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Over ten years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, the Five Great Shinobi Countries have come to peace. Shino Aburame is now a teacher at the Academy, who is disrespected by his students, particularly Boruto Uzumaki. Hinata is accompanied by her daughter Himawari while visiting Neji's grave. Rock Lee is training his son while Tenten is maintaining her own weapons shop. Gaara arrives to Konohagakure for the next Kage Summit and greets his sister Temari and her and Shikamaru's son Shikadai. Kiba is seen talking with Tamaki along with an aged Akamaru. Ino, Sai, Chōji and Karui are waiting for their children to finish their day at the Academy so they can train them to become the next Ino–Shika–Chō. Kurenai's daughter, Mirai, pays her respects to her father before meeting Kakashi and Might Guy, both of whom are reflecting on memories elsewhere. Four of the previous five Kage are having their own meeting at Ōnoki's residence in Iwagakure. Udon and Moegi inform the current Hokage of his son's prank on the Hokage Monument. Naruto arrives to stop his son's pranking from where the Kage Summit takes place. Both Iruka and Konohamaru note the similarities between the father and son. The daughter of Sakura and Sasuke, Sarada, having watched Boruto's actions throughout the day, noticed a similarity between them surrounding their feelings toward their fathers. Meanwhile, Sasuke continues to travel the world, though still not forgetting his family that he has back in Konohagakure. As Naruto arrives to where the current Kage are waiting, they begin their meeting while Kurama, having finally had its halves rejoined, sleeps peacefully in Naruto's mind.

The Yamanaka Clan: Secret Ninjutsu File:Ino Shika Chō at memorial.png
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As Team Asuma were reaching the oasis water to hydrate themselves, they were stopped in their tracks by Team Ameno. Ameno politely suggested to the Konoha-nin to hand over their scroll, and in return her team would allow them to pass to get to the oasis water and give them medical treatment if needed. However, Team Asuma refused the offer. Ino takes the initiative of attacking the Suna-nin first by launching a few kunai but her attack fails and she is knocked unconscious by Shishio's sand lions. While Sakura battled Ameno and Chōji battled Kōji, Shishio infused his chakra onto the ground. When set, Shishio cloaks his team-mates from sight. This puts Team Ameno at an advantage as neither Sakura or Chōji could detect the enemies properly. As Sakura and Chōji began losing, Ino awoke, sensing the enemies' location and warned her team-mates in time to have them counter to hit their opponent before they could strike. However, the Suna-nin were able to heal their injuries. The Suna-nin attack again, and because of the sensing barrier Shishio used, it disrupted Ino's ability to sense his now invisible team-mates again. While restrained, Ino forces herself to transfer her team-mates' thoughts to one another to help them warn one another of incoming attacks they could see from one another's blind spot where the enemy attacked from. This allowed Sakura and Chōji to defeat the Suna-nin but Team Asuma ultimately decides not to take their scroll since they already have two matching scrolls with them. After the medical-nin from both teams healed one another's team-mates, they part ways, promising each other to meet in the third phase.

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