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Template:TagSyncPage {{Questionable}} is used to tag a questionable addition to a page a user has added. It's used to tag things like POV or unreferenced facts a new user may add instead of just reverting them which might discourage them from editing again.


{{Questionable|<Questionable Type>}}
  • Text is the text that was added which may be considered questionable. If you are just trying to add a tag to the end of something instead of a section of text just omit the parameter.
  • Questionable Type is the type of questionable addition the text is. Use one of the following options:
    • unreferenced: For additions to a page which may be considered false or have their validity questioned and should be referenced if they are actually true.
    • pov: For edits which may be Point of View and need to be reformatted into a format that is neutral.


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