The Dark Creeping Clouds

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The Dark Creeping Clouds
The Dark Creeping Clouds
(忍び寄る暗雲, Shinobi Yoru An'un)
Episode data
Previous The Enemy of the Byakugan
Episode Naruto #155
Next Raiga's Counterattack
Arc Kurosuki Family Removal Mission
Japanese October 12, 2005
English April 5, 2008
None in this Episode
Black TornadoChakra Transfer Technique
None in this Episode

The Dark Creeping Clouds (忍び寄る暗雲, Shinobi Yoru An'un) is episode 155 of the original Naruto anime.


With Raiga seemingly dead, the gang headed back to find Karashi waiting for them. It turned out to be a trap, as the Kurosuki family then ambushed them. Luckily, Naruto fooled them not once, but twice, with his clones. With the enemies defeated, the villagers focused their anger on Karashi. Rock Lee intercepted them and said that Karashi was still young and weak, and that it was partially his fault that Karashi had joined the Kurosuki family. Lee begged them to let Karashi return to his mother, promising to punish Karashi himself if he should fall from grace again. The villagers agreed, and the group headed back, but not before picking up Ranmaru. They headed back to the Curry of Life shop for a meal, where Naruto tried to retrieve information from Ranmaru. Ranmaru had Karashi take him to the canyon where Raiga had fallen, and used his own chakra to revive him.

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