz: The Great War Begins!)
Chapter Info
Volume Volume #55 (#55)
Previous "Kabuto's Scheme!!"
Chapter Naruto #515
Next "Gaara's Speech"
Arc Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown
Anime Naruto Shippūden #256Naruto Shippūden #261
"The Great War Breaks Out!" (大戦、開戦!, Taisen, Kaisen!, Viz: The Great War Begins!) is chapter 515 of the original Naruto manga.


Ōnoki escorts the Island Turtle to Kumogakure. Killer B begins teaching Naruto how to control tailed beast's chakra. Sasuke wonders if its okay to take the bandages off his eyes, but Zetsu says it isn't and that he should be more patient. The Allied Shinobi Forces discover the amount of troops Akatsuki's army has, and they begin formulating counter-measures. Kabuto reveals the rest of his reincarnated servants and he and Tobi along with the Zetsu army begin the march to war.

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