edit"The Graduation Exam Begins!"
Graduation Exam Begins
(卒業試験、開始!!, Sotsugyō Shiken, Kaishi!!)
Episode data
Previous "The Parent Teacher Conference!"
Episode Boruto #36 (Watch Online)
Next "A Shinobi's Resolve"
Arc Graduation Exams Arc
Japanese December 6, 2017
"The Graduation Exam Begins!" (卒業試験、開始!!, Sotsugyō Shiken, Kaishi!!) is episode 36 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Boruto's class take their written exam. Denki and Iwabee celebrate successfully stealing the questions from the teacher's lounge. Boruto considers it cheating, but Sarada points out Shino telling them to check the questions and make a strategy before, implying the test was their intelligence gathering skills. They await for their practical exam. Shino grades the written exams, and Boruto gets a perfect score. Kakashi notes this, and finds Boruto to be a bit too confident. The next day, the class is greeted by Shino, Anko, and Konohamaru at a forest. They explain the rules of the exam, giving each student a white bandanna, and pointing out targets on themselves. If a student has their bandanna taken they fail, if a teacher has their target destroyed they can no longer fight the students. The exam lasts a day. Boruto is unconcerned, and Kakashi arrives, revealing himself to be the exam's proctor, intending not to let any troublemaker become a shinobi. Kakashi has a single bell the students have to take from him, implying only one of them will graduate. Various students take different approaches. Some go after Kakashi directly, others are staying back a bit to let others act as distractions, Shikadai planted a tracker on Kakashi, but Shino uses a bug to remove the tracker. Anko uses genjutsu to make a couple teams go round in circles, and prepares to fight Shikadai, Inojin, and Chōchō. Konohamaru knocks out Renga, Tsuru, and Hako along with Namida and Wasabi. Boruto doesn't want to waste time on Konohamaru, and Sarada allows him to go straight for Kakashi, believing there's a reason to go after Konohamaru first. Boruto and Mitsuki are blocked by Shino, who Mitsuki decides to deal with. Boruto searches for Kakashi from a giant tree, and baits him with a shadow clone. Anko uses snakes against Shikadai, Inojin, and Chōchō, but the students she had caught in genjutsu show up, having broken free. Mitsuki prepares to go all about against Shino. Sarada and Sumire use the Sharingan and Nue against Konohamaru. Boruto uses shadow clones against Kakashi. Mitsuki defeats Shino, who tells him to go ahead. Kakashi considers Boruto to be a cut above the rest, but still unsuitable to be a shinobi for lacking one decisive trait. Boruto baits Kakashi with a Boruto Stream while coming from below ground, but Kakashi substitutes away. Kakashi considers Boruto to have chūnin level skills, and pins him down after sneaking behind him with genjutsu, considering this to be the end of the line for Boruto.