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The Ten-Tails Revival Arc spans from chapter 592 to chapter 662 and in the anime, from episode 341 to 348, continues from 362 to 375 and later resumes from 378 to the current. It covers the revival of the Ten-Tails, which Tobi and Madara Uchiha plan to use for their Eye of the Moon Plan. This arc is preceded by the Shinobi World War Arc and is followed by the Final Arc. In the anime, the Shadow of the Anbu Arc takes place in the middle of it.


The Return of Familiar Faces

Tobi moves on with his plan

Tobi moving on with his plan.

Reminiscing about Itachi's last words, Sasuke is tormented by questions about important aspects of a shinobi's life, his clan, his friends and about his existence. Just as the roof of Kabuto's place caves in, Sasuke manages to dodge the falling stones and rocks. Suigetsu and Jūgo appear, claiming, at last, to have found Sasuke. Meanwhile at the battlefield, as the five Kage are still amazed to find Madara among themselves even after the Impure World Reincarnation has been released, Madara exclaims that after fighting him, they might have realised he was not the type of shinobi to be under someone else's control. And that it would be a disgrace to again summon his complete Susanoo when it is said that "anyone who has seen it has died". Ōnoki exclaims that they must fight and defeat Madara themselves when Mei gives up.

Meanwhile, while Naruto and Killer B are still fighting Tobi and his Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, Naruto provokes Tobi to show his real face. Angered by Naruto's provocations, Tobi decides to revive the Demonic Statue to its full form as he starts weaving the hand signs. At Kabuto's place, Jūgo declares Anko Mitarashi to still be alive and exclaims that Madara is still in the living world, surprising Sasuke. As Sasuke questions them why they were still after him, Suigetsu tells him that they had found a cool thing and hands Sasuke the scroll which they found at one of Orochimaru's hideouts. Rendered speechless for a moment by the contents, Sasuke decides to meet with with Orochimaru; explaining to a shocked Suigetsu that Orochimaru is too tough to die easily, deciding he is "going to meet the one who knows everything".

Kaija Hōin

Sasuke revives Orochimaru.

Despite Suigetsu giving several vehement and somewhat manic reasons why not to revive Orochimaru, Sasuke is resigned to his decision. Moving to execute Sasuke's orders, Jūgo retrieves some of Kabuto's DNA using his Sage Transformation abilities, much to Suigetsu's disgust. After Jūgo places DNA on Anko's Cursed Seal of Heaven, Sasuke uses the Evil Releasing Method to revive Orochimaru as his conscious remnants exit Anko and regenerate his body from the sample. Retreating behind Kabuto as Orochimaru emerges, Suigetsu sheepishly greets his former captor, who notes that he was abreast of the situation having been able to observe everything from within Anko, further shocking them when he tells them he has no interest in the war that was currently going on. And instead, still had his sights set on Sasuke's body, but was unable to steal it in his current state. Showing him the scroll he was given, Sasuke tells Orochimaru that he want to hear everything from the source, leading Orochimaru to question him if he has wavered from his path of revenge, to which Sasuke denies. Moving over to the immobile Kabuto — which prompts Suigetsu to run to the other side of the cave — Orochimaru drains Kabuto of his chakra, causing Kabuto to revert to original self. Noting to himself that Sasuke had changed since he last saw him, Orochimaru beckons him to follow him to a place he himself knows well.

While analysing the situation before them, Naruto, Killer B, Might Guy and Kakashi are told by Tobi to bare witness to the beginning of the end once the Ten-Tails is fully revived. Confused that Tobi would be able to do this, Kakashi notes that the war was all for the sake of preventing Akatsuki from attaining the Eight and Nine-Tails and since they still had the beasts, wonders whether Tobi was lying. Remembering what Tobi had said and then the fact that they had used a clone made from its chakra to evade Taka, Gyūki reminds B of this who then notifies his comrades. Speaking to Naruto directly, Kurama notes that its chakra was also present in the Benihisago and Kohaku no Jōhei which the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path had consumed and asks Naruto to let him speak through the boy to personally reveal what it knows to the others. As the fox explains the story behind the two Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths, the Gold and Silver Brothers and how they had come to attain its chakra after which Kakashi corroborates his story with the intel received from headquarters. With this, Kakashi declares that he would like them to do something before the beast is revived leading Tobi to retort that because Kakashi always spoke so easily, it had led him to live a life full of regret shocking both Kakashi and leading Guy to question Tobi once again, on who he was. Rebuffing this, Tobi told Guy it would make no sense to tell him because he didn't remember faces. Interjecting, Kurama tells them that as Kakashi said, now was the only time to do something about the situation as the Sage of the Six Paths had told them that the revival of the Ten-Tails signalled the end of the world. Answering Naruto's questioning of the Ten-Tails' power, Kurama tells him of the beast's might and the fact that amongst all the names it was known by it was also seen as the progenitor of all that existed in the world. The beast then goes on to state that though even it alone would stand no chance against the beast, it may be possible since Tobi did not possess all of the Eight-Tails and its own chakra. Tobi however rebuffs this stating that he only needed the beast to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the world. Switching back with Kurama, Naruto declares his dreams to Tobi with Guy, Kakashi and even B (who disclaims female attributes he values, much to the Eight-Tails' shock) rally behind him. As Tobi launches into another speech, Naruto enters his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and attempts to land a high-speed Rasengan attack on the statue, but Tobi blocks it with his gunbai prompting Naruto to state that it seems as though he would really have to bash Tobi's mask. Tobi responds noting that there was one thing he could not part with and then declares that he would not let them touch the statue.

Kakashi attacks Tobi1

Naruto battling Tobi.

Formulating their strategy as Naruto produces a shadow clone, the shinobi agree that the use of feint attacks would be crucial in this battle because of Tobi's abilities. Moving directly towards Tobi, Naruto uses the Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball while Kakashi asks B to hoist him into the air as he activates his Mangekyō Sharingan. Deciding that it was best to avoid direct contact Guy takes out his pair of Sōshūga. Tobi, wielding his gunbai is able to stave off Naruto's attacks but ultimately has a harder time at things once Guy joins the fray. Using his nunchaku to counter Tobi's gunbai, Guy is able to sent the masked man throttling towards Naruto and his Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball. Using that opportunity, Kakashi activates Kamui with the intention of ripping the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path's neck off. However, the statue — which by this time was bleeding from the eyes and metamorphosing — is seeming able to nullify the attack which confused Kakashi greatly. As Naruto's attack is about to make contact, Tobi teleports prompting Naruto to sense his intent to anticipate Tobi emerging from the ground in a surprise attack. Dodging the initial attack, Naruto, now separated from the others, has a harder time blocking Tobi's gunbai. Kakashi imbues a kunai with the Lightning Release and once again calls out to B. Launching him across the battlefield, Kakashi easily cuts through a rock that separated him from Naruto and then launches the kunai at Tobi. Forced to become intangible, but not one to give up so easily, Tobi changed the trajectory of the kunai and sends it hurtling towards Naruto. Telling him to ignore the kunai, Kakashi uses Kamui once again to warp the kunai away. Regrouping as the last attack seemingly fails to land, the shinobi wonder how they were going to defeat Tobi. Just then a tiny crack appears on Tobi's mask.

Tobi being hit

Tobi is struck by Naruto's teleported Rasengan.

Noticing a slight crack on Tobi's mask, Guy and Naruto thought that Naruto's last attack had actually hit the mask; however Kakashi disagrees, noting that the type of crack was by a sharper object as he remembered the kunai he warped away with Kamui. As Kakashi came up with a hypothesis on Tobi's ability, Tobi erects a barrier to thwart B's chance strike the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path in midst of its transformation into the Ten-Tails. Once figuring figured out a possible way to attack Tobi, Kakashi details his plans to the others. With B launching them directly at Tobi, Guy starts off unleashing his Sōshūga only for Tobi to avoid it using his dematerialisation ability and predicting Guy's moves with his Sharingan. As a result, Guy loses the Sōshūga and steps away from Tobi's front. Naruto then follows up quickly by launching a Rasengan, which is avoided easily by Tobi, who keeps insisting on the futility of the strategy. However, the Rasengan seemingly disperses before reaching Tobi, followed by a sudden explosion that hits his right shoulder. After being hurled away, the masked man uses his gunbai to stand back up. Tobi then realised that the attack was transported to his right arm, using Kamui, just as he was about to materialise. Realising Tobi's ability now, Kakashi notes that Tobi was not using two separate techniques to dematerialise and warp things away, but a single technique.

Sharingan Connection

Kakashi uncovers the link between his and Tobi's Sharingan.

Urging Kakashi to explain it in the simplest way possible so that they could readjust their strategy, Guy and the others listen on as Kakashi explains that Tobi's ability to become intangible and absorb things were one and the same. He then explains that when he makes himself intangible, what Tobi actually does is to warp away the part of his body that was being attacked to the other dimension; so while it existed there, all attacks would simply phase through his body. However, since Kamui shares the same dimension, the lightning-enhanced kunai that Kakashi warped away, passed through the "intangible" part of Tobi's body and ended up in the other dimension and scratched the part of his body that was sent there in order to make him appear intangible. When questioned by B how their two techniques were linked to the same dimension, a hesitant Guy began to question Kakashi but the latter cuts across him to ask Tobi directly where he got the Sharingan from. Responding, Tobi reveals he obtained his right Sharingan eye during the previous war at Kannabi Bridge the moment that Kakashi became recognised as the "Hero of the Sharingan" (写輪眼の英雄, Sharingan no Eiyū). With Kakashi left speechless by the revelation, Tobi belittles him while perpetrating the Eye of the Moon Plan as the right move for humanity. However, Naruto still refuses to accept Tobi's goal with the intent of not giving up his dreams. Having its jinchūriki let it speak through him to chastise their opponent as well, Kurama tells Tobi that it was entrusted to Naruto, who had befriended him, for the express reason to stop Tobi. Spurred onward, Naruto enters his Tailed Beast Mode and charges at Tobi.

Charging forward, Naruto attacks Tobi using a giant chakra arms which Tobi simply phases through, chiding the boy of thinking that he could defeat him on his own. As Guy tries to snap Kakashi out the shock brought on from Tobi's revelation, they see the masked man send three giant shuriken hurtling towards Naruto from the other dimension. Catching two of them on his tentacles, one of B and Gyūki's tentacles is cut by the third but is stopped by Naruto who retorts Tobi's earlier remark by telling he's never truly alone as he has Kurama and the others supporting him. Now motivated by Guy to act, Kakashi notes that he had to time the next use of his Kamui perfectly, despite Tobi chastising his "borrowed power" and stated intentions of showing him Kamui's true potential.

Naruto hits Tobi

Naruto destroys Tobi's mask.

Acting immediately, Tobi jumps into the air and sends out a number of chakra receivers which pierce B and Gyūki. Warning Naruto not to let them touch him as it sealed off the tailed beasts' power, Naruto creates a shadow clone while being protected by Gyūki. While a clone charged forward with the Rasengan, the original prepared the Tailed Beast Ball. As the clone prepares to attack, Kakashi seemingly warps away the Rasengan again while Tobi — seeing the same attack pattern — decides to attack the clone with one of the stakes, rather than having him go through him. With the clone seemingly dispelled, Tobi phases through the Tailed Beast Ball, and fully enters the other dimension. There, Tobi is shocked to see Naruto and realises that Kakashi had warped the clone there to wait for him. Declaring that he had nowhere to run, Naruto slams the Rasengan into Tobi's face, shattering the mask with Naruto asking his enemy who he is.

Obito unmasked

Tobi's true identity is revealed.

With memories of their old friend from their days at the Academy to Chūnin Exams and later the former's promotion to jōnin, Kakashi and Guy recognise the face of the unmasked ninja to be that of their old comrade Obito Uchiha. Shocked by this revelation, Kakashi and Guy started asking the once masked man whether he truly was Obito, but upon seeing his Mangekyō Sharingan, Kakashi noted that there was now no doubt about it. However, Obito reiterated his point that it was insignificant what they called him, and all that mattered to him was his Eye of the Moon Plan. Kakashi had a flashback to the time when Obito died, and then asked whether he had survived the cave in. This led Naruto to ask them who the person in front of them was. Guy answered that he was a former classmate of theirs who supposedly died during the Third Shinobi World War. Kakashi, still in shock, asked Obito that if he had survived then why had he not made this fact known until now. Obito retorts that whether he survived or not was unimportant. However, if Kakashi really had to have an answer to why Obito had not returned, it was simply because Kakashi had let Rin die, an answer that had an amused Obito chortle over Kakashi's reaction. Even more devastated by this response, Kakashi asked him if he was going to blame him for it. Obito answered that he did not see any point in blaming this "useless" reality which would "disappear" soon enough.

Obito and Madara

Madara arriving to Obito's side.

Naruto tried to rally his sensei, telling him that right now, Obito's plan needed to be stopped and that he would listen to the story later. Obito used the Fire Release: Blast Wave Wild Dance technique sending a giant vortex of flames towards his opponents. Kakashi, unable to register what was happening, simply stood there despite Guy calling out to him. Naruto, however, intercepted the attacks with Kurama's tails. Before any side could act further, they were interrupted by Madara's appearance on their battlefield. Standing beside the younger Uchiha, the legendary shinobi remarked that Obito seemed to be having fun, much to the onlookers' surprise as they wonder what had happened to the Kage.

  • The Five Kage defeated.
  • The Five Kage defeated.
  • The Five Kage defeated.
  • The Five Kage defeated.
  • The Five Kage defeated.

Madara casually replies that the Kage are "not doing so well", each having been critically wounded in their attempts to stop him. Obito returns the gunbai to Madara, which he uses to block a volley of chakra receivers Naruto sends flying at them and repel Naruto's Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball. All the while he lectures Obito, both for initiating the Ten-Tails' revival before capturing the Eight and the Nine-Tails and for reincarnating him through the Impure World Reincarnation instead of using Nagato's Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique as planned. He decides to make the best of the situation and moves to capture the Eight and the Nine-Tails in hopes to seal them in Demonic Statue of the Outer Path with the time they have left, leaving Guy and Kakashi to Obito. Kakashi takes this opportunity to question Obito about what happened to him.

Obito's Resolve

Obito has a flashback of being found and rescued by an ageing Madara after the events of the Kannabi Bridge. Madara tended to his injuries and, though he had to amputate Obito's arm, he restored it and the damaged half of his body with parts from a Zetsu. Obito was grateful for Madara's help but was adamant about returning to his team-mates: Kakashi and Rin. Time passed as he recovered and began to rehabilitate under the watch of two Zetsus: White Zetsu and a spiral-faced Zetsu. One day, White Zetsu returned to the hideout and alerted Obito that his comrades were in danger, surrounded by Kirigakure shinobi. With the aid of the spiral-faced Zetsu forming a suit to reduce his physical limitations, Obito rushed to help them. Upon arrival, he found Kakashi's hand running through Rin's chest. As Rin died, it caused Obito's Sharingan and the one he gave to Kakashi to become Mangekyō Sharingan. While Kakashi passed out, an enraged Obito slaughtered the Kirigakure ninja. He looked upon Rin's dead body and, devastated by her death, concluded he must be in hell.

Obito's promise

Obito declares to a dead Rin that he will change the world.

This events changed Obito and gave him resolve to change fate by destroying the world and create a new one where Rin still lives. Remembering the Zetsus' discussion over Madara's plans to create just such a world, Obito decides to become Madara's apprentice to achieve that goal. Over time, Madara imparted Obito with all that he knew: the legend of the Sage of the Six Paths, the Eye of the Moon Plan, and all the necessary steps to bring the plan to fruition. He then infused White Zetsu with a part of his mind, completing his creation with the Black Zetsu persona. Madara then took himself off of life support, dying so that he might be brought back at the planned juncture. Left with Madara's name to take as his own, with Zetsu by his side, Obito spent the following decades setting the pieces in place with his meeting with Nagato who was vital to Madara's resurrection. Inspired to cause the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha after overhearing Kakashi, Obito fully embraces his new ideals when he confronted his former mentor Minato Namikaze.

Kakashi vs. Obito & The Ten-Tails' Return

Naruto vs. Madara's dragon

Naruto vs. Madara.

In present time, when Madara attempts to have him see things his way, Naruto declares that he is Minato's son and would not be persuaded by him. Noting that he was being lenient because Naruto was a true jinchūriki, declares no longer hold back. Creating an enormous wooden dragon, he notes that it had been used by Hashirama Senju in the past to bound the Nine-Tails, which prompts Naruto to manifest Kurama's body in Tailed Beast Mode to fight it. Asking Obito why he chose to follow someone like Madara, the Uchiha notes that all that was left was for him and Kakashi to have their final battle as he had nothing left to say to him.

Obito vs. Kakashi

Obito vs. Kakashi.

Obito and Kakashi continue their battle, with the former unleashing a barrage of shuriken only to be stopped by Kakashi's wall of earth. As Obito slips through the wall, Kakashi continues to ask him why and to ask him if it is related to Rin, to which Obito tells him to shut up. Obito then warps Kakashi to the other dimension, but his victory is short lived, as Kakashi returns using Kamui. In the meantime, Madara's Wood Dragon begins absorbing Kurama's chakra, causing Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode to falter. Obito begins to overwhelm Kakashi, bringing him to his knees. Madara uses Wood Release to bind Killer B and Might Guy, then begins to activate his Susanoo to finish things up on the battlefield. Resolved, Naruto notes that the Uchiha's ideals annoyed him to no end and, creating a shadow clone, he is able to stop both Obito's shuriken and Madara's Susanoo Sword from making killing blows on Kakashi and Guy. Hearing Naruto's words that he would protect his friends, Kakashi and Guy both spring into action with the former using Lightning Cutter to destroy Obito's other shuriken and Guy using Daytime Tiger to attack Madara. Turning to his former friend, Kakashi tells Obito that he still remembered what he had taught him in the past and what he could do now, was protect Naruto.

Jubi's revival

The Ten-Tails is revived.

As Obito questions Kakashi's resolve, the Copy Ninja's sentiments are echoed by Guy who is severely weakened. Seeing this, Gyūki notes that all Konoha-nin liked to act tough before taking advantage of the loosened grip of its wooden restraints and warning Naruto that the Wood Release binding could suppress a tailed beasts power. Obito uses his own wood technique to attempt to restrain Naruto while he attacked Kakashi, but is sent reeling by Naruto's intercepting headbutt. Gyūki then decides to attack the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path before its transformation into the Ten-Tails is complete, leaving Obito to Naruto. Naruto declares that he can see Obito's suffering face, though Obito counters by saying it is Kakashi who is truly suffering. As Naruto notes that he had to do something for Kakashi who was worn out, Kurama switches places with Naruto and throws the Copy Ninja at Obito. Though he warps Kakashi to the other dimension, Obito learns too late that Kurama revitalised Kakashi with its chakra so he can attack Obito in the other dimension whenever he uses Kamui to dodge Naruto's attacks. With Obito wounded as Kakashi returns to the real world, Naruto joins Killer B in combining their Tailed Beast Balls to create a massive sphere to fire it on the barrier containing the Demonic Statue. After the explosion, they note that the statue's chakra vanishes, causing Kakashi to question whether this is the end. However, the revived Ten-Tails appears from the clearing smoke, prompting Obito to declare that it is was indeed the end of this world. Elsewhere, though disappointed that the Eight and Nine-Tails were not captured in time, a recovered Madara notes that they should begin their plan.

The Allied Shinobi Forces vs. The Ten-Tails

Jubi vs. Kurama&Gyuki

The Ten-Tails battling Kurama and Gyūki.

Shocked to the see the Ten-Tails before them, Naruto surmises that they must have been tricked as he was unable to sense the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path's malevolent chakra. However, Kurama tells Naruto that it was impossible to sense the beast in the Tailed Beast Mode as the beast had neither feelings nor ideals and was akin to natural energy and that using Sage Mode to sense how powerful it was would be a different matter. Meanwhile, Obito and Madara relocate atop the beast as it attaches its tendrils onto them. Obito notes that he would like to commence the plan immediately, but Madara is more in favour of testing out the beast's power. As Naruto's attempt to engage the Ten-Tails' power in Sage Mode ends in Naruto realising that it was indeed truly immeasurable, Kurama asks Gyūki to hand him Might Guy and Kakashi so he could restore their chakra. Taking command, Kurama devises a battle strategy to face the beast launching a continuous stream of Tailed Beast Balls, which culminates with Gyūki seemingly being decimated by the Ten-Tails' Tailed Beast Ball, but it was later revealed that Kakashi had warped it away while being launched by Naruto along with the latter's clone overhead the Ten-Tails where Kakashi released Gyūki to aim a Tailed Beast Ball. But the attack was flicked back at him, leaving Naruto's shadow clone and Kakashi open for an attack. After the clone successfully pushes Kakashi out of the way, Obito reflects on how much Naruto was like himself before the Ten-Tails' attack disperses the shadow clone and sends Gyūki flying.

At their limits, Kurama and Gyūki tell Naruto and B to buy them some time while they generate more chakra for use. As the opposition notices this, and his team-mates already somewhat incapacitated, Naruto prepares to create more shadow clones which Madara chides him for, calling him incompetent. Kakashi also echoes these sentiments and Obito goes on to explain to Naruto that numbers will not change anything as he laments that all shinobi like the youth are powerless and would eventually become like him one day. This causes Naruto to lash out at Obito once again stating his dream to become Hokage which leads Obito to tell him that he would make him the Hokage inside the Infinite Tsukuyomi as he has the Ten-Tails prepare to fire a Tailed Beast Ball to obliterate Naruto and his allies in one blow.

Allied Forces Jutsu

The remainder of the Allied Shinobi Forces arrive.

However, when the Ten-Tails fires its Tailed Beast Ball at them, the shinobi are shocked to realise that the beast had missed. Just then, from above, Ino, Hinata, Hiashi and a few others arrive and it is revealed that Ino was able to shift the blast after taking control of Obito for a split second. Immediately, the Aburame use the Insect Jamming Technique, and the Kirigakure-nin shroud the battlefield in mist to stop them from being sensed. Shortly after this, the entire Allied Shinobi Forces arrive at the battlefield, causing the Sensing Water Sphere to distort, and Naruto announces that they were no longer a disorderly crowd before announcing a new technique — The Ninja Alliance Technique, which is the strongest technique that ever existed in the shinobi world and that it could win against the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Shinobi Alliance attacks

Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Forces attack Madara and Obito.

Despite the swell in numbers of their opponents, Madara and Obito note that their efforts were still futile and that even after this war, history would only repeat itself and they would end up in this very same predicament. Naruto chastises them both noting that when there was a difference of opinion in a group, the majority vote beats all. Accepting his premise, Obito simply notes that they would make their decision after exterminating the majority: The Alliance itself. Using this time Shikaku, through Inoichi's telepathic ability, is able to relay the strategy he had formulated with the entire Alliance. With this, the Alliance launch their strategy, the first attempt to slow down their targets by blinding them which was executed by the Kumo-nin with C and a few others using the Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar technique followed by Darui and other Storm Release bearers using the Storm Release: Laser Circus technique. Secondly the Suna-nin use the Wind Release: Air Current Wild Dance to manipulate the dust from the previous attack to obscure their opponent's vision once again, adding it to what remains of the Insect Jamming Technique and Hiding in Mist Technique from earlier to completely impair the opponents' sensory skills. Following this, Kitsuchi and a group of Iwa-nin sink the beast into a hole allowing his daughter and other Lava Release bearers to cover the beast in quicklime which was mixed with water by the Kiri-nin. Finishing off, members of the Konoha Sarutobi clan hardened the mixture using Fire Release. This leads Madara to state how surprised he was that shinobi from different countries were able to pull off such a perfect combination. Shikaku informs them that they have to defeat Madara and Obito while the Ten-Tails was still restrained recommending the Logistical Support and Medical Division to coordinate with Naruto to exploit Obito's weakness and telling all shinobi who were skilled in taijutsu to deal with Madara.

Ten Tails' second form

The Ten-Tails takes on a new form.

As various shinobi as well as techniques bear down on the two Uchiha, Madara realises that they were being targeted this time. He notes, however, that in order to do that, the Alliance would have had to stop the Ten-Tails first. With this, a powerful blast sends the incoming shinobi flying away and the fully-matured Ten-Tails emerges from the pit. While the medical teams move out to tend to the injured, Shikaku, Inoichi, Ao and the others discuss what was happening on the battlefield. Now finding it even harder to control the beast, Obito and Madara use Hashirama's cells in order to fortify their control over the beast as the former agrees with the legendary Uchiha that it was time they showed the Allied Shinobi Forces true despair. As the beast fires off a Tailed Beast Ball, Kitsuchi is able to deflect its course using Earth Release underfoot the beast. A second Tailed Beast Ball is launched which detonates in a nearby lake and a third which Hiashi notes, destroys an entire town in an instant. Initially believing that the towns where the civilians were, was now unsafe, the fourth Tailed Beast Ball which is launched is noted to be heading straight for HQ as Shikaku surmised. As Inoichi asks for directives, Shikaku tells him that the only thing they could do was what they were assigned to until the very end, and for what appears to be the final time, Inoichi patches Shikaku through to the entire Alliance as the genius Nara passes on his final strategy to defeat the enemy. Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Madara exclaims that they were finally able to get them with the Tailed Beast Ball, justifying the deaths of the Alliance's "head" was a simple war tactic.

Though Chōji tries to console him over his father's death, Shikamaru reminds him and Ino that they are in the middle of a war and must focus on carrying out Shikaku's final strategy. Only Naruto was unaware of Inoichi and Shikaku's deaths with the others' attempt to explain interrupted by the Ten-Tails resuming its attack. Leaping into action, Neji and Hiashi are able to deflect the beast's attack with everyone beginning to praise the Hyūga clan. Hiashi tells Naruto that he must focus in this fight while explaining to him that death is a possibility in war, adding that Shikaku and Inoichi were willingly to die for their children. Neji echoes his uncle's sentiments, referring to his own father's sacrifice, before he, Hiashi, and Hinata state their intent to protect Naruto to their last breath.

Neji dead

Neji lies dead in Naruto's arms.

Meanwhile atop the Ten-Tails, which is slowly resisting their control, Madara and Obito discuss how to proceed with their plan. However, as he is only an reanimated corpse and can not become the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki, Madara needs Obito to sacrifice himself to become a living being once more. Taking advantage of his ancestor's dilemma, and wanting to put the Allied Shinobi Forces in further despair, Obito has the Ten-Tails attack again. As the attacks are being deflected by the Hyūga, Kitsuchi builds his chakra in preparation to use his signature technique. With the beast's hand itself bearing down on the group, Hiashi uses the Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm to deflect it. The beast then uses a pin-point attack which Hiashi realises they could not deflect in time. As Hinata throws out her arms to protect Naruto, Neji actually intercepts the attack. Naruto calls for the medics, Neji notes that it was already too late and that he will die within minutes. As Hiashi looks on in horror and Hinata cries openly, Naruto questions why a genius from the Hyūga clan would throw away his life for him, and Neji, who notes that he finally understood his father's feelings, states that it was for that exact reason that he did it: because Naruto called him a genius and that he choose to die for those he cares for. With this, the Byakugan-sealing juinjutsu on Neji's forehead disappears, confirming his death. Taking delight in Naruto being shocked, Obito attempts to shatter Naruto's self-confidence and drag him in his way of thinking.

However, Hinata slaps Naruto out of it while telling him that if his life is connected with everyone who shared his beliefs and are willingly to sacrificed themselves for him, he should not give in to despair and have Neji die in vain. By that time, as Killer B manages to cripple the Ten-Tails by lodging his Tailed Beast Ball into its mouth as it is about to fire, Naruto thanks Hinata for staying by his side and takes her hand while entering Tailed Beast Mode. Infusing some of Kurama's chakra into Hinata's body, Naruto creates shadow clones to do the same with the rest of their allies.

Obito and Madara get seperated from the Ten-Tails

Naruto and Lee separate Obito and Madara from the Ten-Tails.

Empowered by Kurama's chakra with their attacks strengthen, the Allied shinobi fight back with Akimichi clan members restraining some of the Ten-Tails' tails. Remembering their fathers' final words, Ino takes over Obito's body to veer his attempted Wood Release technique off course before Shikamaru leads his Nara clan kinsmen in restraining the Ten-Tails. By that time, Team Guy make their way to the deceased Neji with Rock Lee mourning his friend's death. Despite Obito mocking Guy's words of comfort of keeping those in your heart as a curse, Kakashi and Naruto rebuff this notion, the latter telling Obito that ninja are meant to endure such pain and will keep Neji in his heart even if it becomes an actual curse. As Naruto infuses Lee with some its chakra, Kurama ponders his jinchūriki's ability to match his own chakra with that of the different shinobi and considered the youth to have surpassed his parents. Though Madara decides to help Obito in breaking the Nara clan's restraints, they are respectively severed from the Ten-Tails's tendrils by Lee and Naruto before the Uchiha are forced to the ground.

The Past Revealed

Orochimaru, Sasuke, Jūgo and Suigetsu arrive

Sasuke's group enters Konoha.

Elsewhere in Konoha, though sensing Naruto's chakra as it was being given, Sasuke instructs Suigetsu and Jūgo to press onwards with Orochimaru before they arrive to the Uzumaki Clan's Mask Storage Temple. Though it was actually a detour, Orochimaru took one of the masks with Suigetsu unnerved by Orochimaru's choosing. After Sasuke breaks away from the group to survey the village from a high point, he and his group arrive to their destination: the remains of the ruined Naka Shrine. There, Orochimaru dons the mask which invokes the Shinigami as it binds itself to him.

Hokage reincarnated

Orochimaru reincarnates the previous Hokage.

While explaining his actions, Orochimaru slashes the Shinigami's stomach open to release the souls of those it had consumed. Though the act mortally wounded him, Orochimaru regained his hands so he can now use Impure World Reincarnation as he has Jūgo use his natural energy to activate the six Zetsu spores Obito had planted on Sasuke to monitor him. With two held down by Jūgo and Suigetsu, before transferring his being into the latter's restrained White Zetsu, Orochimaru uses the remaining four as sacrifices to reincarnate the ones Sasuke needs his answers from: Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and Minato Namikaze.

After the Senju brothers are formally introduced to Minato and learned of their blood relative Tsunade serving as the current Hokage, they and Hiruzen believed they were all brought back by Orochimaru in another scheme to destroy Konoha before he clarifies his reasons for bringing them back to life. Shocked of Orochimaru's reason and that Sasuke knows the full story of the Uchiha clan massacre, Hiruzen reveals that everything the youth has learned up to this moment is true. Not surprised, Tobirama berates the Uchiha clan until Orochimaru points that his actions in life set them down that path by placing them in charge of the Konoha Military Police Force and separating them from the rest of Konoha. When Hashirama demanded why his brother did it, Tobirama explains that the Uchiha treasured love above all else and that through the despair of losing someone dear they gain the Sharingan and eventually evolve them. However, using Madara and the love he had for his brother as an example, Tobirama reveals that the same despair can also madden the user. He concludes that all had he done was an attempt to use the Uchiha's cursed heritage in a positive way and cannot be blamed their self destructive nature. Hearing enough, Sasuke turns his attention to Hashirama to ask him what the meaning behind the village and ninja is so they he can determine if any of it is worth sparing. Against Tobirama's protests, having sensed his rival being also reincarnated, Hashirama tells Sasuke of his history with Madara Uchiha in an effort to save the youth from his old friend's fate by telling him his ideals.

Beginning his story at the Warring States Period, the time before the shinobi villages were established, Hashirama reveals that he and Madara met as children. Though enemies by birth due to their family feud, Hashirama befriended Madara as they dreamed of an ideal system where everyone could live in peace. However, when their families learned of their secret meetings, Madara severed his ties to Hashirama and became his enemy despite his former friend's pleas. Time passes and both Hashirama and Madara became leaders of their respective clans. Though Hashirama continued to revisit their plans of peace to him as he lost his entire family in the conflict, Madara remained reluctant to end the bloodshed before accepting it when Hashirama demonstrated how strong his resolve for peace was. Soon after, Konoha was formed, and despite his intent to make Madara their leader, Hashirama became Hokage by popular vote. Although he trusted Hashirama, Madara feared that a day would come where Konoha would be led by people like Tobirama, who distrusted the Uchiha. Therefore, leaving Konoha, Madara created what he considered a true method of achieving peace. However, this required Madara to capture Kurama and use its power to wipe out Konoha. This resulted in the epic battle between Hashirama and Madara that created the Valley of the End and was thought to be where Madara died. Although he regretted killing Madara, his friend of so many years, Hashirama concludes by stating his notion of ninja as one who strive for their dreams yet may become an entirely different person in the process.

The Hokage move out

The reincarnated Hokage prepare to head out to the battlefield.

With his story done, Hashirama asks Sasuke if he would accept his ideals or continue embracing Madara's views of the world. Sasuke responds that his brother, Itachi, shared Hashirama's dreams for a unified Konoha and died protecting it. Because Madara's plan means the complete abandonment of this, Sasuke decides to fight to save what meant so much to Itachi. Orochimaru decides to join him out of curiosity, as does Karin, who tracked Sasuke down and immediately forgives his previous attempt to kill her. The Hokage, though earlier restrained by Orochimaru so that they would not run off to join in the war, are now given the freedom to do so. Each standing upon their own face on the Hokage Monument, the Hokage voice their eagerness to get things started, Minato in particular delighted that he will finally meet his son and promises to make up for not being there with a huge surprise.

The Rookie Nine Reunited

Tenpenchii Anime 1

The Ten-Tails unleashes Tenpenchii.

Having been disconnected from the Ten-Tails, Madara and Obito begin attacking. Naruto manipulates the chakra cloaks he gave the Alliance and protects them as he engages Obito in a fight while debating whose values truly matter. As Madara shivers with delight upon sensing the reincarnated Hashirama's chakra, the Ten-Tails breaks free from Kitsuchi's earth restrains, and begins to act on its destructive impulses. Kakashi tries to warp it away, but is pulled into a fight with Obito as both are sucked into the other dimension while the Ten-Tails' power creates multiple natural disasters all over the battlefield. As the Nine-Tails' chakra shrouds disappear after protecting the Shinobi Alliance from the worst of the Ten-Tails' attack, the monster reacts to the sight of Naruto with the tailed beasts and the Sage of the Six Paths's silhouette around him, the shinobi form a defensive line to give Sakura time to heal Naruto. Madara notes his growing disinterest in the battle and that another awaits him.


Obito uses genjutsu to show Kakashi how empty he is.

Within the other dimension, Kakashi and Obito continue their battle with Kakashi stopping just short of driving his Lightning Cutter through Obito's heart. Obito is surprised to find Kakashi hesitating and asks if he is wracked with guilt for not keeping his promise. Still wanting to save Obito, realising his friend's malice towards Naruto is based on not wanting to be rejected by the boy he once was, Kakashi explains to him that he can still be that person again. But Obito laughed, and phased through Kakashi's technique. Effectively recreating the scene how Kakashi had impaled Rin, Obito reveals that he knows why Rin died and notes that he did not wage a war just because of her death and Kakashi's inability to keep his promise to protect her, but because of the hell that the villages and their shinobi put him through made him empty and devoid of almost all feeling. When offered a place in the Eye of the Moon Plan, Kakashi questions Obito if the delusion would truly fill the hole in his heart and, stating from experience, that states his intent of not letting Obito's discarded ideals go to waste.

The Hokage Arrive

The Hokage arrive.

Back in the real world, having seen the tailed beasts inside Naruto, the Ten-Tails is violently reacting to their presence by transforming once again while charging its attack. As it charges a devastating Tailed Beast Ball, Shikamaru comes up with a plan of using all the remaining members of the alliance to create lots of weaker earthen walls to redirect the attack with Gyūki's assistance. After consulting with Kitsuchi, and having Ino pass the info about, Shikamaru has Killer B take point. As Sakura rallies their forces while healing Naruto, the Shinobi Alliance carries out the plan to hinder the Ten-Tails' attack. However, despite B's support, the Ten-Tails' Tailed Beast Ball was about to breach until it was sent to the sea by the recently reincarnated Minato just as he arrived. Once explaining himself, Minato muses over Sakura's similarity to Kushina as the other Hokage arrive. Madara gets giddy at the sight of Hashirama as the First Hokage states he will deal with the Ten-Tails first as he and his successors use Four Red Yang Formation technique to trap the beast, with Hashirama adding an additional seal, pinning down the beast's tails.

Team 7 Reunited

After more than three years, Team 7 is reborn.

By then, Sasuke arrives with Jūgo as the remaining members of the Konoha 11 surround Naruto. However, not caring what they think of him, Sasuke explains that he no longer wishes to destroy Konoha but to make changes to it. Stating that becoming Hokage is the only way to achieve that new goal, Sasuke gets into a minor dispute with Naruto over it before Hashirama reminds the two of their current situation. Though told to rest as they are about to join the Hokage, Sakura explains to Naruto and Sasuke that she is no longer the weak girl from a few years ago as she trained under a Sannin member like they were. This prompts Naruto to note that the Team 7 is back as they and the reformed Rookie Nine charge into battle once the Hokage's barrier is complete with the Ten-Tails unable to escape. After adding one more seal, Hashirama creates five wood clones, four to make an opening for the Allied Ninja's and one to confront Madara who decides to stand down until the original is ready. Once inside, the group find themselves facing an army of Ten-Tails clones with Sakura using what she learned from Tsunade to wipe out some of the creatures, much to her team-mates' shock before they save her when she momentarily left her guard down. The rest of the Rookie Nine follow suit by displaying their own newly mastered abilities: Kiba's Human Beast Mixture Transformation — Three-Headed Wolf, Shino's Parasitic Giant Insect Bug Bite and Team Asuma's Ino–Shika–Chō "Formation E" Human Bullet Yo-Yo. Even Sai joins the fray though ends up being saved by Naruto.

Team 7 summons

Gamakichi, Katsuyu, and Aoda summoned to the battlefield.

With the number of the Ten-Tails' clones having an advantage over the Allied Shinobi Forces, Sai points out the only way to beat the Ten-Tails is to defeat its largest extension to get close enough to it. Though the attempt is risky and could be fatal, Naruto has a solution as he summons Gamabunta but finds a large Gamakichi aiding him instead. Sasuke and Sakura have a similar conclusion and follow suit by summoning Aoda, in place of the deceased Manda, and Katsuyu respectively. As Sakura has Katsuyu provide aid to the Shinobi Alliance's wounded, Naruto and Sasuke use their summons to fight through to the Ten-Tails. Once there, glad to have Sasuke as an ally again, Naruto combines his Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken with Sasuke's Blaze Release: Susanoo Kagutsuchi to land a blow on the Ten-Tails. While Naruto and Kurama were intent to extract the tail beasts inside the Ten-Tails, Sasuke is intent to incinerate the monster in its entirety before it severed the burning piece of its body with no intention of going peacefully.

Taka helps Tsunade

Karin and Suigetsu aiding in Tsunade's healing.

Elsewhere, Orochimaru arrives with Suigetsu and Karin to where Tsunade and the other Kage are being tended to by Katsuyu. Though the slug is wary at first, it eventually agrees to them assisting because of Tsunade's dire condition. While Suigetsu aids in putting Tsunade bifurcated halves back together, Karin has Tsunade bite her so that she can recover which in turn allows Katsuyu to heal her injuries. After a brief conversation about Orochimaru's change of heart, Orochimaru and his companions leave for the battlefield. While Tsunade and the other healed Kage are briefed on battle by Katsuyu, they make preparations to head to the battlefield. Back on the battlefield, Sai continues to question Sasuke's true motives and while Sakura notes that she had faith in Sasuke, Sai noted that her eyes did not reflect this.

The Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki

End of Kakashi vs Obito

The culmination of Obito vs. Kakashi.

Back in the other dimension, the conflict between Kakashi and Obito rages on as both think back to their childhood days as Minato's students. With Kakashi intent to protect both Naruto and the "old Obito" from the latter's current incarnation, Kakashi manages to impale Obito with a Lightning Cutter-infused kunai. However, the heavily wounded Obito stabs Kakashi with one of his black rods while telling him that his defeat will not turn the tide in the war as he returns to their reality. Appearing atop the Ten-Tails, Madara notices his arrival. Obito finds himself betrayed by his mentor who decided it is time for Obito to return favour for saving him in the past. Using the chakra receivers in the artificial parts of Obito's body, Madara forces him to perform the Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique so become truly alive and become the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki.

Obito becomes Jinchuriki

Obito becomes the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki.

Realising Madara's intent, Hashirama sends Naruto and Sasuke to stop Obito while he and Tobirama create an army of clones as a contingency plan. Minato also creates a clone to attack Obito, learning the truth that his former student had been alive the whole time while realising his student's role in the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha. By that time, Madara noticed that Obito managed to resist his control as he absorbs the freed Ten-Tails inside his body, becoming its jinchūriki in his mentor's place. With his body completely healed, with Killer B confirming with Gyūki that the Ten-Tails had not reached its final form yet, Obito proceeds to destroy the Four Red Yang Formation. As the other Hokage deal with Obito to find a weak point, learning there a substance on his skin that makes him invincible to attacks, Hashirama ends up being confronted by Madara who decides to settle things with his rival once and far all. However, despite Minato's attempt to stop him, Obito goes after Naruto and proceeds to attack him and Sasuke. Luckily, Naruto uses his chakra arms on his father and Sasuke so the former can teleport them away.

Obito Second Transformation

Obito's complete jinchūriki form.

By that time, his body beginning to mutate as he attempted to attack, Obito is losing control as the Ten-Tails is asserting itself and destroying the human's mind. Though he instructs Naruto and Sasuke to follow his counter with a collaborative attack, his former student thinking of Rin and their team, Minato finds Obito had managed to regain control of his body and assume a form similar to the Sage of the Six Paths himself. Teleporting away after his arm got ripped off, Minato finds that Obito attached an orb made of mysterious substance onto him as it begins to expand. Luckily, a clone of Tobirama grabs the orb and destroys himself in an attempt to kill Obito. Elsewhere on the battlefield, deciding that the time of waiting is over, Madara battles Hashirama in an epic clash with the Allied Shinobi Forces in awe before Shikamaru uses Ino to contact their allies to not lose focus for a second.

Shuriken hits Obito

Naruto and Sasuke land an attack on Obito.

By that time, having used the substance to avoid being consumed in the explosion, an unscathed Obito deflects an impulsive Sasuke's Amaterasu before Naruto aids his friend so the two can made an opening for Minato and Tobirama. With the Second and Fourth Hokages preparing for an Instantaneous Swapping Flying Thunder God Technique before Tobirama appears behind Obito, Sasuke and Naruto rush forth with an Kagutsuchi-infused Rasenshuriken. Expecting to be attacked by the Second Hokage, Obito learns he fell for a trap as Minato suddenly has the Rasenshuriken and takes Tobirama's place to attack Obito from behind.

Naruto attacks Obito anime

Naruto figures out that senjustu attacks harm Obito.

The Konoha ninja's elation at landing a direct hit are quickly diminished, when Obito makes use of his new abilities to push aside the flames and heal himself. At this point, they realise that Minato's arm had not regenerated, and figured out that the Uchiha was using Yin-Yang Release, and thus be able to nullify the regeneration of Impure World Reincarnation, and making the reincarnated vulnerable to fatal attacks. In response to this, Naruto tries to enter Tailed Beast Mode in order to deliver an even more powerful attack, but fails completely, earning himself blank looks from both enemy and allies. After Kurama tells Naruto to hold off from using its chakra, Gamakichi fires a natural energy infused Starch Syrup Gun in a last ditch effort to help before disappearing. Obito easily blocks it, however both Tobirama and Naruto notice something amiss. As Minato questions why Obito has discarded his dream of becoming Hokage, Naruto uses this chance to enter Sage Mode. When the Uchiha explained his reasoning and insults the Hokage, Tobirama assists Naruto in delivering a Rasengan, proving that, while resistant to ninjutsu, Obito is vulnerable to senjutsu.

Minato and Naruto bump fists

Naruto, Minato and the two halves of Kurama join forces.

As Naruto passionately defends the title of Hokage and his father's legacy, Kurama's Yin half within Minato spurs Minato to action. After Naruto and Tobirama fall back, a recovered Obito decides to execute the Eye of the Moon Plan by first creating an enormous tree to wipe out the remainder of the Allied Shinobi Forces while boxing them in with a barrier to prevent them from escaping. To counter the turn of events, Naruto thinks up a risky plan before asking his father to bump fists with him, the act between father and son allowing Yang and Yin-Kurama to connect to each other as well.

The Will of the Shinobi

Ten-Tails' Tree Form

Obito recreates the Ten-Tails into a tree in order to complete the Eye of the Moon Plan.

After telling Obito that he will not let the world end as long as he lives, Naruto dons his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode mantle with Minato following suit. Their combined efforts bolster the Version 1-like mantles around the shinobi thus allowing Minato to teleport the Alliance outside the barrier before the Tailed Beast Balls exploded. With this, the team presses onwards in their assault on Obito with the father-son duo going into Tailed Beast Mode and Naruto also using Sage Mode to bolster the attacks so that they would affect Obito. The Uchiha, however, was prepared for the assault this time and was able to deflect it. Before the Alliance can launch another attack, Obito decides to press on with the Eye of the Moon Plan as he manifests the Ten-Tails and has it transform into a tree that instinctively proceeds to suck the chakra out of any shinobi that it grabs. Madara reveals the tree to be the Ten-Tails in its tree form, while telling Hashirama of the monster's true origins along with the chakra within all ninja. Barely escaping the branches with Hiruzen's help as he is teleported to safety, Naruto looks around his friends and allies in anguish as Obito proclaims that their suffering will end once the tree form's flower, the crown piece in creating the Infinite Tsukuyomi, blooms.

Orochimaru arrives to the battlefield

Orochimaru and Taka arrive to the battlefield.

En route to the battlefield, the five Kage see the Ten-Tails' tree form and wonder what it was, which leads Tsunade to ask Katsuyu to explain what was happening. When Shikamaru is found to be one of the victims of the tree's attack, Sakura tries to have Katsuyu heal him remotely, but Katsuyu informs her that its clones also died due to having their chakra absorbed by the tree, leading the her and Sai to rush to their comrade's side instead. The Allied Shinobi Forces members spiral into deep despair, and taking advantage of their morale, Obito declares that he would not kill those who stopped resisting, but Hashirama's wood clone reminds them not to give up. Hiruzen's sentiments causes Orochimaru, who had just arrived with Suigetsu and Karin, to note that pessimism was very out of character for his sensei. As Madara and Hashirama continued to fight, the Uchiha reveals that even without the full chakra of the Eight and Nine-Tails, the tree would bloom in approximately fifteen minutes, during which Madara planned to take Obito's place using Hashirama's senjutsu abilities.

Sasuke cuts a part of Shinju

Sasuke shocks everyone with his will to continue fighting.

As the info is relayed to him, Hashirama's wood clone called out for a Yamanaka, and while startled, Ino responds to the First and patches him through to the Alliance. Connected, the clone passes on the recent revelation, and also tries to boost the shinobi's confidents, telling them to not give up. As the Ten-Tails' tree form moves again to attack, a large chunk of its root is cut off by a Susanoo created by Sasuke, who asks Naruto if he had already reached the limit of his capacity. Responding to his friends question, Naruto once again enters both Tailed Beast Mode and Sage Mode and through Ino's technique his feelings and memories are passed to everyone. Remembering his time as a child and the people he had lost along the way, Naruto notes that he did not want to have any more regrets, and that the sacrifices made would not be in vain.

Five Kage arrival

The five Kage arrive on the battlefield.

With new determination and a chakra boost from Yin-Kurama, Naruto charges forward into battle alongside Sasuke, who has Jūgo use the Sage Transformation on his Susanoo to imbue it with natural energy, creating the Cursed Seal of Heaven markings on Sasuke's Susanoo. Ready for action, the two shinobi plunge back into battle against Obito, who took note of how time and time again Naruto would pick himself up from the rut of despair. With this, Orochimaru reflects on how Sasuke seemingly had the potential to surpass even Madara Uchiha himself, while Tobirama notes that Naruto was in a lot of ways like his brother Hashirama: faults and all. With the shinobi still somewhat doubting themselves and contemplating waiting for directives from the current Kage, Hashirama shares with them all his memories of the first summit of the five Kage. How the meeting unfolded is revealed to all; what rings home for them all, is Hashirama's wish for all shinobi to be united. With this, Hashirama rallies the troops to amass their worries, their resolve, their sorrows and strength in order to fight. Ultimately, Hashirama's wish for the future is answered by the appearance of the five current Kage to the battlefield, all standing as a united front.

Kurama Mode and Susanoo

Naruto and Sasuke combine Tailed Beast Mode with Susanoo.

The five Kage disperse across the battlefield in order to strengthen the wills of the shinobi from their respective villages. Sakura is still attempting to heal Shikamaru, who is slowly slipping away due to an astounding loss of chakra. However, Naruto's Version 1 chakra reemerges and begins to give Shikamaru some strength, which Ino later notes that Naruto did subconsciously. Tsunade arrives to their location and easily heals Shikamaru back to full health, while also commending Sakura for her recent achievements. While a reformed Allied Shinobi Alliance, led by their respective Kage, begin attacking the tree, Naruto and Sasuke are still engaging Obito. Meanwhile, Kakashi is healing himself in the other dimension, while also pondering Obito's true feelings and his buried Will of Fire deep within him. Just as Naruto and Sasuke believe they have found an opening, Obito deflects their attacks and manages to force Naruto out of his senjustu-enhanced Tailed Beast Mode and Sasuke out of his Susanoo. As Obito asks Naruto why he would want to save a world that would ultimately only hurt him in the long run, Naruto replies that he would never go back on his word because it is his nindō. Naruto and Sasuke agree to put an end to the battle once and for all as Sasuke's Susanoo encases Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode.

Obito's Last Stand

Susanoo K11

Sasuke and the Konoha 11 (excluding Neji and with Sai in Sakura's place) engage Obito.

With Kurama now in Susanoo armour, Naruto and Sasuke prepare to attack Obito once more. Realising their strength, Obito manifests a gigantic Yin-Yang shield and the Sage of Six Path's legendary Sword of Nunoboko to counter them. As the two young shinobi rush in, Naruto creates nine Rasengan within the tails of his Susanoo-enhanced Tailed Beast Mode. Naruto then uses Ino's Mind Body Transmission Technique to contact the Konoha 11, excluding Neji (who died), Sakura, and Sai to enter the fray. As they join the battle, the Tailed Beast Mode mantles envelope them and Naruto instructs them to use the Rasengan to break Obito's shield. After the Konoha 11 and Sai destroy the shield, Sasuke's Susanoo Sword breaks the Sword of Nunoboko and manages to slice through Obito. From there, Naruto proceeds to siphon out the other tailed beasts while Gaara attempts to reclaim Shukaku and Killer B retrieves the fragment of Gyūki. Knowing that the tree would become a lifeless husk again if he allows the jinchūriki to succeed, Obito wrestles with them for the chakra. However, the rest of Allied Shinobi Forces and Sasuke's allies join in helping Naruto in grabbing hold of the chakra through Minato's Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

Biju released

The tailed beasts extracted from the Ten-Tails.

Within his subconscious, having begun to imagine what his life would have been if he returned to the village instead of Madara after Rin's death, Obito sees himself alone against the entire Alliance as he begins to contemplate and grapples to come to terms with what he starts to view to be regret. However, using their link to reach him, an empathic Naruto tells Obito that despite his declaration of being no one, he was in fact someone with dreams. Telling Obito he was and still is Obito Uchiha, Naruto vows to destroy the metaphysical mask he created for himself. Even despite attempting to strangle the youth, insisting he regrets nothing in the choices he made, Obito struggles with his inner turmoil when Naruto pointed out that Rin could never accept the man he is now. As Naruto grabs Obito's hand, the Allied Shinobi Forces succeed in freeing the tailed beasts.

Minato stops Kakashi

Minato stops Kakashi from killing Obito.

Utterly defeated, gazing at the moon while lamenting that he could never fill the void in his heart, Obito did not notice Sasuke running at him with intend to cut down. However, as the Alliance were about to join in before Tsunade tells them to stand down, Kakashi manages to return from the other dimension. Stopping Sasuke, Kakashi informs his former student that killing Obito is his burden to bear, yet is stopped by Minato. From there, the three members of Team Minato speak of their ordeals and what they each became since Rin's death. Kakashi then tells a doubtful Obito that Naruto would not ended up like him because he had many friends to him along the way. By that time, after the freed tailed beasts thanked him for freeing them from the Ten-Tails's body, Naruto focuses his attention away from Obito to find Madara with the intention of stopping the Uchiha for good.

Madara revived

Madara is revived by Obito through the Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique.

A defeated Obito watches as Naruto attacks an immobilised Madara from atop the tree, that Hashirama managed to subdue besides being pinned down himself. The Allied Shinobi Forces notices the direction of Naruto's attack and begin rushing to the location. Shukaku agrees to assist Gaara with stopping Madara, with the other tailed beasts following suit. Sai flies to the top of the tree to collect Naruto while Madara recovers from Naruto's attack. Meanwhile, Obito, who is incapacitated due to the extraction of the tailed beasts, resolves to using the Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to revive those who have been killed during the war, stating that he finally understands Nagato's actions. Before he could do so, however, Black Zetsu emerges and takes over his body, forcing him use the same technique to revive Madara instead. Much to the shock of Naruto and the others, and his own satisfaction, Madara is revived in the flesh.

Revival of Madara Uchiha

Sasuke vs. Madara

Sasuke and Madara clash.

As Madara's eyes crumble, having bestowed them to Nagato prior to his death, he is suddenly struck ablaze by Amaterasu, courtesy of Sasuke. The legend is unfazed though, and simply absorbed the technique. As his armour falls away, Madara reminds Hashirama about the conversation they had under the Naka Shrine, stating that he believes the unity stated refers to the combination of both Uchiha and Senju, revealing the face of Hashirama on his chest. Stating that the face was due to Kabuto, Madara quickly bypasses Naruto and Sai, so as to grab onto his old enemy and drain him of his senjutsu chakra, turning the face on his chest into Sage Mode. Sasuke then goes on the attack, intent on killing Madara now that he has been fully revived, however the older Uchiha manages to grab the younger's blade, planning on taking Sasuke's eyes until he gets his original back.

Madara targets Biju

Madara prepares to capture the tailed beasts.

Meanwhile, Obito, Kakashi and Minato learn about Madara's revival. Just as Black Zetsu attempts to take the Rinnegan, the former Hokage and his pupil simultaneously attempt to attack the creature, who quickly attaches itself to Obito before they reach it. Explaining that he is Madara's will, it recalls how it escaped. Though Chōjūrō managed to pin the upper half down, after bisecting Black Zetsu, the lower half was also sentient and escaped to help his master later. Back with Madara, the Uchiha attempts to persuade Sasuke into joining his side, but the younger adamantly refuses. Both Sai and Naruto attempt to attack Madara in a pincer attack, but he manages to push both back while escaping Sasuke's blade. As he instantly starts healing, Madara then turns his attention to the incoming tailed beasts. Seeing that they were between the beasts and Madara, the Allied Shinobi Forces quickly get out of the way, with Killer B and Gyūki's help.

Tail barrage

The tailed beasts simultaneously attack Madara.

Gaara, together with Shukaku, launch a mass of sand projectiles at Madara. Gaara then manipulates the sand in the Uchiha's blood to temporarily immobilise him as he is ricocheted between Matatabi, Isobu, Son Gokū, Kokuō and Chōmei, before landing in a sticky field courtesy of Saiken. Gaara and Shukaku then act quickly, attempting to seal the Uchiha before he could recover. Though they manage to do so, Madara still manages to break out using Susanoo, but is quickly knocked back down by Naruto and Kurama. They are then joined by B and Gyūki, and together, the beasts use their tails to rain down a barrage of hits, stripping away the Susanoo to get to the man within. Though the attack costs Madara his right arm, he manages to escape. A White Zetsu then emerges from the ground which carried Madara's Rinnegan. Taking the eye and the clone's right arm he attaches both, claiming that now the real "fun" begins.

Madara restores his eye

Madara regains one of his Rinnegan.

Though temporarily overjoyed at being alive, and able to "feel the fight", Madara quickly returns his attention to the battle. As the Uchiha prepares a summoning, Kurama shudders as he recalls how Madara had used to summon it, which receives a chastening from Shukaku, who in return gets a warning about the "mere" human. As the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path is summoned, the object in question suddenly emerges from Obito. Kakashi attempts to warp it away, but only manages to take an arm. As the tailed beasts wonder at how Madara is capable of summoning the statue, Naruto quickly manages to figure it out himself. Back with Obito, Black Zetsu again attempts to take the Rinnegan from its weakened host, but through pure will power, Obito manages to prevent it. When Zetsu states that the Rinnegan is to return to Madara, Obito claims that he has hidden the right eye and Kakashi will crush the left. However, Black Zetsu mocks his host's ignorance, stating that White Zetsu has already found and returned the right eye, and Obito would be dead if it wasn't attached to him. It goes on to say that the only reason that it still attached to the dying man, is because he knows that Kakashi and Minato would have already killed it otherwise. Madara soon recovers from the damage he received earlier, claiming to White Zetsu that he has gotten careless considering he now possesses Hashirama's recovery power. He then resolves to be more careful, and will instead use the Rinnegan's ability to the fullest. Madara then uses Limbo: Border Jail, and while at first it doesn't seem to do anything, one by one, each of the beasts are blown back. He then launches chains from the statue, which attach to, and starts pulling the tailed beasts towards it. Madara declares he will extract the Eight and Nine-Tails from their jinchūriki.

The Fall of Two Shinobi

Naruto's reaction

Naruto stunned by Kurama's extraction.

Naruto tries to exit Tailed Beast Mode, but finds it futile, as Madara has Kurama's chakra trapped with the chains. The clone of White Zetsu informs Madara that it would be best to recapture the beasts in numerical order, starting with Shukaku. Madara, with a readjusted strategy, attempts to capture Shukaku with the chains first, however Gaara manages to stop this transaction with two enormous sand hands. Shukaku, shocked at Gaara's actions, remembers the words of his previous jinchūriki, realising that the time has come where humans and Tailed Beasts can be comrades. Madara quickly equips his Susanoo and hurls one of his swords at Gaara, though Shukaku intercepts it. Madara sends another sword across the battlefield and manages to connect the chains once again, as well as knocking Gaara down. As the beasts are dragged into the statue once more, B severs one of his tentacles, while Kurama asks Gaara for a favour. As Naruto is ejected from Tailed Beast Mode and is sent hurdling towards the ground, Gaara calls out to a shocked Naruto.

Madara stabs Sasuke

Madara fatally stabs Sasuke.

As Naruto begins to fall to the ground, unconscious due to Kurama's extraction, Gaara uses his sand to cushion his comrade's fall. Meanwhile, Madara reseals all of the tailed beasts, including Gyūki and Kurama, back into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Paths. Tobirama suddenly attacks Madara and the two engage in a brief battle, with Madara gaining the upper hand. Madara pins down Tobirama with his chakra rods, as the two exchange harsh words. As Sasuke travels to the battlefield from atop Garuda, he recalls how Hashirama wanted to give him a technique to stop Madara. Though initially hesitant, Sasuke accepted the offer when Hashirama noted that Sasuke reminded him of Madara's brother Izuna. Madara drives the stakes into Tobirama's head, taking deep pleasure in this as he states that this is penance for Tobirama's killing of Izuna. Sasuke appears over the two shinobi and jumps down towards them, ready to enter the fray. Tobirama tries to attack Madara to get an opening for Sasuke, however Madara foils the plan, suspending Sasuke in the air before he has an attempt to attack. Taking Sasuke's dropped sword, Madara stabs Sasuke through his chest, expressing his disappointment in the young Uchiha's actions.

Naruto & Sasuke on the verge of death

Naruto and Sasuke on the verge of death.

Gaara rushes Naruto to help, while Tobirama curses Madara for stabbing Sasuke, which has left the young Uchiha severely injured. Meanwhile, Guruguru appears on the battlefield and uses Wood Release: Several Thousand Hands to attack the alliance. However, it is barely fended off by Hiruzen, while Shikamaru notes that if Hiruzen falls, the alliance is doomed. While Orochimaru and Taka plan a surprise attack against the Guruguru, Karin senses Sasuke's current predicament and becomes frantic. Gaara arrives to Tsunade, Shizune and Sakura, and asks them to heal Naruto. Hinata, realising that Naruto's heartbeats are getting weaker and weaker with her Byakugan, rushes to Naruto's aid but stumbles due to being low on chakra, praying for Neji to help Naruto. However, Sakura is the only one with enough chakra left to heal Naruto, though stated before that neither she, Tsunade or Shizune could perform medical ninjutsu any longer. Meanwhile, a struggling Sasuke refuses to die, promising to honour Itachi's sacrifice by becoming Hokage and changing the ninja world for the better. Madara simply rebuffs his statement and walks away from the dying Uchiha. Due to healing the members of the alliance beforehand, Sakura rapidly begins to run out of chakra, and Karin notices how serious Sasuke's wound is. The two young women note that soon Naruto and Sasuke will die if they do not receive immediate attention.


# English title Kanji title Romaji title
592 The Third Power 第三勢力 Daisan Seiryoku
593 Orochimaru's Revival 復活の大蛇丸 Fukkatsu no Orochimaru
594 The Progenitor 祖たるもの Sotarumono
595 Crack Hibi
596 One Technique 一つの術 Hitotsu no Jutsu
597 The Secret of the Space–Time Ninjutsu 時空間忍術の秘密 Jikūkan Ninjutsu no Himitsu
598 Shattered!!!! 粉砕!!!! Funsai!!!!
599 Obito Uchiha うちはオビト Uchiha Obito
600 How Come Until Now? なぜ今まで Naze Ima Made
601 Obito and Madara オビトとマダラ Obito to Madara
602 Alive 生きている Ikite iru
603 Rehabilitation リハビリ Rihabiri
604 Reunion, and Then 再会、そして Saikai, soshite
605 Hell 地獄 Jigoku
606 Dream World 夢の世界 Yume no Sekai
607 I Don't Care Any More どうでもいいんだよ Dō Demo Īn da yo
608 Kakashi's Decision!! カカシの決意!! Kakashi no Ketsui!!
609 End 終わり Owari
610 Ten-Tails 十尾 Jūbi
611 Arrival 到着 Tōchaku
612 Allied Shinobi Forces Technique!! 忍連合軍の術!! Shinobi Rengōgun no Jutsu!!
613 Head Atama
614 By You お前に Omae ni
615 The Connected Ones 繋がれるもの Tsunagareru Mono
616 The Invisible Dancers 忍び舞う者たち Shinobimau Mono-Tachi
617 The Invisible Dancers — 2 忍び舞う者たち 其ノ弐 Shinobimau Mono-Tachi — Sono Ni
618 The Ones Who Know Everything 全てを知る者たち Subete o Shiru Monotachi
619 A Clan Possessed by Evil 悪に憑かれた一族 Aku ni Tsukareta Ichizoku
620 Hashirama Senju 千手柱間 Senju Hashirama
621 Hashirama and Madara 柱間とマダラ Hashirama to Madara
622 Reached 届いた Todoita
623 One View 一望 Ichibō
624 Draw 相子 Aiko
625 The Real Dream 本当の夢 Hontō no Yume
626 Hashirama and Madara — 2 柱間とマダラ 其ノ弐 Hashirama to Madara — Sono Ni
627 Sasuke's Answer サスケの答え Sasuke no Kotae
628 Now and Hereafter ここに、そしてこれから Koko ni, Soshite Kore Kara
629 Windhole 風穴 Kazaana
630 What Can Fill a Hole 埋めるもの Umeru Mono
631 Team 7 第七班 Dainanahan
632 Fighting Together 共闘 Kyōtō
633 Forward 前へ Mae e
634 A New Three-Way Deadlock 新たなる三竦み Aratanaru Sansukumi
635 A New Wind 新しい風 Atarashii Kaze
636 The Current Obito 今のオビトを Ima no Obito o
637 The Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki 十尾の人柱力 Jūbi no Jinchūriki
638 The Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki: Obito 十尾の人柱力・オビト Jūbi no Jinchūriki: Obito
639 Attack Osō
640 Finally やっとだよ Yatto da yo
641 You Guys are the Main!! 君らがメインだ!! Kimi-ra ga Mein da!!
642 Breakthrough 突破口 Toppakō
643 Joining Fists…!! 合わせる拳…!! Awaseru Kobushi…!!
644 I Know 分かってる Wakatteru
645 Two Powers…!! 二つの力…!! Futatsu no Chikara…!!
646 Shinju 神樹 Shinju
647 Regrets 後悔 Kōkai
648 A Shinobi's Dream…!! 忍の夢…!! Shinobi no Yume…!!
649 A Shinobi's Will 忍の意志 Shinobi no Ishi
650 I Will Sleep 眠るのは Nemuru no Wa
651 What Is Filled 埋めたもの Umeta Mono
652 Naruto's Furrow ナルトの轍 Naruto no Wadachi
653 I'm Watching You ちゃんと見てる Chanto Miteru
654 It was Obito Uchiha うちはオビトだ Uchiha Obito Da
655 Furrow Wadachi
656 Shift 交代 Kōtai
657 Madara Uchiha is Back うちはマダラ、参る Uchiha Madara, Mairu
658 Tailed Beasts vs. Madara…!! 尾獣VSマダラ…!! Bijū Bāsasu Madara…!!
659 Limbo: Border Jail…!! 輪墓・辺獄…!! Rinbo: Hengoku…!!
660 The Hidden Heart 裏の心 Ura no Kokoro
661 The Failed World 失敗した世界 Shippaishita Sekai
662 The True End 本当の終わり Hontō no Owari


# Episode Title Japanese Airdate English Airdate
341 Orochimaru's Return 5 December 2013
342 The Secret of the Transportation Technique 12 December 2013
343 Who Are You? 19 December 2013
344 Obito and Madara 9 January 2014
345 I'm in Hell 16 January 2014
346 World of Dreams 23 January 2014
347 Creeping Shadow 23 January 2014
348 The New Akatsuki 30 January 2014
362 Kakashi's Resolve 15 May 2014
363 The Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu 22 May 2014
364 The Ties That Bind 5 June 2014
365 Those Who Dance in the Shadows 12 June 2014
366 The All-Knowing 19 June 2014
367 Hashirama and Madara 3 July 2014
368 Era of Warring States 10 July 2014
369 My True Dream 24 July 2014
370 Sasuke's Answer 31 July 2014
371 Hole 7 August 2014
372 Something to Fill the Hole 14 August 2014
373 Team 7, Assemble! 21 August 2014
374 The New Three-Way Deadlock 28 August 2014
375 Kakashi vs. Obito 4 September 2014
378 The Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki 18 September 2014
379 An Opening 25 September 2014
380 The Day Naruto Was Born 2 October 2014
381 The Divine Tree 9 October 2014
382 A Shinobi's Dream 16 October 2014
383 Pursuing Hope 23 October 2014
384 A Heart Filled With Comrades 30 October 2014
385 Obito Uchiha 6 November 2014
386 I'm Always Watching 13 November 2014
387 The Promise That Was Kept 20 November 2014

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