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{{ACGNetwork}} is a special template used in special templates which may refer to other wikia in Wikia ACG, it takes an id and a type of information needed and returns the needed info.


{{ACGNetwork|<Network ID>|<Infotype>}}
  • Network ID is the id of the Wikia in the network. This is usually the same as the word that comes before in it's url. This defaults to anime for the Animepedia.
  • Infotype specifys the type of info to return as listed below:
    • interwiki: Returns the interwiki used to link to an article on the wiki in the network. This includes the : at the end.
    • home: Returns the link to use to link to the wiki. This may be the same or different as interwiki depending on where you are.
    • logo: Returns the name of the image shared by the ImageMirror Bot taken from the logo of the other wiki.
    • name (default): Returns the name of the other Wikia.


Code Result
{{ACGNetwork|<anime>|<interwiki>}} Anime:
{{ACGNetwork|<anime>|<home>}} Anime:
{{ACGNetwork|<anime>|<logo>}} Network-Logo-Animepedia.png
{{ACGNetwork|<anime>|<name>}} Animepedia
{{ACGNetwork|<naruto>|<home>}} Narutopedia
{{ACGNetwork|<naruto>|<logo>}} Network-Logo-Narutopedia.png
{{ACGNetwork|<naruto>|<name>}} Narutopedia
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