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Team Shira
Team Shira
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #396
Appears in Anime
Team Info

This was a genin team from Sunagakure, consisting of Shira, Yome, and Sen. The team participated in the Konoha-Suna joint Chūnin Exams. While the team wasn't able to gather both needed scrolls in the second stage of the exam, a sudden change in the regulations renewed the possibility for them to become chūnin. While Shira actually got promoted, it is unknown if this also applied to Yome and Sen.

Shortly after the exams, the team was disbanded, with Shira and Yome leaving to enlist in a special bataillon near the northern border of the Land of Wind, leaving Sen behind as the only member who stays in Sunagakure.


  • Each member of this team seems to specialise in one of the three main types of jutsu: Shira as a taijutsu user, Yome as a ninjutsu user, and Sen as a genjutsu user.

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