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{{Archive}} is used on discussionpages, and discussion archives to both notify that a page is an archive and to notify that there are archives for a page. This template assumes that if you are on a basepage (a page which has no parent pages) you are on a discussion page, and if you are in a subpage (a page which has a parent) that you are in an archive.


{{Archive|image=<image>|size=<size>|<Manual 1>|<Manual 2>|<...>}}
  • image can be the filename of an image to display. If none is given then Image:Icon-Archive.png is used.
  • size can be a size that the image should be. If none is given then the size is 65px.
  • The template automatically looks for archives in the form [[{{NAMESPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Archive #]], going from 1-50. So if you name your archives using /Archive # then they will automatically show up.
  • The value of a Manual value is the name of the subpage the archive is on. So for the archive Talk:Somepage/Somearchive you would enter the value Somearchive. This way the archive links will show up even if you are on another archive page.
  • If you are commonly making manual archives it would be best to save a subpage such as /Archives with this template and include that into all discussionpages and archives.
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