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|image=Chapter 099.jpg:200px
|image=Chapter 099.jpg:200px
|english=The Final Selection Begins…!!
|romaji=Honsen, kaishi…!!
|romaji=Honzen, Kaishi…!!

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The Final Selection Begins…!!
Chapter 099
(本線、開始っ…!!, Honzen, Kaishi…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Desiring Apprenticeship?!
Previous A Proud Failure!!
Chapter 99
Next Prepared for an Honourable Defeat…!!
Arc Chūnin Exam Arc
Anime Naruto #60
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
The Final Selection Begins…!! (本線、開始っ…!!, Honzen, Kaishi…!!) is chapter 99 of the Naruto manga.


The Third Hokage greets the Fourth Kazekage, the two intending to watch the finals together. The finalists are informed of modifications to the match line-up, Dosu's death meaning that Shikamaru will fight Temari in his first match. Sasuke, similarly, has not arrived yet, and his absence will be dealt with when the time comes. Until then, Naruto and Neji prepare for their fight and the other finalists leave the arena. Hinata sits with Kiba to watch the match. Kiba notices that there are ANBU in the audience, and wonders what is happening. Naruto repeats his vow to defeat Neji, who scoffs at the very suggestion.

Facts about The Final Selection Begins…!!RDF feed
ArcChūnin Exam Arc +
Chapter number99 +
English nameThe Final Selection Begins…!! +
Kanji name本線、開始っ…!! +
NamesThe Final Selection Begins…!! +, 本線、開始っ…!! + and Honzen, Kaishi…!! +
PictureChapter 099 +
Romaji nameHonzen, Kaishi…!! +
Volume number11 +

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