The Country that Had a Hero…!!

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"The Country that Had a Hero…!!"
Chapter 020
(英雄のいた国…!!, Eiyū no ita Kuni…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume For the Sake of Dreams…!! (#3)
Previous "A Symbol of Courage"
Chapter 20
Next "Encounter in the Forest…!!"
Arc Land of Waves Arc
Anime Naruto #11
"The Country that Had a Hero…!!" (英雄のいた国…!!, Eiyū no ita Kuni…!!) is chapter 20 of the original Naruto manga.


Years earlier, Inari met a man named Kaiza, a visitor to the Land of Waves. The two grew close and Inari came to consider Kaiza a father. Sometime later, when a heavy storm season threatened to break a dam which would flood the country, Kaiza risked his life to seal the dam, in the process becoming the country's hero. When Gatō arrived in the country and began his monopoly overall forms of industry, Kaiza stood up to him and was executed for his actions. Inari and the rest of the country lost hope. Naruto, determined to save the country and prove to Inari that hope still exists, leads to resume his training.

Facts about "The Country that Had a Hero…!!"RDF feed
ArcLand of Waves Arc +
Chapter number20 +
English nameThe Country that Had a Hero…!! +
Kanji name英雄のいた国…!! +
NamesThe Country that Had a Hero…!! +, 英雄のいた国…!! + and Eiyū no ita Kuni…!! +
PictureChapter 020 +
Romaji nameEiyū no ita Kuni…!! +
Volume number3 +

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