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{{icon}} is used to display a simple icon on a page. It can use preset image and text icons.


{{icon|code or text}}
  • code or text can be a code or text to output. If one of the codes listed below or a language is used then that code's result will be outputted.
  • All the language codes listed in {{iso639}} can be used. The ones below are just examples.
  • If there is no matching code then the entered text will become the texticon surrounded by ()'s.


Code Result
Normal Text (Not predefined)
{{icon|Not a Code}} (Not a Code)
Language Codes
{{icon|en}} (English)
{{icon|ja}} (Japanese)
{{icon|es}} (Spanish)
{{icon|de}} (German)
{{icon|anime}} (Anime)
{{icon|manga}} (Manga)
{{icon|game}} (Game)
{{icon|hook}} (Hook)
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