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Network-Logo-Animepedia Please Note, this template is a AutoTemplate from the Animepedia. This template is updated with the content from the Animepedia when the AutoTemplateBot is run. Please do not edit this template, please edit the template at the Animepedia instead.


{{Archive}} is used on discussionpages, and discussion archives to both notify that a page is an archive and to notify that there are archives for a page. This template assumes that if you are on a basepage (a page which has no parent pages) you are on a discussion page, and if you are in a subpage (a page which has a parent) that you are in an archive.


{{Archive|image=image|size=size|Manual 1|Manual 2|...}}
  • image can be the filename of an image to display. If none is given then Image:Icon-Archive.png is used.
  • size can be a size that the image should be. If none is given then the size is 65px.
  • The template automatically looks for archives in the form [[{{NAMESPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Archive #]], going from 1-50. So if you name your archives using /Archive # then they will automatically show up.
  • The value of a Manual value is the name of the subpage the archive is on. So for the archive Talk:Somepage/Somearchive you would enter the value Somearchive. This way the archive links will show up even if you are on another archive page.
  • If you are commonly making manual archives it would be best to save a subpage such as /Archives with this template and include that into all discussionpages and archives.
  • You can have up to 50 Manually titled archivepages.
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