Team Suien

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Team Suien
Team Suien
Team Suien
OVA Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village!
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Team Jutsu

Team Suien is the team of antagonists from the second Naruto OVA Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village! It consists of Suien, the leader, who is a missing-nin of Takigakure and three other missing-nin from Amegakure: Kirisame, Murasame, and Hisame. There were also several faceless grunts.


Suien was a shinobi of Takigakure and the teacher of Shibuki, son of the previous leader of Takigakure. Suien hungered after the Hero Water that enhanced the chakra and the abilities of Takigakure's shinobi.

Plot Overview

Gathering a number of skilled Amegakure shinobi and faceless grunts, he assaulted Takigakure through its hidden entrance and took hostages in an attempt to force Shibuki to give him the Water. Naruto Uzumaki finally defeated him by using his multiple shadow clones to send him flying over the waterfall to his death. After that, Team Suien was disbanded.

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