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This is the deletion template for the Narutopedia.

Please read through this before using the delete template.

How To list a page for Deletion

There are 2 Types of Deletions that this template will handle. Quick Deletions, and Normal Deletions. (Ones that need discussion before deletion.)

To list a page for quick deletion add the quick=true paramater to the template.

Example: {{delete|quick=<true>}}

To list a page for normal deletion, use the tag without the quick=true paramater.

Example: {{delete}}

Extra things for the Template

When you list a page for deletion, it is a good idea to add a reason for deletion to the template. To make the template add a reason to the notice, add the reason to the reason= paramater.

Example: {{delete|quick=<true>|reason=<This is the reason.>}}


Example: {{delete|reason=<This is the reason.>}}

And finally. When a normal deletion template is used, the discussion topic listed is the article's Talk page. If you wish to direct the discussion to a different page, or another already made discussion, you may use the discussion= tag to do so. (Some namespaces will work oddly when you add them, so preview your work before use, and if necessary add a : before the namespace.)

Example: {{delete|discussion=<Main Page>}}

Preformated Reasons

The delete template has a special pre parameter with pre-formatted reasons for special things. These are listed here:

Invalid Preformatted reason

  • fairuse: fairuse is a preformatted reason for tagging images which have not been given their proper Fair use info.
Example: {{delete|pre=<fairuse>}}
  • talkpage: It is a preformatted reason to tell others to see the talkpage.
Example: {{delete|pre=<talkpage>}}

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