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This user is a native English speaker.

{{User Babel}} is a userbox detailing level skill in a particular language, which can be included into userpages. For information on use of the Babel box see Animepedia:Babel.


{{User Babel|<lc>|mode=<Mode>}}
  • lc is the language code for the language: (These are currently in place)
    • en: English
    • fr: Français
    • de: Deutsch
    • ja: 日本語
    • es: Español
    • nl: Nederlands
  • level is the level of skill in the language.
    • 0: for no knowledge of the language.
    • 1: for basic command (the ability to understand and answer simple questions in the language).
    • 2: for an intermediate level of knowledge.
    • 3: for advanced or fluent understanding (the ability to correct spelling and grammar errors in the language).
    • N: if you're a native speaker or have a grasp of the language comparable to a native speaker.
  • Mode is the standard parameter passed to {{Userbox Mode}}.
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