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#REDIRECT [[Orochimaru Search Team]]
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'''Team Three''' was formed when the [[Three-Tails]] appeared. Their mission was to seal the Three-Tails using the [[Four-Corner Sealing Barrier]] technique. To do so, all the members of the team needed to have precise [[chakra control]].
==== Shizune ====
Due to her really strong skill in medical ninjutsu, Shizune can perform tricky techniques using precise chakra control. She was the leader of the team.
==== Sakura Haruno ====
{{Main|Sakura Haruno}}
Sakura's chakra control is probably the most advanced in the team, as she can perform complex [[Mystical Palm Technique|medical ninjutsu]] which comes to great service in the sealing of the Three-Tails.
==== Hinata Hyūga ====
{{Main|Hinata Hyūga}}
Though not trained in the precise chakra control required in medical techniques, her inheritance from being part of the [[Hyūga clan]] is quite fortunate and her chakra control is up to par with that of a medical ninja.
==== Ino Yamanaka ====
{{Main|Ino Yamanaka}}
Ino is another member of the team that can perform advanced medical ninjutsu, which requires a lot of controlled chakra, though her control was not at the level of that of Sakura and Shizune as yet.
==== Katsuyu ====
A [[Slug Great Division|replica]] of Katsuyu, is sent to aid Team Three, along with the two other teams. She attaches herself to every member of the three teams and supplies them with [[Chakra Transfer Technique|extra chakra]] so they can finish sealing the Three-Tails and fend off [[Guren]] and [[Orochimaru]]'s subordinates.
== See Also ==
* [[Team One]]
* [[Team Two]]
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