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|image=Chapter 388.jpg:200px
|image=Chapter 388.jpg:200px
|english=The Difference in Strength…!!
|romaji=Chikara no Sa…!!
|romaji=Chikara no Sa…!!

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The Difference in Strength…!!
Chapter 388
(力の差…!!, Chikara no Sa…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Secret of the Mangekyō…!!
Previous Reality…!!
Chapter 388
Next Sasuke's Flow!
Arc Itachi Pursuit Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #137
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
The Difference in Strength…!! (力の差…!!, Chikara no Sa…!!) is chapter 388 of the Naruto manga.


Sasuke reels from the pain of having one of his eyes removed. Itachi secures the eye he has taken and reaches for the second when the scene begins to shatter. Sasuke, both eyes intact, looks upon an Itachi doubled over in pain. The observing Zetsu remarks at how amazing it is for Sasuke to overcome Itachi's Tsukuyomi. Having lost a battle of genjutsu, Itachi prepares to use a ninjutsu: Amaterasu.

Facts about The Difference in Strength…!!RDF feed
ArcItachi Pursuit Arc +
Chapter number388 +
English nameThe Difference in Strength…!! +
Kanji name力の差…!! +
NamesThe Difference in Strength…!! +, 力の差…!! + and Chikara no Sa…!! +
PictureChapter 388 +
Romaji nameChikara no Sa…!! +
Volume number42 +

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