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Sarada Uchiha (chapter) File:Chapter701.png
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As Shino Aburame explains to his class that within one week they'll be going through graduations for genin positions, the majority of the class voices their views on the opportunity. As Sarada Uchiha walks home, she begins to show jealousy over all her classmates getting training from their fathers for the coming graduation, with Chōchō Akimichi eating with her father Chōji Akimichi, Inojin Yamanaka getting drawing lessons from his father Sai, and even Boruto Uzumaki playing an expansive game of hide-and-seek with his ever busy father the Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, coupled with being given a lecture by Shikadai Nara and his father Shikamaru Nara. Seeing all this, Sarada quietly admits she has never seen her own father, Sasuke Uchiha, in her whole life. Upon returning home and seeing a picture of her parents together, Sarada questions her mother Sakura Haruno on if her father needed glasses like her. However, when Sakura can't give her a straight answer, Sarada openly questions the validity of her parents' marriage causing Sakura to violently lash out for the comment. Seeing that her daughter is acting out of sadness rather than anger she collects herself, Sakura apologises to her daughter but realises her outburst has destroyed their house, much to her horror as apparently this is not the first time Sakura destroyed it as she cries out about a loan she took out, fainting. Dropping off her mother to Shizune, Sarada returns to her house's ruins to collect some valuables. However, as she picks up the picture from before, Sarada makes a horrifying discovery: the picture is fake. Pulling out the larger picture of her father, she sees him with the rest of his team Taka and, to her horror, Karin, a girl with glasses similar to her, causing Sarada to further question the validity of her parents' marriage and, more importantly, her own parentage as well. All the while, Sasuke appears to be returning to Konoha.

The Hidden Plot Set Into Motion File:Bunpuku's Tea Kettle.png
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Gaara creates his Third Eye to observe the events in the Demon Desert. At the same time, Yōrō and Kegon try to convince to go to the direction of the tower, with her speaking up that she wants to find some friends first. Her mind quickly changes, however, when her team-mates bring up Shibuki. Meanwhile, Gaara notices Team Matsuri, who are heading towards the tower, with Mikoshi informing his team-mates about a plan, which would involve them getting the scroll they need. As the team rushes towards the tower, they get noticed by Hōichi. At the same time, Fugi recalls his meeting with Hōichi and their plan to seal Shukaku in a tea kettle, with Gaara being the necessary sacrifice for it, and creates a barrier that overwrites the village's Sensing Barrier and creates a huge sandstorm in the surrounding area. The headquarters notice the issue, with Kankurō and Temari quickly rounding-up the available troops and leaving to help out the genin who are taking the Chūnin Exams in the desert. Meanwhile, two shinobi are seen standing guard in front of Gaara's office, checking up on him so that he wouldn't leave the room, only to be fooled by a Sand Clone. As the sandstorm rages on, many teams collapse from exhaustion, but are eventually saved by Kankurō, Temari and other Sunagakure shinobi. Team Guy manages to shield themselves from the sandstorm. Meanwhile, Team Matsuri are seen struggling, with Mikoshi accidentally falling in quicksand. As his team-mates try to help him get out, Fū overhears them and rushes to their aid, recalling her past and friendship with Shibuki. As Matsuri and Yukata both fall into the sand alongside their team-mate, they are saved by Fū's Net-Shaped Prison. Fū uses her healing ability to treat them, only to be approached by Gaara, who tells her about Naruto and notes her likeness to him. Fū tries to give Matsuri her scroll, but the kunoichi refuses to accept it, recalling the training she had with Gaara. At the same time, Hōichi notices the Kazekage and prepares to attack.

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