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Which has it been decided that this should be 'subst:'ed rather than just adding it as a normal template, as if there are more things that are wanted to say than what is here now will only affect future welcomees, which is not useful. I will change it now, if anyone has any objections, just roll it back and we can have a talk about it StijnX 21:35, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

The welcome message is substed for multiple reasons.
  • One of those is server load. When you transclude the template it can bog down the server, or at least slow down the process that goes and refreshes the cache, links, and various other things relating to updating category pages, and also updating pages when a template such as an infobox has been altered. Basically, whenever the Welcome template is edited, any page which transcludes it (in this case, user talkpages) would be added into the Job que. And for a template like this which would be transcluded into the talkpage of nearly every new user or IP that comes here that's allot. So it adds a pile of jobs to the que, to go and do the near pointless task of going around and re-parsing every talkpage which transcludes it, when it's highly likely that 99% of those talkpages aren't even going to be looked at by the users anymore, and it could be better spending that time updating our category pages to new Jutsu added to a category or such.
  • Other than that, it also has little use to update a Welcome message. A welcome message is put there to welcome a new user, giving them information relevant to the wiki at the time that they join, a user doesn't need a template on their talkpage which is constantly updating with new information for new users, when they have already become part of the community and know that information.
  • Then there's confusion... A user opens up their edit page, stares at the sources, and asks "Where the hell is message on my talkpage that I want to get rid of?" most new users won't catch on to the fact that the message is transcluded onto the page.
  • Then there is how formal and bot like it feels... The Welcome message is supposed to be a message used for a quick greeting to a new user, from a user to another user, not from some automated thing. The fact that the text is actually put into their talkpage, with their name stuck into it not using {{PAGENAME}}(Because that is subst'ed to) makes it a personal message, not something stock and formal. The message is supposed to welcome someone, not put them into a I'm speaking to a machine type mood.
The boxing you added to the template also does the same thing, the message is meant to be a quick way to add a message to a User's talkpage, instead of writing it out from scratch each time, still as a personal message, the boxing makes it look to formal and notification like and makes it loose it's purpose as a welcome message. Instead of a notification. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) current discussion Jan 20, 2008 @ 09:40 (UTC)
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