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タマオ Tamao
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #309
Appears in Anime
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Gender Gender Female Female

Tamao (タマオ, Tamao) is a woman who took place in the eating contest organised in the Land of This.


Tamao was one of the Choji's opponents during the eating contest in the Land of This. Tamao passed the first two rounds of the contest and goes to the final round, in a duel with Isono and Chōji. The duel consisted in eating barbecue. She decided to eat as fast as possible and used the technique "Double Chopsticks" that allowed her eat with two chopstick with both her hands. Finally, she was in third place and won a small wicker basket.


Tamao showed a strong desire to win the eating contest yet accepted her third place with dignity. Later during a private rematch with Isono and Chōji she showed a strong competitive streak, similar to Isono's, physically butting heads with him as they set out to find a winner.


Tamao is shown to be a young woman with black eyes and light brown hair, worn in pigtails and bangs. She also shown to wear red lipstick.


Like Chōji and Isono, Tamao is shown to be capable of consuming vast quantities of food, she is also shown to be ambidextrous as she can eat with two chopstick with both her hands.

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