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"The Goal is…!!"
Chapter 352
(目的は…!!, Mokuteki wa…!!, Viz: His Plan…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The People Starting to Move (#39)
Previous "A Conversation Between Men!!"
Chapter Naruto #352
Next "Akatsuki Gathers…!!"
Arc Itachi Pursuit Mission
Anime Naruto Shippūden #118
"The Goal is…!!" (目的は…!!, Mokuteki wa…!!, Viz: His Plan…!!) is chapter 352 of the original Naruto manga.

Summary Edit

Sasuke remains despite Jūgo's pleas for him to leave. He explains that only Kimimaro was able to keep his thirst for blood under control. Since Kimimaro is dead, he can no longer go outside. Sasuke reveals that Kimimaro died for him which Jūgo, remembering his last conversation with Kimimaro, concludes to mean that Kimimaro lives on within Sasuke. He agrees to join them. His team assembled, Sasuke names them Hebi and gives them the task of finding and killing Itachi. In Konoha, Naruto realises that this is Sasuke's goal, so decides to find Itachi in order to find Sasuke.

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