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{{Main}} is used below section titles to explain where the main article on the subject is.


{{Main|Article 1|l1=Article 1 Displaytitle|...|Article 10}}
  • Up to 10 parameters are permitted: only the first is mandatory.
  • Parameters in the form l# may be used to change the displayed text of a article link.
  • The list is dynamically generated so that the word "and" is always placed between the final two entries.
  • If more than 10 entries are supplied, a message will be displayed pointing out the problem.
no newlines are permitted else the article links will be broken.


Code Result
{{Main}}Main article: Error: Template must be given at least one article name
{{Main|Article}}Main article: Article
{{Main|Article|Article}}Main articles: Article and Article
{{Main|Article|Article|Article}}Main articles: Article, Article, and Article
{{Main|Article|Article|l2=Alternate title}}Main articles: Article and Alternate title

And so on up to 15 parameters.

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