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Team 7 summons
As the newly reformed Team 7 mobilises to battle, Hashirama warns the Alliance due to another round of Tailed Beast Ball attacks from the Ten-Tails. The ball launches to the barrier but is unsuccessful. Hashirama creates five clones of himself. Four of them will open the barrier to create access and allow the Alliance to make attacks on the Ten-Tails. The other wood clone confronts Madara, but he demands the real Hashirama, because using a clone is not "fun". As the Alliance goes inside the barrier, the Ten-Tails creates an army of monsters to defend itself from attack. Sakura recalls her previous missions, remembering being left out due to the immense competition of Naruto and Sasuke and pursues them to become capable like they are. Her training with Tsunade made her stronger and she learned one of Tsunade's techniques to amplify her strength. Back at the battle with the Ten-Tails' monster guards, other shinobi of the Konoha 11 resolve themselves to become stronger as well but Ten-Tails constantly creates bigger and more powerful monsters as noted by Hashirama. Sai, who is also determined to become capable and stronger, decides to attack Ten-Tails' head but is unsuccessful and is saved by Naruto. Sai discloses his worries and Team 7 summons their corresponding beasts to accompany them on the battlefield. Read more...

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