Team Ganryū

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Team Ganryū
Team Ganryu
Team Ganryū (巌流班, Ganryū-Han)
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #242
Appears in Anime
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This was a team led by Ganryū with a mission to retrieve Kirigakure's document stolen by Kumogakure ten years prior to the formation of Allied Shinobi Forces. They were sent on a mission to retrieve a document taken by Kumogakure with Iwagakure's assistance. However, when the document was retrieved, Iwa betrayed the Kiri team and killed Junsai and Suiren, who sacrificed herself to save Ganryū. This incident would become known as the Tragedy of Yosuga Pass which began the hostilities between the two nations. Since that day, Ganryū has held a deep hatred against Iwagakure.


  • A defining trait of this team was their uniform, which consisted of a customized Flak Jacket (which were similar to those worn by Iwagakure in design, but were coloured slate grey) and a Jade-green bangle worn on the right forearm.
  • Ganryū would in later years amass a small group of Kirigakure shinobi whom also felt the same hatred towards Iwagakure-nin and attack the shinobi from Iwagakure where they could.

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