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"The Beginning of Everything!!"
(すべての始まり!!, Subete no Hajimari!!, Viz: How It All Begins!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Volume #43 (#43)
Previous "The Origin of Konoha"
Chapter Naruto #399
Next "Within Hell"
Arc Fated Battle Between Brothers
Anime Naruto Shippūden #140
"The Beginning of Everything!!" (すべての始まり!!, Subete no Hajimari!!, Viz: How It All Begins!!) is chapter 399 of the original Naruto manga.


In the era before the creation of the ninja villages, the Uchiha clan was in constant competition with the Senju clan, earning renown for both clans across the entire world. Remembering what Itachi told him, Sasuke asks if fame and power were Madara's reasons for taking his younger brother's eyes. Tobi confirms, but says that his brother willingly gave up his eyes in order to preserve the Uchiha's future. For this reason Madara did not want to accept the Senju's eventual offers of peace, but was forced to by the rest of his clan. Konoha was created and the title of Hokage was given to Hashirama Senju, not Madara. Fearing that the Senju would ruin the Uchiha, Madara tried to take control of Konoha. He failed and was believed to have died, but the Uchiha were thereafter regarded with suspicion in Konoha. When the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked Konoha sixteen years earlier, Konoha suspected an Uchiha's involvement. Sick of not being trusted, the Uchiha began plotting to overthrow Konoha, beginning Itachi's tragedy.

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