The Brothers' Time

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"The Brothers' Time"
Chapter 580 Cover
(兄弟の時間, Kyōdai no Jikan)
Chapter Info
Previous "Brothers, Fight Together!!"
Chapter 580
Next "Everyone's Konoha"
Arc Shinobi World War Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #334
None in this Chapter
Sage Art: White Rage Technique
"The Brothers' Time" (兄弟の時間, Kyōdai no Jikan) is chapter 580 of the original Naruto manga.


Kabuto launches his technique at the brothers. As Itachi rushes over, a blinding light and violent air vibrations erupt. Sasuke and Itachi are paralysed by the air vibrations, but Kabuto is still able to move because of his liquified body and see because of the brille over his eyes. Kabuto goes after Sasuke first. Itachi protects him with Susanoo. Itachi explains that he already knows where Kabuto's going to attack, so he can act according and explains that he's not a sensor, Nagato was. Kabuto jumps onto the ceiling. Itachi tells Sasuke to remember the plan they used when they went on a mission together. Sasuke remembering hunting a huge boar as he puts the plan into action with his brother. Sasuke thinks he has Kabuto, but then is shocked to see Kabuto off to the side stabbing Itachi. Itachi's body is revealed to be a crow clone, and the real Itachi counterattacks, cutting off a piece of Kabuto's horn. Itachi and Sasuke remember their time together and prepare to catch the snake as Kabuto states it would take some time to get used to having horns.

Facts about "The Brothers' Time"RDF feed
ArcShinobi World War Arc +
Chapter number580 +
English nameThe Brothers' Time +
Kanji name兄弟の時間 +
NamesThe Brothers' Time +, 兄弟の時間 + and Kyōdai no Jikan +
PictureChapter 580 Cover +
Romaji nameKyōdai no Jikan +
UncollectedYes +

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