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== Postmortem instead of "Impure World Resurrection" ==
Should we put "Postmortem" where Akatsuki is instead of "Impure World Resurrecton?" --[[User:KiumaruHamachi|KiumaruHamachi]] ([[User talk:KiumaruHamachi|talk]]) 12:23, January 28, 2011 (UTC)KiumaruHamachi
:I think we shouldn't list it at all. See [[Talk:Akatsuki#Impure World Shinobi]]. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 16:10, January 28, 2011 (UTC)
== Kekkei Genkai ==
::Point taken. I shall remove Akatsuki from their affiliation. But I'll need help doing that.--[[User:KiumaruHamachi|KiumaruHamachi]] ([[User talk:KiumaruHamachi|talk]]) 16:20, January 28, 2011 (UTC) KiumaruHamachi
== Personality ==
In the databook pag.184 he have Kekkei Genkai kanji ...Boil release??--[[User:Sharingan91|Sharingan91]] ([[User talk:Sharingan91|talk]]) 21:44, February 27, 2015 (UTC)
:He does, but no one knows which one. • [[User:Seelentau|Seelentau 愛]] <sup>[[User Talk:Seelentau|議]]</sup> 21:45, February 27, 2015 (UTC)
Shouldn't a small section about his personality be added? [[User:Peruzka|Peruzka]] ([[User talk:Peruzka|talk]]) 01:58, January 30, 2011 (UTC) Peruzka
::Captain Awesome kicks ass still.--[[User:Elveonora|'''Elve''']] {{Mod}} <sup><small>[[User talk:Elveonora|Talk Page]]|[[Special:Contributions/Elveonora|Contribs]]</small></sup> 21:56, February 27, 2015 (UTC)
:and what exactly would we put there? We haven't seen enough of him or his 'personality' to add a section. --[[User:Cerez365|Cerez365]] ([[User talk:Cerez365|talk]]) 02:26, January 30, 2011 (UTC)
::I don't know if this constitutes as enough evidence to warrant an inclusion within such a section but he does appear to become easily angered, at least in regards to the circumstances surrounding his death and rivalry with Mū, evidently demonstrated by the dipication of a bulging vein upon his forehead when the matter seemingly comes under dispute. It's also unusual that he appears more concerned over the fact that him killing Mū comes into question, rather than his own actual death (chapter 525, page 3). [[User:Blackstar1|Blackstar1]] ([[User talk:Blackstar1|talk]]) 02:35, January 30, 2011 (UTC)
One thing I began to notice was that Captain Awesome really seems to enjoy the thrill of battle despite wanting to be beaten, much more than most. I'm not sure how much you can read into the "Tyrant of Pure Battle-Lust" closer but it's something I've picked up on as the chapters go. I'm curious if anyone else has thought about this and how you would fit this into his personality? [[User:Arrancar79|Arrancar79]] ([[User talk:Arrancar79|talk]]) 22:27, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
:That "tyrant" thing is a very bad translation on one of his techniques, not his personality. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 23:04, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
::Sorry I think I was unclear. I mean to say this is something I've noticed over the last few chapters in spite of the closing line. It's a personality trait I'm picking up on, just curious if anyone else agrees. [[User:Arrancar79|Arrancar79]] ([[User talk:Arrancar79|talk]]) 21:44, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
== Quotes ==
I think someone should add the "Well most bitter enemy delivered right to me..." quote. My Japanese is bad at best so I dont know the literal translation, thats just mangastream. But I think from what we've seen of the Second it sums him up pretty well; The second generation of Kage were in a war filled era and it would appear he spent most of his life/reign as mizukage in battle with Mu and died in battle with him. Then Mu and whether he killed him were his first concerns after being ressurected.
[[User:10TailedDemonChild|10TailedDemonChild]] ([[User talk:10TailedDemonChild|talk]]) 11:39, January 31, 2011 (UTC)
:The quote is actually a bit different in Japanese: {{translation|''"Here, here... My former enemies, all together... No... That guy... I don't know."''|「これはこれは...かつての仇同士が揃って...イヤ...こいつは知らない」|"Kore wa kore wa... Katsute no katakidōshi ga sorotte... Iya... koitsu wa shiranai"}} —[[User:ShounenSuki|ShounenSuki]] <sup>([[User_talk:ShounenSuki|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/ShounenSuki|contribs]] | [[User:ShounenSuki#Translations|translations]])</sup> 12:03, January 31, 2011 (UTC)
:: Definately differs a bit in Japanese, but I still think its worth adding if someones up for it.
[[User:10TailedDemonChild|10TailedDemonChild]] ([[User talk:10TailedDemonChild|talk]]) 19:06, January 31, 2011 (UTC)
== Second Mizukage ==
Why didn't Kabuto Ressurect the Third Mizukage?? :/{{unsigned|}}
:He might not have found enough DNA, the third might have been revived but not seen yet, or his/her soul maybe never reached the pure world. [[User:Jacce|Jacce]] | [[User talk:Jacce|Talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/Jacce|Contributions]] 09:19, July 8, 2011 (UTC)
He probably did and just hasnt revealed him yet or for all we know the Third isnt dead just retired--[[User:Muguruma69|Muguruma69]] ([[User talk:Muguruma69|talk]]) 01:52, July 12, 2011 (UTC)
::She/he must be really old than.--[[User:KiumaruHamachi|KiumaruHamachi]] ([[User talk:KiumaruHamachi|talk]]) 18:59, July 13, 2011 (UTC) KiumaruHamachi
Guys he did ressurect him with the other jinchuriki to form a new six pathes for tobi .
--[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 19:10, December 2, 2011 (UTC)
:Yagura was the Fourth, not Third. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 19:22, December 2, 2011 (UTC)
THe third was Madara Uchiha. No lie. It is mentioned by Kisame. {{unsigned|UzumakiRinnegan}}
:No he didn't. He called Tobi "former Mizukage", he didn't specify which, and still, it's most likely that he called him like that because he was the one controlling Yagura, who was the Fourth Mizukage. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 01:32, December 20, 2011 (UTC)
== "Two-Year time skip" ==
Should we add in trivia that he semi broke the fourth wall? Saying "this wasn't just a two-year time skip" was more than likely a reference to the time between the original Naruto and Shippuden. [[User:Fangzntalonz|Fangzntalonz]] ([[User talk:Fangzntalonz|talk]]) 15:17, July 13, 2011 (UTC)
:Why do you think so? [[User:Seelentau|Seelentau 愛]]<sup>[[User Talk:Seelentau|議]]</sup> 15:59, July 13, 2011 (UTC)
::Where does he say that, any way? —[[User:ShounenSuki|ShounenSuki]] <sup>([[User_talk:ShounenSuki|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/ShounenSuki|contribs]] | [[User:ShounenSuki#Translations|translations]])</sup> 18:17, July 13, 2011 (UTC)
:::He says before the Fourth Kazekage and Gaara fight. I can't find it though.--[[User:KiumaruHamachi|KiumaruHamachi]] ([[User talk:KiumaruHamachi|talk]]) 18:21, July 13, 2011 (UTC) KiumaruHamachi
::::If it's on the last page of chapter 546, then he merely says he feels like he went through a time slip. —[[User:ShounenSuki|ShounenSuki]] <sup>([[User_talk:ShounenSuki|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/ShounenSuki|contribs]] | [[User:ShounenSuki#Translations|translations]])</sup> 18:57, July 13, 2011 (UTC)
he was saying that he was resurrected a long time after he died because apparently Ōnoki was young when he knew him.{{Unsigned|}}
== Yin Release and Genjutsu users. ==
Mizukage said he was a Yin release user and therefore a Genjutsu user. Does that mean we add Yin Release to all other ninja articles with ninja shown to use Genjutsu in some form? [[User:Umishiru|Umishiru]] ([[User talk:Umishiru|talk]]) 16:49, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
:Well in between all the theoretical explanations and now the 2 Mizukage's confirmation, maybe we could start listing genjutsu users as yin release users...Itachi and Sasuke for one are extensive genjutsu users. [[User:Darksusanoo|Darksusanoo]] ([[User talk:Darksusanoo|talk]]) 17:30, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
::Well that's fine, if it gets reverted, oh well.[[User:Umishiru|Umishiru]] ([[User talk:Umishiru|talk]]) 17:41, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
Uhm, if you could wait until something is done and not bring this discussion up on every article you feel a mind to that'd be awesome please and thanks ^___^--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]] [[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 17:50, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
I think we should wait for a proper explanation before we label all genjutsu users as having yin release.--'''''[[User talk:Deva 27|Deva]] [[Special:Contributions/Deva 27|27]]''''' 17:54, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
I only brought this discussion to one artcle and redirect another to this one to keep us from having to lines of chat for one topic. And thats fine.[[User:Umishiru|Umishiru]] ([[User talk:Umishiru|talk]]) 17:57, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
Plus what more explanation do you want. Why yould teh Mizukage say hes a Yin release user and therefore Genjutsu if that wasn't the case. Yamato said Yin and Yang were involed in non-elemental jutsu like genjutsu and the 2nd just pretty much said that Yin deals with genjutsu.[[User:Umishiru|Umishiru]] ([[User talk:Umishiru|talk]]) 18:00, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
Bump.[[User:Umishiru|Umishiru]] ([[User talk:Umishiru|talk]]) 18:05, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
:we all read the chapter friend, we know what's there. In large-scale cases like these we like to wait for more of a regular quorum and verification of facts before acting. The information is not going anywhere so please calm down.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]] [[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 18:07, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
Huh? I didn't flame you or anything or posted any emotion, so it feels weird to tell me to calm down when I am calm.[[User:Umishiru|Umishiru]] ([[User talk:Umishiru|talk]]) 18:09, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
Look i agree that Yin Release and genjutsu users are the same, but since there are sometimes problems with some translations let's wait a bit more discuss the imformation at hand. [[User:Darksusanoo|Darksusanoo]] ([[User talk:Darksusanoo|talk]]) 18:13, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
Sometimes I really wish to travel to Japan, meet with Masashi Kishimoto and ask him few things so you can have your "proper explanation". If Kishimoto cant satisfy you, than nothing.[[User:VolteMetalic|VolteMetalic]] ([[User talk:VolteMetalic|talk]]) 18:26, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
:Maybe you people need to learn prudence and patience. There isn't a raw yet, I believe, so this whole thing could easily still be a mistranslation. Even if it isn't, we shouldn't jump the gun and call all genjutsu Yin Release. What about [[Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar]]? It's Lightning Release, but also genjutsu. Is it both Lightning and Yin Release? Is it a special case? Could it be possible to use other elements to get genjutsu effects?
:There are plenty of uncertainties and issues to be worked out before doing something as drastic as calling all genjutsu Yin Release and all genjutsu users Yin Release users. —[[User:ShounenSuki|ShounenSuki]] <sup>([[User_talk:ShounenSuki|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/ShounenSuki|contribs]] | [[User:ShounenSuki#Translations|translations]])</sup> 19:14, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
::And you should learn resolution. You have two, or three, mentions that Yin Release is about illusions and your imagination. Yamato said that Yin and Yang are non-elemental jutsu, so to your example of C's genjutsu, it is Lightning. Because genjutsu can be of any type, probably also Yang when you have a good explanation. In this way, any non-elmental genjutsu is Yin, or any other. Depends on if the genjutsu is of spiritual or physical nature.[[User:VolteMetalic|VolteMetalic]] ([[User talk:VolteMetalic|talk]]) 19:49, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
:::We have at least one genjutsu which isn't simple Yin Release, Izanagi. Your last two sentences alone should suffice as a reason not to go listing every other genjutsu as Yin Release. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 19:54, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
::::Well Izanagi is a Yin-Yang we know but it's not the best example since genjutsu itself is use to confuse and paralyze the foe, while Izanagi works as a reverse genjutsu that manipulates the actual physical world. Genjutsu in itself manipulates the oponnent's mind. Yin Release is refered as spirtual energy and as a way to give form to the it kinda i've read the translation of what the Second said and with the previous mentions it does kinda confirm it. Plus C's specific genjutsu may be a combination technique of some kind...since that tech works in 2 steps, first the blinding light (Which may be the actual Lightning Release) and the secondary part which in this case was Jugo seeing Sasuke being smashed by the Raikage (the actual genjutsu maybe). So in terms of basic genjutsu it may acutally be Yin Release. [[User:Darksusanoo|Darksusanoo]] ([[User talk:Darksusanoo|talk]]) 22:21, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
:::::You could very well be right, but the point is that we have no way of knowing for sure. All we know is that the Second Mizukage basically said that all Inton techniques are genjutsu, but that we also have examples of Onmyōton and Raiton genjutsu. In other words, all Inton techniques may be genjutsu, but it seems not all genjutsu are Inton. Thus it is too early to start saying all genjutsu techniques are Inton and all genjutsu users are Inton users. —[[User:ShounenSuki|ShounenSuki]] <sup>([[User_talk:ShounenSuki|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/ShounenSuki|contribs]] | [[User:ShounenSuki#Translations|translations]])</sup> 22:33, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
::::::Well then since we can't get Kishimoto-sensei on the line ;P to clear it up we'll have to wait for the next chapter for some hope of clarification [[User:Darksusanoo|Darksusanoo]] ([[User talk:Darksusanoo|talk]]) 22:40, July 20, 2011 (UTC)
:While we have decided to wait for the next chap I would like to point out that we classified Deidara clay jutsu as collaborative Earth and Explosion release with the clay being earth release and the explosions supplied by well Explosion release. This came probably be said of C's genjutsu, its probably collaborative Yin and Lightning release, the lighting coming from lightning and the enter the targets mind or whatever coming from Yin, as for Izanagi, remember part of its make up is Yin release through the Yin-Yang release. I think that all genjutsu has Yin in some form or fashion but may employ other elements for different effects.Lets just wait like said for the next chapter and hope the 2nd Mizukage goes into a lecture behind genjutsu and its connection to yin. He is after quite talkative when he wants to be, that or a charismatic man.[[User:Umishiru|Umishiru]] ([[User talk:Umishiru|talk]]) 04:01, July 21, 2011 (UTC)
I think we should add the second mizukage into the list of yin release users. It has already been confirmed by the second mizukage that he possessed this nature transformation. I've also been thinking about the technique he used to make the sand around gaara's seal crumble. It appears as if it's crumbling due to a liquid being mixed with the sand. I guess we still need more proof to see if he maybe possesses water release but it's just a speculation. [[User:Otokage|Otokage]] ([[User talk:Otokage|talk]]) 10:14, September 1, 2011 (UTC)Otokage
The fact Yin Release in his infobox already adds him to Yin Release users in the filters, the fact he doesn't show up is due to MediaWiki bugs that don't depend on us to be fixed. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 19:46, September 1, 2011 (UTC)
Maybe he specialises in yin release genjutsu. It's also said in the yin release article that yin release can create form from nothing and yang only breathes life into it. Maybe the mirage genjutsu could simply be creating a new form from nothing, like the izanagi. The only difference would be that the izanagi is cast on the user and the mirage is cast on others.{{unsigned|Otokage}}
"According to Yamato, the manipulation of Yin and Yang is the source of non-elemental techniques such as the Shadow Imitation Technique, Multi-Size Technique, medical ninjutsu, genjutsu, etc." Kishimoto is not stupid he knows his fans are getting confused about the yin-yang stuff ever sinced he introduced advance techniques like Izanagi. Usage of yin release is completely common in people who use genjutsu and since everyone can learn a genjutsu just take it off 2nd mizukage's page and only leave it on the [[genjutsu]] page. [[User:Dddttt|Dddttt]] ([[User talk:Dddttt|talk]]) 00:37, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
I dont think yin realese is an actual element to be added to any character since its more like a general type of techniques that require spiritual energy like genjutsu not to mentione that the second mizukage has a special kind of genjutsu diffrent from other kinds of normale genjutsu, So we can't say all types of genjutsu are included in the yin category.--[[User:Charmanking2198|Charmanking2198]] ([[User talk:Charmanking2198|talk]]) 22:01, December 1, 2011 (UTC)
== Given he has a petrification technique... ==
Shouldn't he have Earth Release as well?--[[User:SuperSaiyaMan|NaruHina fan]] ([[User talk:SuperSaiyaMan|talk]]) 03:08, July 21, 2011 (UTC)
:We don't what that is so we shouldn't speculate, some earlier thought it could be water. When he explained his fighting style he didn't say anything about having water or earth, so I believe we should wait for clarification. What is mentioned in his abilities section is enough for now.--'''''[[User talk:Deva 27|Deva]] [[Special:Contributions/Deva 27|27]]''''' 03:17, July 21, 2011 (UTC)
::Should we add a page for it, and name it "Second Mizukage's Jutsu" for now?[[User:Timeel39|Timeel39]] ([[User talk:Timeel39|talk]]) 03:55, July 21, 2011 (UTC)
:::I think waiting is best. The note in his article should also suffice.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]] [[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 04:00, July 21, 2011 (UTC)
::::uhhh this is my first time reading the discussion page for the 2nd mizukage and are you guys serious!?! I think you guys are making this more complicated than need be. He's a Mizukage I'm pretty sure he's skilled in water style ninjutsu, and the last page of the new chapter confirms this. NOw do you guys remember that last filler of Naruto? when Gaara's sand got wet, naturally, it got heavier and Gaara had a hard time controlling it and blah blah blah... This is pretty much waht's happening here is it not? he added some water to the sand and the wet sand crumbled off... I dont see where this petrification thing or this OMFG THE MIZUKAGE HAS SOME UBER COOL ABILITY!!!.... didnt ShonenSuki say something about the SFX having to do with water being added (can't clearly recall.) umm pretty much all i needed to rant about lol.. cheahh [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 05:01, September 14, 2011 (UTC)
:::::Your rationale is flawed. From what we know, only one Hokage was able to use fire release, so saying the Mizukage has to use water release is not going to hold up. Also, fillers don't really count as anything canon. The way the article is not should suffice until Captain Awesome gets featured in the chapters.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]] [[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 11:44, September 14, 2011 (UTC)
i'm not agreeing with the rude guy up there but on the side of the last page of the previous chapter it said water vs. sand gaara vs. the mizukage. now i know just because he's a mizukage doesnt mean he uses water element but that note and the jiwa sound effect seem a little suspicious. if it meant their villages that would be wrong cause it would have said mist vs. sand or water vs. wind. and i know y'all will probably say he didnt mention it when him and the raikage told their abilities but the raikage didnt mention his black lightning or his four finger nukite thing. and its even been stated that someone from form the water country is more likely to have water nature instead of someone from the fire country who's more inclined to have fire nature.[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 11:51, September 14, 2011 (UTC)
:What rude guy? <_<:D>_> I initially was adamant that it was water that he was using and to be honest it probably is. But without direct proof (ie we see him using it) we have to represent the information as is.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]] [[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 12:24, September 14, 2011 (UTC)
i meant user:76. 197. 230. 120 was rude not you cerez.[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 12:48, September 14, 2011 (UTC)
== Mirage Technique Question ==
I don't know if it was just the scanlantion I was reading, but I was unable to tell if it was implied that the Clam was making the Mizukage himself a mirage or if it was simply a mirage of him. Does anyone know? [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 21:45, August 24, 2011 (UTC)
:I was wondering about this as well somewhat. The best we can do is wait for a translation from the raw.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]] [[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 21:46, August 24, 2011 (UTC)
== water release? ==
in this link it says on the left side
"A top tier clash of water and sand... Gaara vs the Second Mizukage!
does that mean, the second mizukage uses water release?{{unsigned|}}
:It could just be a pun for where they come from. It might be revealed in the upcoming chapters since it looks like he's going to be featured.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 23:53, September 18, 2011 (UTC)
well, you can see gaara's sand dripping.. It also says that Gaara's sand is useless.. which means, it is indeed water that makes it useless since water makes sand loose.. {{unsigned|}}
Those end-of-chapter lines are often misleading. There have been many chapters where they say something like "what will character X do?", and character X doesn't show up in at least three chapters. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 00:32, September 19, 2011 (UTC)
As always we should wait until proved with adding stuff, especially since this is the only lead we have, and he did not state so himself when telling the shinobis about his powers. In regards to the pun, i think that would be wierd, seeing as it would then logicaly be either "water and wind" or "Mist and sand". But then again, stranger things have been stated --[[User:Cosmikaze|Cosmikaze]] ([[User talk:Cosmikaze|talk]]) 11:43, September 19, 2011 (UTC)
The most credible thing suggesting the Second Mizukage uses Water Release so far is how he removed the binding tag when Gaara tried to seal him, when the sand darkened and crumbled. The sound effect is about liquid welling up. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that the Second Mizukage is a Hōzuki clan member, capable of using the Hidrification Technique, having turned part of his body into water to weaken the sand portion with the binding tag. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 20:41, September 19, 2011 (UTC)
:Omni =/ Captain Awesome cannot be a Hōzuki T_T Well it would make sense >.>--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 21:14, September 19, 2011 (UTC)
Looks like him being Hozoki is true lol ... Omnibender, I mean Mr. Oracle xD
I would not be surprised if Hozoki's power is Kekkei Tota--[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 23:49, September 21, 2011 (UTC)
if thats so then why is dust the only mention kekei tota they would have mention his.{{unsigned|}}
the hydrification technique has only been stated to be a hidden jutsu. and as we all probably or should know a hiden jutsu is a technique which is only taught to members of a certain clan, in this case the hozuki clan. a hidden jutsu is capable of being taught to others just like any other techniques however its secrets are kept to the members of a clan. and kekkei tota have yet to be explained in full. oh and on a side note omnibender you really are something, you geussed it right on the spot that was awsome. and fore all other people who want to add to this page please read the page and the chapters before commenting on things that are irelevent and simple minded. do your research before speaking please it will make things go way smoother.[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 03:12, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
Sure ... I know its hidden technique ... Wood release was the case too and later turned out to be bloodline limit--[[User:Elveonora|Elveonora]] ([[User talk:Elveonora|talk]]) 18:45, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
Databooks only divulge information that is known up until the point in the series. Explosion Release and Magnet Release were introduced in the beginning of Part II, but were only revealed as actual natures during this arc. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 19:40, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
== Genjutsu ==
I know he claimed himself Yin Release and genjutsu user but for now we saw only his clam using illusion and not himself. Is he really Yin Release user?--[[User:LeafShinobi|LeafShinobi]] ([[User talk:LeafShinobi|talk]]) 19:19, September 21, 2011 (UTC)
:He says he is, so I don't think we should make assumptions. This Steaming Danger Tyranny technique may be Yin release as some ninja thought it was genjutsu. Maybe his techniques are only similar to genjutsu.--'''''[[User talk:Deva 27|Deva]] [[Special:Contributions/Deva 27|27]]''''' 19:24, September 21, 2011 (UTC)
Steaming Danger Tyranny Technique?? when does he use that and where do you read your chapters? [[User:ItachiWasAHero|ItachiWasAHero]] ([[User talk:ItachiWasAHero|talk]]) 06:36, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
:It's the name of the technique that he uses at the end of the chapter. It's ShounenSuki's translation.--'''''[[User talk:Deva 27|Deva]] [[Special:Contributions/Deva 27|27]]''''' 06:49, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
If it's ShounenSuki's Translation then it is absolutely correct. It's pretty cool a Hozuki Clan Member was a Kage. [[User:ItachiWasAHero|ItachiWasAHero]] ([[User talk:ItachiWasAHero|talk]]) 06:58, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
== Hozuki Clan. ==
He is for the most part confirmed to be a Hozuki Clan Member "So! Hurry up and run!! This is the Hozuki Clan's Water Gun Technique!!" Given his abilities, the fact's he comes from the Mist, his water secretion technique that is similar to oily water and his Hozuki Clan Water Gun technique, he is most likely from the Hozuki Clan. [[User:ItachiWasAHero|ItachiWasAHero]] ([[User talk:ItachiWasAHero|talk]]) 06:34, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
:Unless I have bad timing and you added this comment when there was no information about his clan in the article, why are you pointing that out? [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 19:40, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
== His nick name ==
"The Tyrant of Pure Battle-Lust" [[User:ItachiWasAHero|ItachiWasAHero]] ([[User talk:ItachiWasAHero|talk]]) 06:39, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
:That's not his nickname, its just the ending captions for the chapter. Those never seem to be important.--'''''[[User talk:Deva 27|Deva]] [[Special:Contributions/Deva 27|27]]''''' 06:47, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
Yeah you're right. I need to remember to not take the titles and captions seriously. [[User:ItachiWasAHero|ItachiWasAHero]] ([[User talk:ItachiWasAHero|talk]]) 06:59, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
He called himself "Mr. No-Eyebrows" which I think would count as a moniker O.o--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 12:39, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
I think he was speaking to Onoki in a familiar sense, as if Onoki used to call him "Mr. No-Eyebrows" when he was alive or something. [[User:ItachiWasAHero|ItachiWasAHero]] ([[User talk:ItachiWasAHero|talk]]) 01:36, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
Is Mizukage's name "Mr. No-Eyebrows" considered as a nice name for him, or it's just mistranslated? ([[User:Shakhmoot|Shakhmoot]] ([[User talk:Shakhmoot|talk]]) 12:30, December 24, 2011 (UTC))
:[[#Capt. Awesome|Mistranslation]] regrettably.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 12:36, December 24, 2011 (UTC)
== Hydrification technique? ==
Why's Hydrification technique listed there? Hydrification is a technique in which one turns themselves to water or other liquid. Mizukage *doesn't* turn himself into liquid, he produces a liquid which destroys sand. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 16:34, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
:He's a Hōzuki, the databook I believe said the members of the clan possess the ability to liquefy their bodies. That's exactly what Capt'n Awesome is doing. It's no different from what Mangetsu has been seen doing on even what Suigetsu does at times. It seems like you're using Suigetsu as a benchmark when no one ever said that the technique has to follow a set methodology.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 16:39, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
::I'm pointing out 2nd Mizukage's not liquifying his body at all. He's creating liquid, but remaining solid. He's not flowing out of restraints or changing body shape like both brothers do, he's secreting liquid. Also, just because a clan possesses a technique doesn't mean all members have it or that it was even invented when Mizukage was around. They may have the same base technique, but his jutsu doesn't have the same properties of the hydrification jutsu that Suigetsu and Mangetsu use, and you'd think being squeezed by sand would show whether someone can turn into water pretty well.[[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 17:03, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
the hydrification technique also allows the user to turn partially into water also and the sand was srounding him so its unknown if he was turning mostly into water and we just couldnt see it. also since he's obviously of the hozuki clan and uses water element its almost completeley safe to say he's using the hydrification technique.[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 17:06, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
:"Almost completely," but for one important fact- he still hasn't demonstrated it. What he has done is different. When escaping, he destroys the sand, even though hydrification would allow him to slip out even easier, and so on. He makes liquid, which is similar, possibly related, but since when do we put one jutsu on someone's list because they've demonstrated a different one? We can wait until someone shows a jutsu before adding it. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 17:22, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
::I understand your point, but most of his body is covered up. The fact he was able to shot water from his finger seems suggestive to the point of confirmation for me, since no other Water Release user, other than those of this clan have been shown using water in a way that didn't involve spitting it out or manipulating already present water. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 19:40, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
:::Cloths transform too, so that big collar of his would show if he went melty, and when others use the hydrification technique on a lot of their body they look liquid all over. So we'd be able to see if it was that even with as much covering as he has. {{unsigned|}}
:::He's clearly able to make liquid from his body, we see him do that against sand multiple times, but "Can make liquid" is not "can turn into liquid," and it would be visually apparent if the latter had been done. Think of, say, the Aburame. They have some people use large visible bugs, and other people use nanobugs. The people who use one don't use the other, while both being signature clan-only techniques. Unless we're told that all clan members have hydrification, it's just assumption that he has it and not simply a related one when he's only shown a visual and functionally distinct technique.[[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 04:06, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
::::Anon, I don't recall Suigetsu or Mangetsu ever turning their clothes into water. Care to say a chapter? [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 18:55, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
does his clothes turn to water everytime karin hits him when he fought he merged with water bee knocked him out in he turned into a jelly substance then went back to normal with clothes if everytime he turned to water in his clothes did not he would be naked
([[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 19:57, September 23, 2011 (UTC))
:Every time Karin has hit him, we only see him turning to water, not his clothes, it just splashes around. Before Suigetsu was defeated by B, you can clearly see he's not wearing any clothes, despite his upper body being solid. He gets naked every time he fully turns into liquid, when Karin hits him, just part of him turns to water, so he simply reforms still in his clothes. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 20:17, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
yeah what about the time he fought killer bee in turn to water in blocked tail beast wheres his clothes wheres his clothes when he got knocked in became a jelly form{{unsigned|}}
:Nothing in that scene indicates his clothes also turned to water. There one time I remember his clothes turning into water is in the filler portion of the anime episode he was introduced in, and since that's filler, it isn't canon. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 15:37, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
yeah it does turn his clothes to water remember when taka faught the eight tails jinchuriki and bee punched suigetsu and it went right through suigetsus shirt.[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 16:25, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
:Nien! When B punched Suigetsu (chapter 412 page 13) it didn't go through him. His cloak is open and you see water rushing outwards to cover B's hand. If you look at Suigetsu from behind ([page 14) B's hand is nowhere to be seen.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 16:31, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
::In the panel where Suigetsu speaks, it kinda looks like it goes through the front of Suigetsu's shirt though, the cloak is open, and it seems like the hand goes through the shirt underneath. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 16:44, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
Ok, now I'm unsure whether or not cloths transform, I do remember it in the anime. But more to the point: No part of him was ever shown transforming ever, and not all clan jutsu are universal to members. Unless someone can actually point me to him using the jutsu, I'm going to delete the reference, it's not the policy of this wiki to put in jutsus on "probably" and "maybe". [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 22:15, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
:The water gun uses water that is made from his finger. You can see the droplet of water, but part of the tip of his finger is still water-like. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 22:57, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
::The finger thing alone is enough to list him as a user as, I remember Omni saying this already but- they're the only ones we've seen use water in that way. Others normally spew it out of their mouths or manipulate an existing source.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 23:01, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
:::Even if that's not how he creates the oily substance, he can still make regular water with it. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 23:03, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
Ok this is getting out of far all Water Release techniques that i can remember were fired either by the user's mouth or using a pre-existing water body...the Hydrification technique is the only one that produces water from the user's actual body...let's see his Water Gun uses water from the body, he was shown producing water from his body, he's a member of the Hozuki clan and that technique is the base one for producing and transforming one's body into water, that doesn't mean that there can't be different uses or that the water density can't be different...chakra water was stated to be denser than the usual...maybe his is even denser which may give that "oil" felling...overall the evidence points to the fact that is a Hydrification seems kinda farfetched that there's a different technique for the same use...[[User:Darksusanoo|Darksusanoo]] ([[User talk:Darksusanoo|talk]]) 23:04, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
:I don't think it's far-fetched, but I do think that it's more likely to be a variation of a technique we already know than a whole new technique, given what we know about the technique. The only other technique related to oil we know of is Jiraiya's Toad Oil Bullet, which has no ties to this at all. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 23:08, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
::It does make more sense to me that he is using Hydrification, going from prior cases like Torune and the Aburame. The next thing is, who is to say that what Mangetsu, for example is doing/using wouldn't be regarded as a different type of water as well?And not all clan techniques are universal to every member but hiden ones tend to be. Hence why they go through all the trouble of safeguarding to to hand it down in their family members only.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 23:15, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
:::At best it could be said is that the Mizukage's version is slightly different for several reasons. (due to his chakra it could make the water thicker and since he is an older member of clan he could have enough mastery to use it partially). There is no reason to assume that he can't use it especially since it's the only known technique that can allow the user to produce water from the body. [[User:Darksusanoo|Darksusanoo]] ([[User talk:Darksusanoo|talk]]) 23:29, September 24, 2011 (UTC)
::: I'll note that making water from the body is obviously a lesser ability than full transformation, and Hydrification is specifically the full transformation into liquid, which he very notably has not shown. Consider Konan, and how young Konan can make paper, while only older Konan can transform into it, for a similar situation.
::: And simply put, no matter if you think it's likely, we should wait for confirmation, which we simply do not have yet. 2nd Mizukage has neither been shown to turn into water or been stated to have it. We may get confirmation next chapter for all I know, but 'majority rules' and 'I think it's probably...' aren't how we do things.[[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 13:01, September 25, 2011 (UTC)
::::We've seen Suigetsu partially becoming water as well, both when hit (Karin, Raikage) or on purpose (when roughing up that Kumo shinobi for info on Killer B). [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 15:55, September 25, 2011 (UTC)
Aaaand latest chapter, one of the ninja specifically refers to Mizukage's main body as solid. I believe that settles that. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 13:13, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
:"...not like the Mirage genjutsu." I think your argument died here today.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 13:25, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
:: And he calls it *Solid* (and dodges thrown shuriken)! It wouldn't be solid sans genjutsu if it's hydrification. We've got outright confirmation here his real body is solid now. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 13:32, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
:::Who says the Mizukage wouldn't be solid if he had the Hydrification Technique? What basis do you have for that claim?
:::The way I see it, the following arguments exists for him having Hydrification:
:::* When he uses the [[Water Gun Technique]], he seems to be turning the tip of his finger into water.
:::* We've seen him use water several times while being completely immobilised and at places you wouldn't expect the water to be, suggesting he can turn parts of his body into water without needing to move, as with the Hydrification Technique.
:::* His [[Steaming Danger Tyranny]] clone seems to be using Hydrification and clones generally share the abilities of their users.
:::* He's a Hōzuki and a powerful one at that.
:::* The oily water is drawn similarly to Mangetsu and Suigetsu while hydrificated.
:::The arguments against him having the Hydrification Technique are:
:::* We don't actually see him turn into water very clearly.
:::It's a compelling argument, but I personally lean towards him having the technique. —[[User:ShounenSuki|ShounenSuki]] <sup>([[User_talk:ShounenSuki|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/ShounenSuki|contribs]] | [[User:ShounenSuki#Translations|translations]])</sup> 16:46, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
:::: "Who says the Mizukage wouldn't be solid if he had the Hydrification Technique? What basis do you have for that claim?" -Hydrification technique is the ability to become liquid. That's exactly what the technique is. Producing water isn't it (and producing water explains 1, 2, 4, and 5 on your list without it). The clone being able to do something similar isn't a reason either, as clones can often do what the user cannot, like Deidara's that can turn into clay, so none of the 'pros' actually require Hydrification. Also, it's not just that he's never transformed, but he also does stuff like dodge shuriken and otherwise treat physical attacks as a threat that they aren't to Suigetsu. He doesn't use it to escape physical confinement which the technique would easily allow escape from (the need for a sealed container being a specifically noted power of the Hydrification technique). And I understand you lean towards it... but since when do we give people techniques without confirmation? Especially when we have someone saying he is solid. Unless a databook or manga page, we need to have the article reflect accordingly regardless of personal feelings on probablies. Right now, the manga's flat-out said he's got a solid body, and we should just note his techniques similarity to Hydration in their page. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 18:30, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
:Deidara's clone doesn't turn into clan, it's ''made'' of clay. And what the manga said about him being solid was as ''not being a mirage''. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 21:51, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
:: And likewise, 2nd Mizukage's clone doesn't need a turn-into-water jutsu, it's made of liquids. Also, may I point to you up-page in the discussion of Yin Release and Genjutsu? We have more proof of genjutsu being yin release than Mizukage being able to turn into water, he's repeatedly acted solid when being water would help out. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 23:34, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
It has come to my attention that this debate may be occurring because people are conflating two *separate* abilities. Look at the description of Hydrification, if you will. "By liquefying the whole body at will, this technique makes it impossible to receive damage from physical attacks." Note specifically it is not the ability to make liquid from one's body. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 23:55, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
:His technique is very similar to a technique we already know, from a clan the character was confirmed to be part of. Saying he uses a variation of it is much less speculative than saying he uses a completely unrelated ability, yet similar looking ability. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 00:23, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
::Except a variation would still not be it; He creates water/oil, that's it. It, if anything, sounds like a variation of the root technique of Hydrification. Furthermore, multiple people have techniques that create a substance directly from them, and also sometimes have a high-level with transformation, without all users of the school having that transformation (for example, Sasuke can make snakes from his body, but cannot turn into Snakes. Orochimaru can too and can turn into a snake. Anko's snake technique, in other words, shows as much sign as full transformation as Mizukage does, having the same technique school doesn't mean you have every technique in it). Related? Yes. Does he have the technique? No, and remember, Hydrification is specifically the *transformation*, not making water. Plus, we've seen none of Hydrification's most obvious signs- namely, the body actually flowing, or especially when tired someone looking very watery. You need to stop trying to prove that making water looks similar to hydrification, something we're both agreed on, and try and prove actual hydrification transformation. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 02:12, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
:::Your snake techniques argument is moot. Sasuke only used techniques involving snakes after he absorbed Orochimaru, and Orochimaru himself experimented extensively on himself, becoming a snake. Lots of his techniques, the ones he share's with Anko included, involve summoning snakes, they don't create it out of nothing, they summon it. Sasuke could only do those because he had absorbed Orochimaru. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 02:31, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
::::Why are you so transfixed on turning into water as opposed to producing it. You're making it seems like they're world apart.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 02:37, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
:::::@Omnibender But Sasuke can grow snakes directly too (like when he used 'em to replace a lost wing), and snake transformation is an advanced technique in the same jutsu school. Or Konan- Konan can make paper even when she's not transformed into paper, like when she did her final technique in flesh mode, or before she learned the transformation. And Yamato can make wood grow out of his hands or even body and face but can't become wood. Being able to make something =/= being able to transform into something, even if there is a transformation jutsu in the same school. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 03:12, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
:::::@Cerez Because turning into the water *is* the Hydrification technique! If you can't prove transformation, you can't prove hydrification. A water bullet technique is not a water dragon technique, for example, and if I'm requesting proof of someone having water dragon, no amount of showing someone has water bullet is proof of water dragon. You're emphasizing water, water, water, but I'm pointing out there's still no dragon. If you think hydrification is just creation of water and not transformation... well, get to re-writing. Change the jutsu description to water making and give water transformation it's own page as a related jutsu and I'll be right there with you. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 03:12, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
How about this as a compromise since this is going nowhere. We keep him as a Hozuki clan member and remove the hydro tech till more clearer information comes out.[[User:Umishiru|Umishiru]] ([[User talk:Umishiru|talk]]) 02:46, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
:Whether or not he's a Hōzuki isn't being brought into disrepute so that's not an issue so it can't be used as compromise.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 02:50, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
He produces water from his finger, and said finger can be seen to be somewhat liquefied on the tip. He's a Hozuki, and a powerful, Kage one at that. He destroys sand with an oily water despite being immobilized, meaning he's releasing a sizable amount of water from somewhere and it obviously isn't his mouth since his head was visible. Not to mention, there aren't many (none, that I can remember anyway) instances of someone using a clan-specific technique without being a member of that clan. His Water Gun technique is obviously related to the Hydrification technique in that it liquefies one's body. He hasn't ''directly'' shown to use the tech., but there were several indicators of it. There have been things that were less clear in the series that had to be taken without direct indication. The [[Body Pathway Derangement]] being Raiton, for example. To recap, he uses a [[Water Gun Technique|related]] tech, he's a Kage level Hozuki, destroys the sand with an oily water that wasn't the water gun technique (didn't penetrate the sand). [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 17:01, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
:ZeroSD, please don't try to make threaded replies, that messes with the chronological organisation of the page, you don't know who replied first to who. When Sasuke changed the lost wing into a snake, that was after absorbing Orochimaru as well. He never did such a thing before. All abilities involving snakes were used while he had absorbed Orochimaru, and we has never shown using them either before doing that or after Itachi sealed Orochimaru. If the Mizukage's technique doesn't turn out to be the Hydrification Technique, we'll simply make a new one, simple as that. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 18:06, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
:: First Skitt's replies- "He produces water from his finger, and said finger can be seen to be somewhat liquefied on the tip." More precisely, it has liquid *on* it. It was not actually liquified on the slightest. "He destroys sand with an oily water despite being immobilized, meaning he's releasing a sizable amount of water from somewhere and it obviously isn't his mouth since his head was visible" Ok, we both agree that he can make water from his body. That isn't what hydrification is, so it's definitely not proof. "Not to mention, there aren't many (none, that I can remember anyway) instances of someone using a clan-specific technique without being a member of that clan." Didn't say he's not from the clan. But consider how Shino's dad has destruction beetles, Torune has destruction nanobugs. They're both clan techniques with the same base, but different jutsu paths with different abilities. Mizukage has different clan water techniques in other words. "His Water Gun technique is obviously related to the Hydrification technique in that it liquefies one's body." No, it doesn't. It *makes* liquid, a very different thing. "He hasn't ''directly'' shown to use the tech., but there were several indicators of it." Those indicators are all showing lesser related jutsu. Hydrification, total transformation, is a more advanced one. Think of how Konan can make paper without transforming.
Now Omnibenders- Sorry, I'm not exactly sure how to do it with such a complex conversation ^^; "When Sasuke changed the lost wing into a snake, that was after absorbing Orochimaru as well. He never did such a thing before." I fail to see your point. What does whether he's absorbed Orochimaru or not have to do with the fact that one can have a technique come out of the body without having a related transformation technique? (Sasuke can't turn into a snake even post-Oro merge but can make snakes directly from his body) And there's the Konan example that's even clearer, even after she's been knocked out of paper form she can still create new paper. "If the Mizukage's technique doesn't turn out to be the Hydrification Technique, we'll simply make a new one, simple as that." The techniques he has shown definitely isn't. He doesn't have the transformation, and Hydrification is just the transformation, not the water creation. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 02:34, September 30, 2011 (UTC)
:What I mean is that all of Orochimaru's techniques involving snakes either was through summoning them or by using the snakes that composed his highly experimented on body. As Sasuke only used snakes while having Orochimaru, it means that he had the same limitations as Orochimaru, meaning he couldn't simply transform into a snake, it would either go through summoning or through snakes composing him, which would be channelling Orochimaru's powers. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 18:43, September 30, 2011 (UTC)
::My point isn't about how he got it, though. It's that he can have a jutsu, snakes, come directly from his body like in chapter 359, without being able to transform into it, and he's not the only one, Yamato makes wood (a water-related jutsu!) from his body without transforming. Thus, direct body creation of a jutsu does not mean one can transform. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 00:27, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
:::Uhm though I stopped following this so I'm not too sure what all this is about, but i don't think that Yamato's use of Mokuto that has water as a base element can in no way be a valid example of someone not transforming.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 01:10, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
:::: The point is we have *several* types of jutsu of several schools, elemental and non-elemental, where the jutsu is made directly from the non-transformed body. Making jutsu from the body isn't evidence of transformation in short, and it's the only thing being presented as physical evidence he has transformation. We've also seen him be physically hit and not splash too. Or in other words, we don't have proof of transformation, and even some evidence against it. Just body-element-creation. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 01:49, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
:::::But when you compare all of that you have there where you're drawing references from all over the place, compared to references that can all be linked back to one singular reference→ "Hōzuki clan" I don't think it measures up quite well.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 02:10, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
:::Either way, regardless of whether or not a presidence has been set in other elements, the direct production of water from a body has not been observed aside from the Hydrification Technique, which merely offers a plausible explanation as to how this may occur.
:::ZeroSD, the alternative you present is filled with just as much conjecture as the proposition that you argue against, as it too does not feature explicit evidence to affirm it. However, in a case such as this, where the options are between a previously established technique that can account for everything seen or a completely new one based solely on the absence of an express statement or a considerable transformation, you must at least by now be able to understand why Omnibender and others may have chosen to side with the former.
:::It's pretty apparent at this point that neither side is willing to relent and that this arguement could continue indefinitely as a result, so may I suggest that someone with authority state exactly what the wiki's policy is to be on this particular issue, so everyone involved can move on until a time where more evidence comes to light. [[User:Blackstar1|Blackstar1]] ([[User talk:Blackstar1|talk]]) 02:09, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
:::: "But when you compare all of that you have there where you're drawing references from all over the place, compared to references that can all be linked back to one singular reference→ "Hōzuki clan" I don't think it measures up quite well." Hozuki clan isn't proof either, though. Not all members of a clan have all clan jutsu, and he's actually demonstrated a lack of splattering when hit or other effects.
"the direct production of water from a body has not been observed aside from the Hydrification Technique, which merely offers a plausible explanation as to how this may occur." But one which doesn't fit everything we've seen, and all other known transformations have a non-transformative creative jutsu that are related.
"ZeroSD, the alternative you present is filled with just as much conjecture as the proposition that you argue against, as it too does not feature explicit evidence to affirm it." My entire point is that there is doubt in it's existence. You can't prove a negative, and as you admit, the other point is based on conjecture. Everything he does can be done without hydrification, and there is visual evidence against hydrification. There is very certainly reasonable doubt, and then some, on the matter. "However, in a case such as this, where the options are between a previously established technique that can account for everything seen" Actually, it cannot. Hydrification can't make oil (an entirely new ability), nor does it explain why he can be hit without transforming, or why when he gets tired he gets less wet when Suigetsu becomes more liquid-y when tired or injured. Hydrification as defined on it's page is purely transformation, and Mizukage's abilities are purely liquid creation with no sign of transformation. "so may I suggest that someone with authority state exactly what the wiki's policy is to be on this particular issue, so everyone involved can move on until a time where more evidence comes to light." If it's an admin not directly involved in the debate, at least. I argue this falls under the existing policy on when there's doubt of a jutsu, we don't add it until there's confirmation.[[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 02:39, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
:When have you ever seen a clan with someone in it that can't use its signature technique? Also, when have we ever seen him get hit that he's visible afterwards? Because I can only remember the instance where Gaara finds him hiding behind the rock as any time brute force has been used on him.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 10:58, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
::The Aburame, for one. Torune has a completely different set of bugs from Shino. They have *related* but *different* bug techniques and Torune's bugs cannot do Shino's jutsu, and Shino's bugs cannot do Torune's jutsu. The Hyuga as well, who have different signature techniques for their main and branch families. Also, the time Gaara hits is what I'm talking about- water doesn't even show where he's hit, no splash, and he's reacting like he's being pushed back even though with just his lower parts hit that shouldn't cause that reaction if he's water. There's not a single drop of water on that page even when he's being hit with significant force. He's also reluctant to be hit by attacks that'd have no effect on water form at other times, but striking a water-form person always shows water. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 18:03, October 2, 2011 (UTC)
:::Yes but they all use the [[Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique]] and [[Gentle Fist]] regardless (actually I don't think the Branch family can use any "signature techniques" with Neji being the exception; maybe [hopefully] things have changed because I think that's rubbish). When Gaara hit him his whole body was covered, I don't think you'd expect his face to start deforming... Also that instance where he's ducks back into the pyramid seemed like comic relief more than anything else to me. (If that's what the latter part of your statement is referring to) The fact is even if you look at it this way; and there's a chance he might be a Torune, the parent technique would still be Hydrification.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 18:23, October 2, 2011 (UTC)
:::: "When Gaara hit him his whole body was covered, I don't think you'd expect his face to start deforming" No it wasn't, it only hit at waist level, he's 50% visible, if he was hit and liquid there'd be tons of water coming out of his cloths, sleeves, etc.. Keep in mind that when he actually makes water, it does come directly out of his cloths in good amounts (556p13). His arms are out like he's shoved back by the hit too and if he was liquid he wouldn't be shoved back rigidly like that either. "Also that instance where he's ducks back into the pyramid seemed like comic relief more than anything else to me." It seems to me it undermines your point and throws the matter into doubt. "The fact is even if you look at it this way; and there's a chance he might be a Torune, the parent technique would still be Hydrification." What makes you so sure Hydrification is the base technique? Hydrification is an advanced powerful total-transformation technique. More like Heavenly Rotation, not Gentle Fist. You're just assuming it's the base technique but it's not canon that that's the case.[[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 19:29, October 2, 2011 (UTC)
This is getting ridiculous...
* He's already against the rock if you look in the panel of them before, so I doubt that there was any force used to slam him into anything and if there were, it wasn't much.
* There's no way you didn't chuckle when he came out and said "...yo" then ducked back inside. It was more than anything comic relief. Just because something won't hurt you in a form means you're going to just let it hit you.
* I really don't get what you're saying about the last point... Are you equating the Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique with Kaiten? Because if anything the Hydrification technique is just like the Gentle Fist or even Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique- base techniques from which they create derived techniques.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 19:50, October 2, 2011 (UTC)
: "He's already against the rock if you look in the panel of them before, so I doubt that there was any force used to slam him into anything and if there were, it wasn't much." Force enough that his arms are flying back. Also, you're arguing how it could be hidden, that's not the same as confirmation. "There's no way you didn't chuckle when he came out and said "...yo" then ducked back inside. It was more than anything comic relief." You seem to be under the mistaken impression that because it's funny, it's not evidence. "I really don't get what you're saying about the last point... Are you equating the Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique with Kaiten?" I'm saying that we have no evidence that turning into water is a base technique as opposed to an advanced one, and that variants of clan techniques exist so two people of the same clan may have different techniques.
:And finally, the latest chapter has him slowly being engulfed by sand which hydrification would easily allow him to escape from via just flowing out, the un-trappability of the jutsu is noted as one of it's powers, and the command jutsu would ''require'' him to use. So yea, it may have taken three chapters, but we have confirmation he doesn't have it. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 04:13, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
Hydrification Technique shoud still be added, because Second Mizukage used Water Gun Technique, and Water Gun Technique is derived from Hydrification Technique.--[[User:Omojuze|Omojuze]] ([[User talk:Omojuze|talk]]) 04:33, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
:Actually we're just assuming that, and I think the gun was jumped on that one. That it's derived has never been stated, and nothing about the water gun requires someone to have the ability to transform totally into water. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 04:38, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
Here we go...again.
I'd love to know how you get slowly engulfed from two pages of him being there. Gaara simply allowed him to speak for a second,a nd even then the coverage was fairly fast. How do you know that the Hydrification technique would allow him to "easily escape" the situation that he was in? He was bound completely from neck-to-toe (then head to toe). Kabuto couldn't 'program' their bodies to break free of something from which they're incapable of doing so from. It wasn't like before where the amount of sand wasn't nearly as much as this instance, hence why he couldn't escape from it. [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 04:41, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
I haven't read this discussion from my last comment in it because I feel there's nothing more than I can add to it, and because I'd get a headache. From a quick glance the the page history of this article, it is clear to be that opinions are very clear, and how many sharing opinions are also very clear. I'm not feeling particularly diplomatic at the moment, so for reasons already listed way up above, both from me and other users, I'm locking this page, for the moment. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 04:46, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
::"I'd love to know how you get slowly engulfed from two pages of him being there. Gaara simply allowed him to speak for a second,a nd even then the coverage was fairly fast." Yes, he allows him to speak. Plenty of time to transform and flow out. There are in fact many cases where turning into water would be quite useful in this fight. An odd lack, don't you think?
::"How do you know that the Hydrification technique would allow him to "easily escape" the situation that he was in? He was bound completely from neck-to-toe (then head to toe)." Read the Hydrification description- that is specifically one of it's powers, to flow out of containment. The user turns into water and flows out.
::"Kabuto couldn't 'program' their bodies to break free of something from which they're incapable of doing so from." Exactly. If he's incapable, then he can't turn into water and flow out his head hole. He'd be required to at least try. If he has the technique, then he's not incapable.
::"It wasn't like before where the amount of sand wasn't nearly as much as this instance, hence why he couldn't escape from it." If he could turn into water, he could stream out of that head hole.[[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 04:48, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
"he could stream out of that head hole" This is pretty much what your point is. Except, the Hydrification tech. doesn't allow you to just flow upwards. Now if you meant that he could flow outwards, the upward flow of sand would simply contain it. You're also forgetting that he is in a weakened state from his SDT technique. [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 05:03, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
:Actually, it does, we've seen Suigetsu control his flow like that. He's not flowing strait upwards even, mind you, he just needs to push himself out of a hole. And I'm not forgetting that he's weakened- note that when Suigetsu is weakened, he becomes more fluid and less solid. That's the opposite of what happened with Mizukage.
:Also, I especially want to stress that the real question is "Is there reasonable doubt?" that he has this capability. Can you really said that there's no doubt that he has this technique that he's never used once? Things are only supposed to be added when they're confirmed, and I think we have a bandwagon of people saying, "Ok, that ''sounds'' right," rather than proof and hard confirmation that they are the same. [[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 05:10, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
I noted that the upward flow of sand would stop him frm flowing outwards. And why the Suigetsu comparison. You're comparing a Kage to someone else who hasn't been shown to be on his level. Do you really think That he'd leave himself in that position? Also, Suigestu got hit by the Tailed Beast Ball for crying out loud, not just weakened. Yes, there is reasonable doubt, but the fact that you see it one way and the majority of others in this section do not is the biggest issue for me. I'm not saying that a bunch of people shouting something is correct is necessarily correct, but in cases like this when there is really only one or two dissenters, generally we go with the flow (it's not like anything way out there is being implied). Like I said before, sometimes things that seem to be implied or seem to be the case (again, Important Pathways Derangement being Raiton) it may be added. I don't really see any bandwagonning (fake word :p ) going on. [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 05:28, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
:"And why the Suigetsu comparison. You're comparing a Kage to someone else who hasn't been shown to be on his level" Shouldn't that mean Mizukage should be *better*, not worse at it? "Yes, there is reasonable doubt, but the fact that you see it one way and the majority of others in this section do not." Ok, excellent! That's all I ask. The simple fact of the matter is the policy is to wait for confirmation when there's doubt. I mean, I am *totally* for adding yin release to genjutsu, and so is the wide majority here, but we don't add it, right? (Also, the other people on my side aren't all here- [[Talk:Oily_Water_Technique]] has one or two more, [[User_talk:ZeroSD]] has another one that I convinced, the Hydrification talk page has yet another person asking where it's shown... I think we have 4-5 people expressing doubt).[[User:ZeroSD|ZeroSD]] ([[User talk:ZeroSD|talk]]) 05:27, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
read my edited point above.
edit: Also, you noted before that he doesn't evade attacks that he should, like shuriken. You seem to forget that he doesn't need to: he's invincible. Nearly being sealed necessitates his programmed body to respond to it. And anyway, I can't remember any instances where he actually had shuriken targeted at him and not a [[Mirage Technique|mirage]]. [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 06:14, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
== "Jokey Boy" ==
I suspect that Second Mizukage can have a family relation to Mu.
As it was said in the manga, Oonoki stated that he was "Not the same little he used too pick on", which maybe meens thay knew eachother as friends.
And that he knew one of Mu's, ancestors secret technique, which means thay maybe are distant relatives.
Or maybe that he somehow manage too steal the technique. {{unsigned|Zakata}}
The Mizukage knew Ōnoki because he was Mū's pupil, who the Mizukage fought in many occasions. What you read was a terrible translation, what the chapter really said is that the technique was something not even Mū knew how to deal with. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 19:47, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
where can i find the correct translation cause everywhere i go it says the same thing ([[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 19:59, September 23, 2011 (UTC))
:ShounenSuki is our translator, he got it from spoiler texts describing the chapter, it's in his talk page. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 20:17, September 23, 2011 (UTC)
::And he is waaay better than Naruhodo. When will mangastream learn --[[User:Cosmikaze|Cosmikaze]] ([[User talk:Cosmikaze|talk]]) 09:40, September 25, 2011 (UTC)
MangaStream generally has the best translations actually (from the scanlators that I know of anyway). The real problem for the last 10 or so chapters has been Naruhodo having taken over the translating. He notably drops the ball in several cases [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 03:44, September 26, 2011 (UTC)
== Second Mizukage Hydrification Technique special ability ==
Hello everyone,
here some taughts about this oily water technique from the 2nd Mizukage.
Whether it is the Hydrification Technique or not is arguable (he never stated it), but nowhere it is mentioned what his technique really does. What I read on the talk pages, you think Gaaras sand is rendered useless in a similar matter like Konans paper body is affected by Jirayas oil. I think there is much more behind this oily water than just the properties of water and oil:
On chap 548, page 14 the second Raikage is explaining why Gaara´s seal is not working. He used the words: "As soon as it recognizes an enemy jutsu ... it is programmed to respond on its own" and it is nullifying enemy jutsus.
Probably this "oily water" is an highly advanced form of the Hydrification Technique, which can be programmed! and nullifies enemy jutsus on contact!!!
A technique which is acting on its own was never mentioned before in naruto (beside the Chakra cloak, but all of us know that it is because of the tailed beast chakra).
If that is the case, then this jutsu should be a parent jutsu to the Hydrification Technique and should receive at least an own page.
Maybe some people agree with me
Thanks for reading :-)
[[User:Cross111|Cross111]] ([[User talk:Cross111|talk]]) 15:33, September 26, 2011 (UTC)
You misunderstood what the Raikage meant when he said 'programmed'. He meant that the bodies of the resurrected are set so that they respond to enemy jutsu in a way to nullify and/or counter them. The Second Mizukage's tech is highly unlikely to work on its own outside of [[Summoning: Impure World Resurrection|S:IWR]]. Kabuto simply set it so that they use the necessary techniques when, well, necessary. It is in no way similar to the tailed beast chakra cloaks. [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 16:29, September 26, 2011 (UTC)
I agree with the fact that the translation is not very precise, and I also included this possibility.
But what is about the nullifying ability of the oily water? [[User:Cross111|Cross111]] ([[User talk:Cross111|talk]]) 16:44, September 26, 2011 (UTC)
:The structure of sand is broken down by water. It's as simple as if you were building and sand castle at the beach and the tide came in.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 16:48, September 26, 2011 (UTC)
::Gaara's sand is weak against water, but Second's oil makes it even worse, that unlike water, it "stinks" tot eh sand particles, "glue" them together, so actually he makes a kind of rock from the sand, similar to the gold dust used by Gaara's father, but more potent. Thats at least how I understand the physiques behind this. --[[User:VolteMetalic|VolteMetalic]] ([[User talk:VolteMetalic|talk]]) 17:11, September 26, 2011 (UTC)
== Oil as a Tool ==
Since it was shown that the Mizukage actually uses oil in his techniques, shouldn't that be added for him as tool or something like that? The Tyrant jutsu and his Hydrification make use of it...any ideas/opinions? [[User:Darksusanoo|Darksusanoo]] ([[User talk:Darksusanoo|talk]]) 14:16, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
:Why would it be a tool if he creates the oil?--'''''[[User talk:Deva 27|Deva]] [[Special:Contributions/Deva 27|27]]''''' 14:19, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
if you list the oil as a tool on his page then jiraiya and the toad would have to be placed too but its not necessarily..--[[User:DragonStyleNaruto|DragonStyleNaruto]] ([[User talk:DragonStyleNaruto|talk]]) 00:03, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
Oil isn't listed as a tool, because it isn't one. Hence why Jiraiya doesn't have it as a tool, because the oil that they use comes from ninjutsu. [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 16:11, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
== Water Axe ==
The large Water Axe used by Mizukage in Joki Bôi is a technique?
:I'm pretty sure it's part of [[Steaming Danger Tyranny]] since they mention it there. [[User:Joshbl56|Joshbl56]] ([[User talk:Joshbl56|talk]]) 19:46, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
== 2nd Mizukage listed as a Water Clone User. ==
So considering the use of Steaming Danger Tyranny or "Jokey Boy" Shouldn't The 2nd Mizu be placed as a user of water clone jutsu. Onoki states that the technique is made using a clone of mixing the water and oil. I.e. a water clone with thin layer of oil on top of it.
--[[User:DragonStyleNaruto|DragonStyleNaruto]] ([[User talk:DragonStyleNaruto|talk]]) 23:34, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
Oil forms the outline and it has water floating inside. Saying it's derived from the Water Clone technique is going to far in my opinion.--'''''[[User talk:Deva 27|Deva]] [[Special:Contributions/Deva 27|27]]''''' 23:36, September 28, 2011 (UTC)
:I second what deva says cause if you look farther down the page it shows that the clone isn't completely made of water so it is not a water clone. More along the lines of an oil clone that is filled with water. [[User:Joshbl56|Joshbl56]] ([[User talk:Joshbl56|talk]]) 02:49, September 30, 2011 (UTC)
Given the fact that not even Mu knew how to deal with Jokey Boy, is the Mizukage in the end stronger than mu? ShadowoftheDarkness 18:51, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
:Bear in mind that Mū also killed Capt'n Awesome during that encounter. Saying yes or no would be speculation.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 16:53, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
The best that could be said without speculating is that they were fairly even considering they both died. [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 22:24, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
== Capt. Awesome ==
Am I the only one who'd like to see 'Mr. No Eyebrows' as one of his titles? I know it was only used once by he himself (he said something similar previously too), but I've kinda taken a liking to it. o.o [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 03:57, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
:Ho yes. I forgot about this. He did call himself such so i think it'd make a good addition.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 11:13, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
::Where is this title used, exactly? —[[User:ShounenSuki|ShounenSuki]] <sup>([[User_talk:ShounenSuki|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/ShounenSuki|contribs]] | [[User:ShounenSuki#Translations|translations]])</sup> 11:18, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
:::Going from Mangastream: Chapter 556, page 12.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 11:21, October 5, 2011 (UTC)
::::「マユ無しだしな!, ''Mayu nashi dashi na!''」 is what he's saying. 'Mayu nashi' means 'without eyebrows', but I can't figure out the other part :/ [[User:Seelentau|Seelentau 愛]]<sup>[[User Talk:Seelentau|議]]</sup> 15:33, October 8, 2011 (UTC)
:::::Capt. Awesome says, {{translation|"You sure turned out to be a big shot… Didn't you show your eyebrowlessness!"|「大物になるぜ…こいつは…マユ無しだしな!」|"Ōmon ni naru ze… Koitsu wa… Mayunashi dashi na!"}}
:::::If I'm not mistaken, he's referring back to where he says people without eyebrows (like himself) are awesome or something. (I cannot really find this any more, so I may be mistaken.) At any rate, he's not really using it as a nickname, nor is he using it in reference to himself, but to Gaara. —[[User:ShounenSuki|ShounenSuki]] <sup>([[User_talk:ShounenSuki|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/ShounenSuki|contribs]] | [[User:ShounenSuki#Translations|translations]])</sup> 15:49, October 29, 2011 (UTC)
:Lol. That's basically what he said. But the variation between what was translated and what you said is ridiculous. I don't know where we'd be without you sometimes.--[[User talk:Cerez365|Cerez<sub>365</sub>™]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]] 16:24, October 29, 2011 (UTC)
Thanks ShounenSuki. :) Curse you translations that get my hopes up. T^T [[User:Skitts|Skitts]] ([[User talk:Skitts|talk]]) 17:17, October 29, 2011 (UTC)
== Oily Water ==
ok im at a loss here, does his oily water nullify other techniques or dissolve them away? or did his oil just crumble away gaara's sand techniques cause it sand and he used oil?[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 21:45, December 30, 2011 (UTC)
Adhesion, which means Gaara has to manipulate the sand and oily water. Since he can not manipulate water let alone oil, he loses control over the sand infiltrated by the oil. You can think of it changing his sand into mud.[[User:Umishiru|Umishiru]] ([[User talk:Umishiru|talk]]) 21:55, December 30, 2011 (UTC)
== Images ==
Why some images from newest volume still aren't shown in tankobon version when this version is uploaded?--[[User:LeafShinobi|LeafShinobi]] ([[User talk:LeafShinobi|talk]]) 18:18, February 5, 2012 (UTC)
:Server and cache shenanigans most likely. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 19:08, February 5, 2012 (UTC)
== Taijutsu ==
After gaara's father was sealed, when the second and the raikage ran into the group of alied shinobi forces ninja and the ninja were knocked ot of the way, should that be counted as taijutsu to be mentioned in the seconds page.[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 03:13, April 27, 2012 (UTC)
:Did you see him use taijutsu in that instance? It could just as easily been a Wind Release technique going from what happened.--[[User:Cerez365|Cerez<small>365</small><sup>™</sup>]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]][[User talk:Cerez365|<sup>(talk)</sup>]] 03:49, April 27, 2012 (UTC)
k.[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 04:00, April 27, 2012 (UTC)
== Image ==
Should [[:File:Nidaime Mizukage.png|this]] be used ? It is the only shot of him in the latest episode (well, there are others, but other factors make them useless) so should we just wait until Episode 268 ? --[[User:Speysider|Speysider]] <sup><small>[[User_talk:Speysider|Talk Page]] | [[User:Speysider/Images|My Image Uploads]] | [[User:Speysider/Tabber Code|Tabber Code]] | [[w:c:supersajuuk|My Wiki]] | [ Channel]</small></sup> 13:05, June 21, 2012 (UTC)
== Quick question ==
Yo. This may sound <s>very</s> a bit weird, but why do you guys call him "Captain Awesome"? Just a random nickname or there's a reason behind it? [[User talk:Guilherme Abe|Abe]] 23:19,6/21/2012
i was actually on this wiki back in september when the mizukage was farely new, i just heard cerez start callin im that. i dont think it was actually said in the manga. though he did refer to himself as mister no eyebrows.[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 00:02, June 22, 2012 (UTC)yomiko-chan
:Actually Shounensuki coined the moniker. But he's called that because of his personality and such. I took to it because he actually is you know... awesome and he reminded me of Captain Awesome from a television series called Chuck. Not too sure about anyone else's motives.--[[User:Cerez365|Cerez<small>365</small><sup>™</sup>]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]][[User talk:Cerez365|<sup>(talk)</sup>]] 01:39, June 22, 2012 (UTC)
i thought that it was odd that omnibender suggested he might be a hozuki clan member, and then it happened.[[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) 03:10, June 22, 2012 (UTC) yomiko-chan
:I was surprised as well but I should have know better. Omni comes from a long line of gypsies and fortune tellers.--[[User:Cerez365|Cerez<small>365</small><sup>™</sup>]][[File:Hyūga Symbol.svg|20px]][[User talk:Cerez365|<sup>(talk)</sup>]] 12:13, June 22, 2012 (UTC)
== Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 ==
Why is he listed in the game as his debut? The same happens with his jutsu, the water gun technique.--[[User:Axel Carrozzo|Axel Carrozzo]] ([[User talk:Axel Carrozzo|talk]]) 21:03, December 16, 2012 (UTC)
:Take a wild guess. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 16:10, October 18, 2012 (UTC)
I saw he is listed for his debut in the upcoming game. If this is true. Can you send me a link to the scan where it was confirmed? --[[User:Axel Carrozzo|Axel Carrozzo]] ([[User talk:Axel Carrozzo|talk]]) 21:09, December 16, 2012 (UTC)
:Same answer to the exact same topic in the Fourth Kazekage talk page. [[User:Omnibender|Omnibender]] - [[User talk:Omnibender|Talk]] - [[Special:Contributions/Omnibender|Contributions]] 21:23, December 16, 2012 (UTC)

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Kekkei Genkai Edit

In the databook pag.184 he have Kekkei Genkai kanji ...Boil release??--Sharingan91 (talk) 21:44, February 27, 2015 (UTC)

He does, but no one knows which one. • Seelentau 愛 21:45, February 27, 2015 (UTC)
Captain Awesome kicks ass still.--Elve [Mod] Talk Page|Contribs 21:56, February 27, 2015 (UTC)

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