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As Naruto and Sasuke finally make physical contact with Kaguya, the powerful fūinjutsu: Chibaku Tensei is finally activated, and just as her sons Hagoromo and Hamura had done before, her third eye is obscured by the moon and sun respectively leading the tailed beast being extracted from within her body. Kaguya soon reverts to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path before ejecting Madara Uchiha's corpse as the earth begins to encase her body, forming another satellite. Silently watching on as his mother is sealed away once more, Black Zetsu resigns to the fact that he would have to bide his time and begin the process to revive his mother again, however, Naruto — who has other plans — finds Kaguya's severed arm, and after decrying Zetsu's sentiments that he created the shinobi world, throws the disembodied arm into the Chibaku Tensei sphere. The tailed beast are all elated that they have been freed and while they praised Naruto, Team Kakashi soon finds themselves in another predicament: they had no way to escape Kaguya's dimension. Just then, they are all summoned to the real world, by Hagoromo who called on the spirits of all the deceased Kage and used their power along with the Hokage's to summon them out of Kaguya's dimension. Looking on at the team, Hagoromo thanks them sincerely for saving the world.

The New Three-Way Deadlock File:New three-way deadlock.png
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To solve the main problems of the battle that Sai mentioned earlier: the need to get pass the Ten-Tails' defence and slip through and heal the wounded on the front lines — Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura summon Gamakichi, Aoda, and Katsuyu as solutions respectively. Hiruzen remarks how the new trio remind him of the previous three-way deadlock. Naruto remarks his summoning's growth in body and attitude before the latter jumps high into the air over the beasts' guards and fends off attacks while Sakura uses her summoning to heal the wounded shinobi as an observing Shizune silently praises the formers power. Meanwhile, Sasuke easily slips and cuts through all guards and defence with the aid of his summoning and Susanoo. Once he has a clear view of the Ten-Tails, he aims his Amaterasu bow and arrow at the same time Naruto readies his giant Rasenshuriken from above. Naruto recalls to the time of his Rasenshuriken training during which he stated to Yamato that him and Sasuke are compatible not because his wind beats the latter's lightning, but because his wind can power up the former's fire. As a result of the wind powering the flames, a spiralling mass of black flames is created and hits the beast as a slightly tearful Sakura and their classmates cheer them on.

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