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The Closed Door
File:The Closed Door.JPG
(衝撃 閉ざされた扉, Shōgeki Tozasareta Doa)
Episode data
Previous Remembrance: The Lost Page
Episode Naruto #170
Next Infiltration: The Set-Up!
Arc Land of the Sea Arc
Japanese February 1, 2006
English May 31, 2008
Kaima FormManipulated Shuriken TechniqueWater Release: Large Projectile
None in this Episode

The Closed Door (衝撃 閉ざされた扉, Shōgeki Tozasareta Doa) is episode 170 of the original Naruto anime.


Naruto awakens in the girl's hut, where she identifies herself as Isaribi. Upon thanking her, Naruto realises that she is being ostracised by the local residents, and he angrily chases away the children that have arrived to torment her. Meanwhile, Orochimaru is meeting with Amachi, a scientist conducting experiments under his direction. Sasuke Uchiha is also present, and ends their conversation when it's directed towards him. The remaining members of Team Anko have arrived at the island, where they are briefed on the payment schedule that they have to defend, and they locate the Demon of the Ocean (Kaima) in the meantime. However, Naruto arrives, and identifies the Kaima as Isaribi. The arrival of Yoroi enables Isaribi to escape, and the two escape. Anko attempts to pursue but is paralysed by pain from her cursed seal. Anko falls unconscious from the pain caused by the cursed seal.

Facts about The Closed DoorRDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcLand of the Sea Arc +
English airdate31 May 2008 +
English nameThe Closed Door +
Episode number170 +
Japanese airdate1 February 2006 +
Kanji name衝撃 閉ざされた扉 +
NameThe Closed Door +
NamesThe Closed Door +, 衝撃 閉ざされた扉 + and Shōgeki Tozasareta Doa +
PictureFile:The Closed Door.JPG +
Romaji nameShōgeki Tozasareta Doa +

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