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This is the article on volume 26. If you are looking for the article on chapter 234, head to The Day of Parting…!!.
The Day of Parting…!!
(別れの日…!!, Wakare no Hi…!!)
Volume Info
Previous Itachi and Sasuke, Brothers
Volume 26 (Read Online)
Next The Day of Departure!!
Release Date
Japanese February 4, 2005 ISBN (4-08-873770-6) Icon - Search
English December 4, 2007 ISBN (978-1-4215-1862-6) Icon - Search
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The Day of Parting…!! (別れの日…!!, Wakare no Hi…!!) is volume 26 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 227

Chidori vs. Rasengan!! (千鳥VS螺旋丸!!, Chidori Bāsasu Rasengan!!)

Chidori vs. Rasengan!!

Chapter 228

Kakashi's Premonition (カカシの予感, Kakashi no Yokan)

Kakashi's Premonition

Chapter 229

The Bond…!! (繋がり…!!, Tsunagari…!!)

The Bond…!!

Chapter 230

The Time of Awakening!! (目醒めの時!!, Mezame no Toki!!)

The Time of Awakening!!

Chapter 231

Special Powers!! (特別な力!!, Tokubetsuna Chikara!!)

Special Powers!!

Chapter 232

The Valley of the End (終末の谷, Shūmatsu no Tani)

The Valley of the End (chapter)

Chapter 233

The Worst Ending…!! (最悪の結末…!!, Saiaku no Ketsumatsu…!!)

The Worst Ending…!!

Chapter 234

The Day of Parting…!! (別れの日…!!, Wakare no Hi…!!)

The Day of Parting…!!

Chapter 235

Mission Failed…!! (任務失敗…!!, Ninmu Shippai…!!)

Mission Failed…!!


  • Masashi Kishimoto said that the cover of this volume was inspired by the Nine-Tailed Fox Naruto that appears in the Game Cube game, Clash of Ninja. According to him, they did such a good job with presenting it that he just couldn't resist adding it somewhere, so he added it for this volume cover.

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