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Orochimaru Search Team [1]
Orochimaru Search Team
Orochimaru Search Team (大蛇丸探索チーム, Orochimaru Tansaku Chīmu)
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #90
Appears in Anime
Team Info
Team Jutsu

The Orochimaru Search Team (大蛇丸探索チーム, Orochimaru Tansaku Chīmu) is sent to investigate one of Orochimaru's bases. Originally composed of Kakashi Hatake and the members of Team 8, it is reinforced twice: first, the remaining members of Team 7 are sent to help with Team Guren, and then several miscellaneous Konoha personnel are sent to help seal the Three-Tails.

Sub-teams Edit

Because of how many large the team grows and how many tasks it has to worry about, the members are split into three smaller teams, each with their own objectives. Divisions of Katsuyu help the teams communicate and replenish their chakra.

Team 1 Edit

Team One, also known as the "Fighting Team", is a team led by Kakashi and consisting of Shino Aburame, Sai, and Naruto Uzumaki. Their task is to fight Guren and to get Yūkimaru.

Team 2 Edit

Team Two is led by Yamato and consists of Tenten, Rock Lee, and Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru. Their task is to fight the other members of Guren's team, therefore ensuring the Sealing Team's success.

Team 3 Edit

Team Three, also known as the "Sealing Team", is a team led by Shizune and consisting of Hinata Hyūga, Ino Yamanaka, and Sakura Haruno. Their task is to use the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier on the Three-Tails, which requires precise chakra control.

References Edit

  1. Naruto: One Decade, One Hundred Ninja, page 147

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