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{{and}} is a logical template used in conjunction with parserfunctions to give the plaintext parserfunctions the ability to use logical and/or statements. (or already works simply by putting variables side by side such as {{{1|}}}{{{2|}}})


{{and|<#if 1>|<#if 2>}}
{{and|<#if 1>|<#if 2>|false=<...>}}
  • #if 1 and #if 2 are put directly into {{#if:}} parserfunctions so the rules for using them are the same as with the #if parserfunction.
  • Only 2 #if's are supported.
  • A 1 is returned if true, and blank if false is not specified. So {{and}} is compatible with both #if and also #ifexpr if you use false=0.
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