edit"The Genin Documentary"
The Genin Documentary
(下忍ドキュメンタリー!!, Genin Dokyumentarī!!)
Episode data
Previous "The Figure I Want to Be"
Episode Boruto #48 (Watch Online)
Next "Wasabi and Namida"
Japanese March 7, 2018
"The Genin Documentary" (下忍ドキュメンタリー!!, Genin Dokyumentarī!!) is episode 48 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


One week after the Byakuya Gang incident, Naruto gives an interview where he commends the genin involved in the conflicts resolution, which frustrates Iwabee, who had been ordered to stay put. News of the upcoming Chūnin Exams exasperate him, now concerned he'll be a genin repeater. Shikamaru and Naruto discuss recent developments, and consider the shortage of genin applicants for the exams. Udon comes by Naruto's office, where he lifts Team 5's suspension and gives them a mission. Iwabee discusses the exams with Lee and Denki, all determined not to be left behind. Team 7 receives a delivery mission as Team 5 arrives. Team 5 is to participate in a documentary, a PR attempt to increase the dwindling Academy enrolments. As they begin filming, they all struggle with coming across naturally on camera. The director takes Udon aside and asks if there's another team he could film, and Udon informs him the Hokage personally picked that team. The director tells Udon he used to want to be a shinobi. He wants Team 5 to show him flashy ninjutsu, so Iwabee raises the ground, Lee attacks it, and then throws shuriken at Denki, who substitutes out of their way. The director is pleased with the eye-catching footage, but Udon points out they're scaring the civilians, and withdraws Team 5 from the mission. Later, Iwabee tries throwing his forehead protector in frustration, but is stopped by Lee. Udon asks if they want to be suspended again, and Iwabee questions how someone cool like Udon could possibly understand them. Udon shares how he failed to graduate several times, and how he messed up missions as a genin. Iwabee ponders about Udon's earlier words on looking cool on film. At night, determined not to let their efforts go to waste, the filming crew decides to detonate some explosive tags they had set up on a condemned building to get some shots. Not satisfied with the shots, they do inside, and the building starts to collapse on top of them. Lee saves them from falling debris, and Denki analyses the situation. When the roof collapses, Iwabee protects them from a falling crane, and Udon stops the debris with his snot-based jutsu. In the confusion, Iwabee loses his forehead protector, and the filming crew requests them to be the ones on the documentary again. Upon reporting to Naruto, he shares his past Academy day struggles with the team, and Iwabee is moved to tears when he learns Naruto knows who he is, and gets his forehead protector back, his teammates having found it. Team 7 watches the documentary.