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Icon-Warning-Red This IP address is registered to an educational institution and may be shared by multiple users. If the institution uses proxy servers, this IP address may represent many users at many personal computers or devices.

For this reason, a message intended for one user may be received by another, and a block intended for disruptive users may also affect innocent users. If you are editing from this address and are frustrated by irrelevant messages, you can avoid them by creating an account for yourself. Sometimes, in response to vandalism, you may be temporarily unable to create an account.

Stop x nuvola In response to vandalism from this IP address, anonymous editing may be blocked for an extended period. If you are an unregistered user operating from this address, note that it may be possible for your institution's administration to determine who was making contributions from this address at any given time and abuse reports may be sent to them for investigation.

{{EduIP}} is a template placed on the talkpages of anonymous contributors which belong to an educational institution.


{{EduIP|<Institution Name>|<Website Link>}}


{{EduIP|UHI Millenium Institute (UK)|site=}}


  • The name of the institute must be provided. An optional parameter exists if the institution has a website.
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