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After falling into the ruins underground, Tenten and Ajisai are forced to coperate with each other to escape from there. Outside the ruins, Neji Hyūga, Rock Lee, Fuyō, and Suiren decide to cooperate as well to find their partners. Fighting to find a way out, Ajisai and Tenten face a giant ant that leads them to the giant ant's nest looking for the way out. Ambushed by the ants outside, Team Ajisai and Team Guy face the ant legion to rescue both and simultaneously trying to brake the wreckage wall, on the other side, Ajisai tries the same sealing big part of the wall. Ajisai's effort weren't enough as she begs Tenten courage and help to destroy the wreckage wall, Tenten motivated by Ajisai's words, summons an big amount of water putting an end to the wall. Read more...

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