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== Example ==
== Example ==
</noinclude>== Last Warning Regarding [[{{{1}}} policy]] ==
</noinclude>== Last Warning Regarding [[{{{1}}} policy]] ==
{| class="lastwarning"
{| class="lastwarning"

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{{subst:PolicyLastWarn}} is a template for when a user is on their last warning to stop violating a policy. It should only be used if both {{PolicyRemind}} and {{PolicyWarn}} have been posted to the user's talkpage and subsequently ignored.

Usage Edit

{{subst:PolicyLastWarn|<Policy violated (only first part needed>}}

Example Edit


Last Warning Regarding [[{{{1}}} policy]]

Stop hand nuvola PolicyLastWarn, this is your last warning warning regarding a violation of the {{{1}}} policy. Please read over the {{{1}}} policy again as well as the other policies listed in the Rules Index.
If you continue to vandalise or otherwise disrupt the wiki with violations of the above policy, you will be blocked by an administrator.
Many thanks for your co-operation.--
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