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Sakura realises that Obito was willing to die so easily because he was beyond saving but soon casts aside these thoughts when the Uchiha calls her, and Naruto's clone forth. Though Kaguya notes their presence, she pays little to no attention to them on the battlefield and instead opts to attack the real Naruto. As Naruto contemplates his next course of action, he settles on a combination of diversionary tactics and taijutsu. Kokuō lends Naruto support with its steam-based ninjutsu bolstering Naruto's physical attacks to monstrous levels. Shocked that she was being pressured in her own dimension, Kaguya emerges from the rubble to find herself surrounded by a barrage of shadow clones. Assaulted from all sides, Kaguya is forced to retreat to another dimension — an opportunity which Naruto and Obito take to invade her dimension. Sensing the invaders, Black Zetsu advises his mother to kill Naruto rather than give him the opportunity to reunite with Sasuke and seal her. Though hesitant at first, she ultimately agrees with this advise and uses her All-Killing Ash Bones technique which strikes Naruto and begins to disintegrate his body. Believing that now the clones would be gone as well, she returns to her ice-clad dimension to find the clones still there much to her shock. Meanwhile, Obito and Sakura invade her main dimension, intent on finding Sasuke.

Hashirama and Madara (episode) File:Hashirama and Madara.png
|thumb|link=Hashirama and Madara (episode)]]

Hashirama continues to tell his story about their friendship with Madara Uchiha, when at their younger years they meet at a river and a frustrated Madara tries to skip his stone to the other side. Hashirama surprises Madara by skipping his stone as well and reaches the other side of the river. As Madara vents out his frustration, a feeling humiliated Hashirama apologizes to Madara and they started their unique friendship despite not disclosing their surnames. Back in the Senju clan, a funeral for the fallen ninjas including Hashirama's younger brother, Kawarama, has been held. Hashirama vents out his disapproval to his father about children being put to war but his father punches Hashirama. Hashirama talked to his brothers Tobirama and Itama about the ongoing war with the Uchiha clan and the utilization of children to fight its adversary. Another fight erupts with the Senjus against the Uchihas and Itama has been killed by Uchiha shinobi. Hashirama arrives late and saw his brother dead. At the river, Madara notices a depressed Hashirama and Madara had the same feeling as well where he reveals that he had also brothers who are fallen to the ongoing war. Despite their depression, they continue their training and their friendship blooms as well. After their training, Tobirama arrives to Hashirama telling that their father has something to tell very important. At the Senju clan, Hashirama's father, Butsuma tells them that he asked Tobirama to tail Hashirama and the boy, Madara, being acquainted to Hashirama hails from the Uchiha clan noting that Madara killed adult ninjas from their clan. Butsuma warns Hashirama that this could lead to treason and in order from being punished, Butsuma asks Hashirama to follow Madara after their training and if Madara becomes suspicious, Butsuma recommends Hashirama to kill Madara.

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