The First Move was a Fake-Out!!

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The First Move was a Fake-Out!!
Chapter 208
(一手目はフェイク!!, Itteme wa Feiku!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Trouble…!!
Previous Playing Without Rook and Bishop
Chapter 208
Next Supporter, Calling On!!
Arc Sasuke Retrieval Arc
Anime Naruto #122
None in this Chapter
Demonic Flute: Phantom Sound Chains
None in this Chapter
The First Move was a Fake-Out!! (一手目はフェイク!!, Itteme wa Feiku!!) is chapter 208 of the Naruto manga.


Having lost control of the Doki, Tayuya sends them away to keep Shikamaru from using them against him. She once again does as Shikamaru had planned; not only has she got rid of the Doki, something he could not do, but in doing so she did not notice his shadow approaching her, allowing him to catch her. Tayuya activates level two of her cursed seal to escape his control. She then traps him in a genjutsu, and Shikamaru unsuccessfully throws a kunai at her. Tayuya picks up the kunai and approaches him to kill him with it, only to be trapped by his shadow again. Having broken the genjutsu, Shikamaru threw the kunai to Tayuya to trick her into coming close enough that she couldn't overpower his shadow again.

Facts about The First Move was a Fake-Out!!RDF feed
ArcSasuke Retrieval Arc +
Chapter number208 +
English nameThe First Move was a Fake-Out!! +
Kanji name一手目はフェイク!! +
NamesThe First Move was a Fake-Out!! +, 一手目はフェイク!! + and Itteme wa Feiku!! +
PictureChapter 208 +
Romaji nameItteme wa Feiku!! +
Volume number23 +

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