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テムジン Temujin
Movie Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel
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Temujin (テムジン, Temujin) is a supporting protagonist that appeared in Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel.


Temujin as a child

Temujin as a child.

Born as the heir of the main branch of his clan, Temujin has the ability to create and seal away the Stone of Gelel. When he was still a child, Temujin's entire village was destroyed by Haido and his followers, as they hoped to find the Gelel Vein, which they thought was in the village. Temujin's parents were killed, but Haido, their killer, spared Temujin due to seeing potential in him, and adopted him for future usage. Temujin, not knowing that Haido was his parents' killer, became very loyal to Haido, and trained hard in order to achieve what he believed to be a utopia that will be free of war and violence, all the while not knowing Haido's true intentions. Haido eventually implanted a shard of the Gelel stone in him, which allows him to manipulate Gelel energy in a similar manner to chakra.


Temujin was extremely loyal to Haido, thinking the warlord was the one who saved his life from the person who killed his parents. He also thought highly of Haido's claim of a utopia free of war and violence, and is willing to make any sacrifice to achieve this dream, including killing his comrades and even innocent people. After meeting Naruto, Temujin began questioning about whether the sacrifices made were right. Once he discovered Haido's true intentions and was the person who killed his parents, Temujin had a complete change of heart, and was willing to die to atone for his mistakes. Overall, Temujin is very loyal and honourable.


Temujin's symbol

The symbol on Temujin's chest.

Temujin is a tall young man with white skin, neck-length blonde hair and green eyes. On the left side of his chest is a symbol. He maintained this appearance from childhood to his time of meeting Naruto, aside from height difference. His eyes change to a red colour when using the powers of the Gelel Stone. As a knight, he wore a medieval armour complete with helmet and a red cape, a black shirt underneath and a green cloth on his neck. and even elbow-length black arm warmers. The Retractable Shield is attached onto his left arm. The helmet eventually fell off and he did not replace it. Outside of his duty as a knight, he wore a simple white shirt with a green vest over it.


Physical Prowess

Wishing to be of use to Haido, Temujin trained hard to become a powerful fighter. During his battle against Naruto Uzumaki, he demonstrated tremendous hand-to-hand combat prowess, being able to easily dodge multiple attacks from Naruto's shadow clones and simultaneously dispatch them. Temujin wields a Knight Sword, in which he shows great swordsmanship, and a Retractable Shield that can deflect kunai. He also demonstrated great reflexes, being able to dodge sneak attacks from Naruto and Shikamaru.

Stone of Gelel

While under the influence of his Stone of Gelel, Temujin has regenerative powers almost as great as Naruto's, and also showed surprisingly high levels of strength, easily being able to break free from most bindings. The pinnacle of his Gelel power is to unleash a tremendous stream of energy from his sword that can cause large-scale damage, and equals the raw power of Naruto's Rasengan. As the heir of the main branch of his clan, Temujin can create and destroy the Gelel stone and vein, as well as his blood is required to activate the Space–Time Hole.

Plot Overview

At their first encounter, he and Naruto Uzumaki began to fight. Their battle ended in a draw, after the two fell off a cliff. He later woke up next to Naruto, after having been treated. He then continued to travel with the caravan, he had woken up on for a short time. He then wanted to show his master, Haido, who Naruto was. After the introduction, he was sent on a mission, but his plan was found out by Naruto. After some fighting, he managed to escape. He was hunted down by both enemy and ally. He later fought Haido after discovering that he was the murderer of his family, but was easily defeated. He, alongside Naruto, performed the Twin Rasengan to finish off Haido. He saved his new friends from a collapsing castle, and was saved by Naruto whilst falling to his death. He discovered a prophecy had foretold him and Naruto defeating Haido as friends. As Temujin left for a new land, he crossed paths with his new friend, Naruto, where they promised to meet again.


  • Temujin is the birth name of the Mongolian Warlord, Genghis Khan.