I don't think it was of any use last time, but here's the preview for the next episode from the TV Tokyo site.

  • Episode 366: "The Thought of the Heir" (継承者の想い, Keishōsha no Omoi)
  • Will be broadcast: 4th February 2010
  • When they arrive at the village, Hotaru parts with Naruto and co. However, the Magaki Group (マガキ衆, Magaki-shū) have already arrived there. Driven into a corner, Hotaru is pressured to hand over the kinjutsu. As the situation turns desperate, Utakata appears. Shiranami (シラナミ) notices that Utakata is in the Kirigakure bingo book with a bounty on his head, but... Meanwhile, Naruto returns to the Tsuchigumo village, worried about Hotaru. However, there are no villagers willing to look for the disappeared Hotaru. Naruto is enraged over their indifferent attitude, but goes back to Yamato and persuades him to look for Hotaru.

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