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{{iBox/Row}} is part of the {{iBox}} system. It is used to make a info/value pair row in an iBox.


{{iBox/Row|<Label>|<Value>|condition=<Conditional>|default=<Default>|class=<Classes>|labelclass=<Label Classes>|valueclass=<Value Classes>}}
  • Label is the text to display in the info label on the left column of the row.
  • Value is the text to display in the information cell on the right column of the row.
  • Conditional is a condition to display the row under.
    • If you omit this parameter (Remove it completely, do not use |condition=| or else your row will never display) then the row will always be there. (Meaning the row is required not optional)
    • When you do use the condition parameter the row will display when the condition parameter is not empty. So if you used something like condition={{{1|}}} then the row would display whenever someone entered information into the parameter {{{1}}} for your infobox. This parameter works good as the same value you use for the Value in the template. If you put the same stuff into both parameters then your row will display when there is information to display, and disappear when no information is entered. (Meaning the row is nice and optional)
  • Default is a default to use when the Value is blank. This is good if you have a row which is always displayed or is not using the method where the Value and Conditional are the same if you wish to have the row display something like "None" when no information is entered.
  • Classes is a list of css classes to add to the row's classes.
  • Label Classes is a list of css classes to add to the label cell's classes.
  • Value Classes is a list of css classes to add to the value cell's classes.


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