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"The Answer is…?!"
Chapter 157
(答えは…!?, Kotae wa…!?, Viz: Tsunade's Answer…?!)
Chapter Info
Volume Tsunade's Decision!! (#18)
Previous "The Deal"
Chapter Naruto #157
Next "I Won't Forgive You…!!"
Arc Search for Tsunade
Anime Naruto #89Naruto #90
"The Answer is…?!" (答えは…!?, Kotae wa…!?, Viz: Tsunade's Answer…?!) is chapter 157 of the original Naruto manga.


Jiraiya and Naruto near Tanzaku Castle. Along the way they learn that the castle was destroyed by a giant snake. Suspecting Orochimaru, they race to the scene. Tsunade considers Orochimaru's offer to revive her loved ones in exchange for healing his arms, despite knowing it would mean Konoha's destruction. Shizune tries to convince Tsunade to kill Orochimaru since Dan and Nawaki would not place their lives over the village, but Orochimaru takes advantage of Tsunade's fear of blood to immobilise her. Deciding to give her a chance to think, Orochimaru leaves and tells her he will be back in a week to see what her answer is. Jiraiya and Naruto arrive after everyone has left, but happen to run across Tsunade and Shizune while later getting dinner. Jiraiya bluntly asks her to become the next Hokage, confirming the Third Hokage's death for Tsunade.

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