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After Sasuke seals the Tailed Beasts, Naruto asks to let them go, saying that they won't cause trouble anymore. Sasuke replies that after he uses them to end the Infinite Tsukuyomi, he plans to eliminate all traces of the tailed beasts, including Naruto, and beckons to follow him. Kakashi tries to go after him, but is still fatigued from the previous fight. Sakura tries one last time to convince Sasuke into coming back to the village, but ultimately results in Sasuke casting a genjutsu on her, knocking her out immediately. As Kakashi tries to plead to Sasuke about how much Sakura loves him even after everything he had done, he simply dismisses it and leaves. Naruto tells Kakashi of the promise he made long ago with Sakura before leaving in pursuit. Hagoromo, staying behind with Kakashi and the unconscious Sakura, tells Kakashi about his sons and how he regretted his actions in unintentionally making the two brothers fight. Read more...

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