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  • leafninja: Images which appear to be taken from Leafninja. They are always of a extremely small poor quality square and aren't good enough for the wiki. (Please start using {{Leafninja image}} instead of this one)
  • widescreen: Images taken from widescreen videos. Sometimes these still contain the black bars from the video. The black bars are cruft in the image which are not necessary on the internet and should be cropped out. Additionally widescreen images when converted to thumbnails become near impossible to see.
  • ext: Images with bad file extensions like .gif
  • watermark: Images which have watermarks from other sites.
  • edited: Images which have been edited to include other things like fan text.
  • subtitle: Images which contain any form of text, whether in English Subtitles or in the Japanese Kanji.
  • manga-english: Images which contain translated English text in the Manga.

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