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虎呑テンマ Kodon Tenma
Novel Naruto Jinraiden: The Day the Wolf Howled
Appears in Novel
Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased

Tenma Kodon (虎呑テンマ, Kodon Tenma) was the leader of the Kodon clan.


Tenma, alongside his wife, released Rōen, which was sealed in the Kodon clan shrine long ago, from its prison, in order to influence opinion against neutrality in the village. When he broke the seal, Tenma used saigenzai, but the control was broken during the beast's attack on the village. Both he and his wife tried to seal Rōen back into the shrine, but she was killed before the two had the chance. Since Tenma wasn't able to do it alone, he sealed Rōen inside his infant son Kina, at the cost of his own life. As a last act, he made Reishi promise to protect his younger brother. Despite the shameful event, Tenma didn't run from the responsibility, but because of it, the Kodon clan had lost its reputation.


Tenma was a capable fūinjutsu user, having the skill to seal Rōen inside a shrine, although with the cost of his own life. Like the rest of the Kodon clan, he was also experienced in the use of saigenzai.


  • Tenma has several meanings:
    • When written as 伝馬, it means "post horse".
    • When written as 天馬, it means "flying horse".
    • When written as 天魔, it means "demon".