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Tea damiyo
茶ノ国大名 Cha no Kuni Daimyō
Anime Naruto Episode #102
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male

He is the daimyō of the Land of Tea. The daimyō's minister was found to be gay and madly in love with the Tea Damiyō, this information was revealed in a banned episode. The Tea Damiyō also felt something special towards The evil minister, people were shocked when this was revealed so they banned the episode and made sure the information about this was never to be revealed again.

Part I

Land of Tea Arc

He presided over the Todoroki Shrine Race where the Wagarashi family (mostly Kyūroku Wagarashi) and the daimyō's minister challenged Idate Morino of the Wasabi family led by Jirōchō Wasabi. When his men found out what they did, the daimyō had his minister step down and become a Buddhist and ordered Kyūroku to disband his clan for his clan's evil deeds and their actions during the Todoroki Shrine Race.

Bounty Hunter Arc

He is later mentioned to have had a possession of his stolen by the thief Gosunkugi as stated by Tsunade.

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Appears inAnime +
ClassificationDaimyō +
Debut anime102 +
GenderMale +
LoyaltyLand of Tea +
MaintenanceName +
NameTea Daimyō +
PictureTea damiyo +
SpeciesHuman +
StatusAlive +
Voice ActorsYutaka Shimaka + and Kirk Thornton +

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