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Those Who Remain and Those Who Pass On File:Chapter686.png
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Hagoromo's spirit informs the Hokage of the events that transpired after the Infinite Tsukuyomi was cast. He also informs them that due to Madara's lower half still containing Yang-Kurama's as well as both Indra's and Asura's chakras, they fully combined, resulting in his spirit finally emerging. Minato questions Hagoromo on a technique he told them earlier, but he said it would require a huge amount of chakra, which he does not have at the moment, having given Naruto and Sasuke his chakra earlier. Charging the Hokage before him, he asks them to listen and do what he asks. Meanwhile, Kaguya fights against Naruto's shadow clones in an attempt to kill the real one. She fires two bones at him, but was stopped by two clones who protect the main body. As the clones disintegrate, more converge in one place forming a defensive liven between them, proving Black Zetsu's theory correct that the one with the Truth-Seeking Balls was the real one. While Kaguya fights the clones, Kakashi looks on, and begins to feel helpless. Just as he was starting to doubt himself, Naruto's words manage to shake him out of it. Obito, Sakura, and Sasuke soon arrive from the desert dimension but, just as Naruto was about to come to Sasuke, Kaguya suddenly grabs him with her hair and stabs him. Everyone looking in horror, Naruto began to wither away, but suddenly disappears in a puff of smoke, revealing it was yet another shadow clone. Irked by this, Kaguya concedes to the direness of the situation and once again shifts everyone to another dimension, this time, to a high gravity dimension, where all the clones fall out of the sky and start to disappear and everyone else is pinned down, including Kaguya. Kaguya then sprouts more bones, aiming them both at Naruto and Sasuke, who luckily dodged them thanks to the effect of the gravity. As Kaguya prepared to fire again, both Kakashi and Obito run towards them and prepare to die, as they do so, they see a vision of Rin and their younger selves holding hands. Both men were ready to sacrifice their lives, but just at the last moment, Obito uses Kamui to send the bone aiming at Kakashi away, while he sacrifices himself.

My True Dream File:Hontō no Yume.png
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With the Uchiha and the Senju clans forming an alliance, Madara and Hashirama's childhood dreams of a village where children were not sent to battle had come to fruition. The village itself would ally with the Land of Fire. Early on the two co-founders would stroll around the village looking after the well-being of the villagers. On the cliff where they once talked about their dream as children, both reminisce the moment and Hashirama stated that the Sarutobi and Shimura clans wish to join the village, with others to follow suit. Hashirama also stated that someone has to be chosen to represent the village as the Hokage and a name must be chosen. Madara suggested Konohagakure, a name which a depressed Hashirama states is too simplistic. The Senju leader later suggested that the chosen Hokage's face be carved onto the cliff face as a symbol of it watching over the village. At that moment Tobirama arrived and called his brother away, without even acknowledging Madara. Having heard of his elder brother's intentions to choose Madara as the Hokage, Tobirama argues that things are done democratically now and everyone, even the Uchiha, would not see Madara in the same light as Hashirama. With Madara having overheard the brothers' conversation, Hashirama agreed and he became the First Hokage. Later, Madara brought Hashirama to the Naka Shrine, as the first outsider to see the Uchiha stone tablet. With his Sharingan, Madara decrypted that while one interpretation is that two opposing forces can come together to create peace, another interpretation is that cooperation is a quiet method of conflict. Not understanding Madara's true agenda, Hashirama attempts to persuade him to not leave the village but is unsuccessful. Since then the village has prospered, and the other Great Nations as well as some of the smaller nations have copied the village system. But Madara returned to attack Konoha and destroy his previous dream. The conflict continued as Hashirama managed to strip the Susanoo armour off Kurama and bind the tailed beast from Madara's control.

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