Team 5
Team Iwabee
(第5班 第五班, Daigohan)
Anime Boruto Episode #38
Novel Boruto: Naruto the Movie
Movie Boruto: Naruto the Movie
Appears in Anime, Novel, Movie
Team Info

Team 5 is a shinobi team from Konohagakure, led by Udon, consisting of Metal Lee, Denki Kaminarimon and Iwabee Yuino. The genin of the team participated in the Chūnin Exams, but were eliminated in Round 2 by Team Shinki.

Known Missions

  • Rank: D-rank
  • Status: Completed

For Team 5's first mission, they were assigned to help a villager with their farming.

Gather intel and locate the Byakuya Gang
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Status: Ongoing

With the continued thefts performed by the Byakuya Gang throughout Konohagakure, Team 5 was assigned alongside the other genin teams to help stop the self-proclaimed noble thieves. However, the genin were not permitted to engage the Byakuya Gang without aid from a chūnin or higher-ranked shinobi.


  • The team was seen briefly in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, however, with the exception of Metal Lee, the team appeared to consist of different genin members, than those portrayed in the anime.