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"The Deal"
Chapter 156
(取り引き, Torihiki)
Chapter Info
Volume Tsunade's Decision!! (#18)
Previous "The Third Step"
Chapter 156
Next "The Answer is…?!"
Arc Search for Tsunade Arc
Anime Naruto #89
None in this Chapter
Chakra Enhanced StrengthPrepared Needle Shot
Wrist-Mounted Senbon Launcher
"The Deal" (取り引き, Torihiki) is chapter 156 of the original Naruto manga.


Angered by Orochimaru's words, Shizune attacks him. Kabuto blocks her attack. Tsunade tells her to calm down and then proceeds to decimate the wall behind her, a warning for Orochimaru not to mock her again. She tells them to leave but Orochimaru offers to revive her two loved ones if she will heal his arms. Finally interested, Tsunade asks what he would do if regained use of his arms. He responds that he would destroy Konoha.

Facts about "The Deal"RDF feed
ArcSearch for Tsunade Arc +
Chapter number156 +
English nameThe Deal +
Kanji name取り引き +
NamesThe Deal +, 取り引き + and Torihiki +
PictureChapter 156 +
Romaji nameTorihiki +
Volume number18 +

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