The Fruits of the Training…!!

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This is the article on chapter 341 of the manga. If you are looking for the article on volume 38, head to The Fruits of the Training…!!.
"The Fruits of the Training…!!"
Chapter 341
(修業の成果…!!, Shugyō no Seika…!!, Viz: Practice Makes Perfect…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Fruits of the Training…!! (#38)
Previous "A Dangerous Bridge"
Chapter 341
Next "The King…!!"
Arc Akatsuki Suppression Mission
Anime Naruto Shippūden #88
None in this Chapter
"The Fruits of the Training…!!" (修業の成果…!!, Shugyō no Seika…!!, Viz: Practice Makes Perfect…!!) is chapter 341 of the original Naruto manga.


Knowing that Naruto's Rasenshuriken is a close-range attack, Kakuzu alters his body to keep Naruto away. Naruto forms a Rasenshuriken and creates more shadow clones, which charge at Kakuzu. Kakuzu ignores them and attacks the Naruto with the Rasenshuriken. It is a shadow clone, the real Naruto having hidden with the group that Kakuzu ignored. Naruto hits Kakuzu with another Rasenshuriken, striking him with countless wind blades and destroying his two spare hearts.

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